9 Traditional Telugu Mangalsutra Designs

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Telugu mangalsutra designs are symbolic of the Andhra culture. They have specific details are specific to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In Telugu communities the mangalsutra has coral beads and gold coins along with the main pendant and the gold chain. The gold coins are called bottu and have designs carved on them.

Latest and Beautiful Telugu Mangalsutra Designs for Wedding:

Let we have to look top 9 models of telugu mangalsutras with images.

1. Double Strand Telugu Mangalsutra:

telugu mangalsutra designs

This Telugu mangalsutra gold design has two strands of beads that are joined together. The pendant here has the traditional double coin with purple stones in the centre. This is one of the more common designs seen in the market.

2. Pustelu Mangalsutra:

Pustelu mangalsutra

This traditional Telugu mangalsutra design has two gold discs that are joined to form the pendant. The chain on either end is also quite unique as it has three rows. The centre row is a gold chain that is surrounded by black bead chain. This gives the mangalsutra a richer look.

3. Three Coin Mangalsutra:

Three coin mangalsutra

Here is a unique twist to the traditional two coin pendant. This wonderful mangalsutra has a set of three gold coins that are joined together. It also has red and green stones that are set in the pendant. The mangalsutra is part of a set that also consists of earrings.

4. Coral Telugu Mangalsutra:

Coral Telugu mangalsutra

Among the traditional requirement of a Telugu mangalsutra are the coral beads that are set in the chain. The double coin pendant is still symbolic here. The addition of coral beads is quite significant. The chain also has the most needed black beads and white beads.

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5. Telugu Bottu Mangalsutra:

Telugu Bottu mangalsutra

The bottu is the most symbolic piece of the Telugu mangalsutra. The bottu can be made in gold and is usually circular in shape. It mostly has some carvings on it to give it significance. Select a Bottu for your mangalsutra is has traditional style and will be loved by you.

6. Cross Thali Telugu Mangalsutra:

Cross thali Telugu mangalsutra

A cross the south of India, Christian brides too wear the mangalsutra keeping in line with the Indian culture. The Telugu Christian bride will wear a cross thali for a pendant in her mangalsutra. The cross is very symbolic for Christians and these pendants are perfect for the brides.

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7. Hollow Cups Mangalsutra:

Hollow cups mangalsutra

This is just like the traditional Telugu mangalsutra. Here the double gold coins are in the form of hollow cups that form the pendant. The chain on either end has tiny black beads and a large bead that is enclosed within gold cage. The gold Telugu mangalsutra designs is one of the common and sought after designs.

8. Single Bottu Coral Mangalsutra:

Single bottu coral mangalsutra

This beautiful piece of jewelry is sure to make you smile. The stunning red corals used on either end of the pendant is exquisite and of the finest quality. The single bottu used here is traditional and is symbolic of Andhra culture. Select this mangalsutra for its dazzling effect and daily use.

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9. Telugu Mangalsutra Necklace:

Telugu Mangalsutra necklace

If you are looking for something that is unique and yet traditional, look no further! This stunning masterpiece is stylish. The bottu used here has a scalloped edge and thus looks like a flower. The bottu is joined to the chain on either end with broad gold discs.

As a Telugu bride you get to choose from this wide range of mangalsutras. The designs shown here are very traditional. The Telugu mangalsutra designs in gold are the perfect bridal addition to her jewelry collection. It is one of the main items that will be worn throughout her married life.