How To Use Sulphur For Acne?

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Acne is a very persistent problem that many teenagers and even adults face every day for the better part of their lives due to a constant need for fast food and which is fuelled by a hectic lifestyles. Stress is also another reason for causing acne which is a chemical reaction on your skin. Normally a quick visit to your dermatologist would help you get rid of this pesky problem but for those people who cannot get rid of acne as easy as the other people require constant care to help remove the acne that if left unchecked can grow and spread across your entire face. To get rid of that pesky acne there are several home remedies you can choose from but always consult your dermatologist on this fact. Sulphur is known as a very adept agent at getting rid of acne because it helps to soak up the chemicals on your skin which are the main cause of acne.


How To Use Sulphur For Acne:

Given below are a few home remedies for using sulphur for acne as a way of treating it effectively.

Mask Of Sulphur For Acne:

A sulphur mask is a perfect way of treating your acne if you have sensitive skin because sulphur is well known for soaking up excess oil from your skin allowing your skin to breathe which is quite an effective way of getting rid of your acne effectively. Though sulphur cannot be used directly on your skin it is very helpful when diluted with an almost equal amount of water. Sulphur has a very distinct smell of rotting eggs which sometimes can be quite irritating especially if you are getting ready to go out somewhere because the smell of sulphur stays with you for quite some time so it is always better to use a masking agent with a more dominating and sweet smelling fragrance with the sulphur when you are getting ready to apply it. it is advisable that you apply the sulphur at night before going to bed so that the smell will be gone by morning.


The other way of treating your acne with sulphur is by using pure sulphur on the acne affected areas directly. Get a set of clean swabs and dip it in the sulphur, then dab the areas affected by acne and allow the sulphur to sit for at least an hour before washing it with cool clean water. Dabbing is perfect way of treating your acne by directly dealing with them. Dabbing the sulphur allows you to treat your acne exclusively without having it trickle on to the other parts of your skin.

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Treating Acne with Sulphur

Sulphur Wash:

If you are looking for a quick fix for your acne then a sulphur wash is recommended where you need to wash your face with a diluted version of sulphur. Do this at least three to four times in a week for fast results. The more you do it in the week the faster and better results you are most likely to get. Using soap is fine after the wash because soap will help to act as the fragrance agent that masks the smell of sulphur effectively.

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Direct Application Of Sulphur For Acne :

Sulphur can be easily applied and washed off making it an ideal way of treating your acne. If you do not want your hands to smell of bad eggs because of the sulphur then it is advisable that you wear gloves when applying the sulphur to your face. Sulphur has no lasting effects except the smell which makes it very safe to keep around your house though it is necessary that you get consent from your dermatologist before trying anything first.

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