The “Mangalsutra” literally translated means “auspicious thread”. The Mangalsutra has a very high importance in the Hindu tradition and culture. It is the piece of jewelry, perhaps the most important one, which signifies the marriage of a woman. It is equivalent to the ‘wedding ring’ in the western culture. The most important parts of a mangalsutra are the black beads on a gold chain with a pendant in the middle. These have different meanings and importance in the different cultures that make up India. The simplest of Mangalsutras have these three parts, for sure.

Traditional and Attractive Big Mangalsutra Designs in Gold:

Nowadays, a number of designs have come up in the Mangalsutra, in the jewelry business. Here are the top 9 big mangalsutra designs in gold that are trending right now.

1. Traditional Marathi Mangalsutra:

This is an intricately meenakari patterned mangalsutra that only adds to the charm when worn over traditional Maharashtrian attire like paithani or nauvari sarees. The big mangalsutra designs in gold is reminiscent of the olden days as well as beautifully modern.

2. Mangalsutra Design with four Chains:

This is big mangalsutra design with four chains is a new trend that looks beautiful while saving the hassle of wearing any other jewelry. It is so filling and satisfyingly pretty around the neck that you will not want to wear any other necklace!

3. Andhra Mangalsutra Pustelu:

This is an Andhra traditional big mangalsutra design. The coral beads hold a special importance in this culture, signifying the life and love of the woman for her husband. This is an intricately patterned piece of jewelry that every woman would want to own.

4. Tamil Traditional Mangalsutra Design:

The black or coral beads in the mangalsutra of Tamil culture, does not hold as much importance as the pendant. This is a traditional Tamil big Mangalsutra design in gold that shows the sivalingam-lakshmi-kasu in thali which is a significant godly avatar of good marriage. This solid gold mangalsutra design is really the only ornament a woman could need.

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5. Telugu Traditional Mangalsutra Design:

The Telugu traditional big mangalsutra design here, is a piece of intricately designed pendant with a godly avatar or significant ‘murti’ on it, with a triple chain of gold woven around it having black or coral beads at regular intervals. This one is another piece that one must definitely have.

6. Wati Design in Mangalsutra:

The ‘wati’ or ‘katori’ design in mangalsutra, consists of a gold chain with black or coral beads with a pendant that looks like two round containers of gold attached together at one corner. This is an especially significant design in many cultures, signifying the completeness of a bride’s married life.

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7. Contemporary Gold and Diamond Mangalsutra Design:

Another new trend in Big Mangalsutra designs in gold is the diamond and gold one. While the chain a traditional single or triple one with black beads or coral beads, the pendant has gold and diamond patterns flowing with each other making it a most beautiful piece of jewelry.

8. Double Gold Chain Mangalsutra Designs:

Some new big mangalsutra designs have a double gold chain instead of a single one with black beads o it. The double gold chain design does have black beads, but they are less in muber and designed to showcase the thick double gold chain and intricate pendant.

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9. North Indian Mangalsutra Designs:

The north Indian Mangalsutra designs generally lean more towards silver or diamond pieces. However, there are some very beautiful designs in gold, where the pendant is a large gold intricate pattern with little baubles around the main plate. This is a must have for any women.

The Mangalsutra is perhaps the most important piece of Jewelry that an Indian woman can own. Currently, there are a lot of mangalsutra designs trending, however, the most popular are the big mangalsutra designs in gold.


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