15 Best Tourist Places In West Bengal To Visit

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West Bengal is the eastern region of India which is the fourth most populous state. Kolkata the capital of the state provides a lot of tourist’s attractions and people visiting West Bengal would first foremost want to come here. It had been the British capital of India and the structures and monuments have European styles incorporated in them.

West Bengal Tourist Places To Visit:

Here we come with list of 15 different beautiful, famous and amazing tourist places in West Bengal to visit for all the age people with lot of enjoy.

1. Kolkata:


Kolkata is located on the eastern side of the bank of river Hooghly. There are over 4.5 million people residing in the city and is a metropolis in the country. It is known to be the ‘City of Joy and the ‘City of Lights’ because of its beauty and its lively inhabitants. Kolkata has the oldest museum of India, Victory Memorial, beautiful riverside view, temples and churches which tourists must visit. Most of the people said that it is the best tourist place in West bengal after visiting this.

2. Darjeeling:


Darjeeling is close hill station from the capital city. Motor cars are booked from Siliguri and then the tourists go uphill and while they have their journey they also get the beautiful view of the area by the hill. Darjeeling is famous for numerous flowers like magnolias and rhododendrons and the tourists cannot miss out of the tea estates and silver fir trees. There is a famous toy-train which takes the tourists through a few places to visit in the hill. This is best tourist Places in Darjeeling.

3. Hazarduari:


Hazarduari is a palace is the town of Murshidabad. The palace is famous for having thousand doors and has a history entitled to it. There are 114 rooms and 8 galleries built in the European style of architecture. It is turned into a museum presently and exhibits 2700 sorts of arms and armory, paintings, ivory works of China. There is a library too, but not open for the public without special permission. It is one of the best and famous tourist places near west bengal which can give definitely a wonderful time for you all.

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4. Purulia:


Purulia takes the tourists away from the hustle bustle of the busy street and bring them to the lush green landscapes and dense forests. It makes it an apt tourist spot because of its natural beauty and its quietness. There are many ancient buildings, temples and archeologically excavated areas to visit here.

5. Sundarbans:


Sundarbans is an area of mangroves forests which have been now turned to be a tiger reserve. This area is only accessible by water and people who would like to have a wild and adventurous holiday would love to come here. It is inhabited by Royal Bengal Tiger, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Civet Cats, Monitor Lizards and many more wild animals. Sundarbans is one of the best tourist places in west bengal.

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