20 Best Tourist Places To Visit In Malaysia

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Malaysia offers you two different experiences, one from the peninsula and other from Borneo. The country is a blend of Malay, Chinese and Indian culture. Borneo gives us some interesting sides of Malaysia. It has a wild jungle which homes orangutans, peaks and tribes. They also have amazing islands and luxury resorts you can reside it.


Beautiful Malaysia Tourist Places To Visit:

The tourists said that Malaysia have so many tourist place for sightseeing. This article will guide you about 20 wonderful tourist places to visit in Malaysia which can make your tour so exciting.

1. Mulu Caves:


The Gunung Mulu National Park has these incredible caves which were formed in a mountainous equatorial rainforests. There is a cave chamber called the Sarawak chamber and it is excavated to be the largest cave chamber in the world. Mulu cave is one of the most famous and visiting tourist places in Malaysia which can help you to kill your boring time wisely.

2. Langkawi:


Langkawi is the famous tourist destination in Malaysia. Langkawi is an island in the northwestern side of the country. The island has been well maintained and remains unspoiled. The island is well known for its attractions and you can rent a motor cycle and go around the entire island on it. Other than that you can go shopping at some nearby shopping malls and eat some street food delicacy.

3. Sepilok Rehabilitation:

Sepilok Rehabilitation_malaysia tourist places

Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation had been built in 1964 to rescue orphaned baby orangutans from illegal hunting and plantations. The orangutans are trained for survival and are released once they are ready to face normal life. The sanctuary falls within the Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve. About 60 to 80 orangutans can be found at a time.

4. Penang Island:


Penang Island is just beside the Langkawi island. It is more renowned for the authentic Chinese touch and the amazing food especially at the hawkers. If you ask the people around about what is so good about the island other than its scenic view, they’d probably reply ‘food’!

5. Kinabatangan River:


The river Kinabatangan flows through the state of Sabah. There are many different animals that you can trace while you cruise on a small boat. A cruise would help you explore the best of islands of Sabah. This region in the state is probably the best places where you can see numerous animals, birds, insects and plantations which you aren’t likely to find anywhere else in Southeast Asia.

6. Petronas Twin Tower:


The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur are the tallest twin buildings in the entire globe. They have 88 floors in the tower, and had been constructed largely of reinforced concrete. They have steel and glass facade designs which resemble the art of Islam, and leave an impression of the Muslim religion in Malaysia. There is a junction point in the 41st and 42nd floor, between the twin towers which feature a sky bridge.

7. Batu caves:


Batu Caves are situated on the hills which are about 15 km from the northern side of Kuala Lumpur. There are three big caves which comprise the Batu Caves. They also include a cave which has a Hindu temple made with amazing carvings. You have to climb 272 steps and that would lead you to the main cave. Just beside the main cave, there is a cave of Ramayana which illustrates the mythological stories of Indian history.

8. Cameron Highlands:


The Cameron Highlands are extensive hill stations around Malaysia. They were initially developed by the British around the 1920s. It inhabits more than 34,000 people who are Malays, Chinese, Indians, etc. The trails are what they are most popular for. The visitors are lead through the forest, waterfalls and amazing landscapes. Apart from the forested areas it is also famous for its tea plantation.

9. Mount Kinabalu:

Mount Kinabalu_malaysia tourist places

Mount Kinabalu is 4092 meters high and is the tallest peak in Malaysia. The mountain is situated in the northern part of Sabah, in Borneo. People go trekking on the mountain and they should start from Kota Kinabalu, the closest city near the mountain. The trip is going to be really exhausting but you will be left with many memorable moments and an amazing adventurous experience.

10. Taman Negara:


The name Taman Negara means national park. Borneo is blessed with wildlife parks but it is often difficult to have the best of all of these, due to lack of time. Taman Negara is the oldest primary rain forest in the entire world which should be in your ‘must visit’ list, especially if you are towards the peninsular side of the country.

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