25 Best Mangalsutra Designs in Gold For 2019 India

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Jewellery is huge part of Hindu weddings and especially the gold mangalsutra assumes much importance. Mangalsutra has its own importance in Hindu religion, rituals and marriages and is a sign of love, promise and commitment that husband and wife together had made for their whole life.

gold mangalsutra

Mangalsutra can be a combination of gold, diamonds and black beads with variation in designs and patterns. Some of the best gold mangalsutra designs are inspired by the latest jewellery and pieces of creativity. So, now every bride will have a reason to wear these beautifully made piece of jewellery.

Latest Mangalsutra Designs in Gold:

Here are some beautiful, gorgeous and delicate 22 k pure golden mangalsutra designs that will definitely make you fall in love with.

1. Kundan Style Pendant Thick Chain Mangalsutra:


If you want traditional style 22 k gold mangalsutra medium length kundan style gold mangalsutra with beautiful pandal design, this pattern will be perfect for you. Kundan pendant gives you complete classic and gorgeous look. You can carry this with a simple sari, traditional anarkali or a lehenga choliona grand day. This latest mangalsutra design is made up of big embedded beads and stones with black circular beaded chain. The amazing pendant brushed with style will let you carry along with simple and traditional wears and can enhance the look of your dress too.

2. Simple And Lightweight Gold Mangalsutra:


It can sometimes be irritating to carry a heavyweight mangalsutra daily and hence this gold mangalsutra is specially designed light weighted and made to look simple and comfortable. This one is probably designed keeping in mind the working ladies out there. It will give you sophisticated and stylish look, as it is made up of simple and small pendant set with contemporary and elegant design. Latest gold mangalsutra designs ones are almost always designed keeping in mind the trend of the period.

3. Floral Designed Pendant Set With Gold Mangalsutra:


This delicate and simply gorgeous pure gold mangalsutra design with beautiful pandal gives you very sober and classy look with a lengthy chain. It is made of beautiful floral design pendant and small black beads with stunning pattern. You can wear this mangalsutra for every cultural and formal event. Floral designs and patterns are extremely stylish and elegant. You can get a matching pair of earrings with this beautiful pendant and can glorify your entire look.

4. Sober Short Length Chain Gold Mangalsutra:


This short length sophisticated latest mangalsutra design in gold gives you very pretty and charming look with comfort. It is made with the combination of modern and traditional contemporary design with gold chain, black beads and round gold beads in between at certain gaps, best suited for modern lifestyle and casual wear. You can also wear this mangalsutra at formal events. Short length mangalsutras are the latest trends and showcases the modern pattern and design. If you love simple and sober jewellery, you can give this one a sure try.

5. Square Shaped Gold Mangalsutra:


Usually most of gold mangalsutra design have similar round shaped pendant, so if you want to wear unique and different style gold mangalsutra then you must try this one. It is made up of black beads hanging down in square shaped pendant, and medium length chain made of black and gold beads in between. It will give you completely new, traditional and stunning look.

6. Gold Mangalsutra With Multiple Chains And Black Diamonds:


This mangalsutra design gold gives you traditional and rich, royal look. It is made up of multiple chains embedded with black round beads. The pendant has half moon shaped pendant studded with black diamonds and hanging black pearls and differently textured design. This one is specially designed for marriages and other cultural occasions.

7. Gold Mangalsutra With Peacock Shaped Pendant Set:


This gold mangalsutra is specially designed for those who like to keep it new and trendy. It is a combination of a pendant set and mangalsutra, one that is made up of 22 k gold pendant with small elegant carvings and colourful peacock that is beautifully shaped and designed with thick double layered chain of black round beads. It will give you traditional Rajasthani look, which complements heavy saris, traditional lehengas, anarkali and palazzo suits. If you want to grab all the attentions and compliments, this pendant set cum gold mangalsutra is perfect for you.

8. Standard Gold Mangalsutra:


If you like the South Indian jewellery designs, here is a special pendant designed with South Indian touch, made up of hanging black beads half round shaped pendant and a timeless colour combination of red, green and gold yellow with medium sized black beads and gold chain. Best suited with ethnic wear which includes heavy saris, lehenga cholis and dresses. Fancy this one?

9. Flower Petals Pendant Set With Gold Mangalsutra:


Flower petals pendant set makes you look more pretty, young and gorgeous. It is made up of gold petals pendant flower in between and black beads round pendant chain. You can carry this pendant set gold mangalsutra design photos at any occasion, as this it is sober and simple you can also wear this mangalsutra with casuals and in formal events. These modern mangalsutra designs in gold are inspired from the latest trend and fashion in town. So there really is a lot for you to choose from.

10. Temple Jewellery Inspired Gold Mangalsutra:


Temple jewellery is the latest trend in the jewellery designs and can be found inspired and made like for your mangalsutras too. If you love trendy and stylish designs in the jewellery you must consider this amazing mangalsutra design gold studded with amazing beads of different shades. This one design goes with any kind of dress and would enhance your look. The pendant is printed with an image of Goddess Lakshmi.

11. Simple Chain Mangalsutra:


If you do not like the complicated and heavy design in the pendants, you can use this amazing and simple chain design as your mangalsutra design. The little and gracious chains will enhance the entire beauty of you’re the jewellery and gives it a sober and stylish look. The pendant of this gold mangalsutra designed photos is made of gold having a design of two knots tied with emeralds hanging below. Try this amazing pattern and get a traditional and trendy look.

12. Swirl Mangalsutra Design:


This Indian gold mangalsutra design is a mere variation of the simple chain that is common. It is a simple style that you can carry with the casual wear and do not look extremely heavy and complex. Designed with gold and red emerald design, the pendant is given curly branches with beads hanging below. Try this amazing simple mangalsutra design and prepare to be called classy.

13. Catchy Gold Mangalsutra Design:


If you love huge and stylish pendants, you must consider this amazing design in the gold mangalsutra design catalogue. The stylish and catchy shape of the mangalsutra makes it more attractive. The pendant is designed with gold balls joined with each other giving a glittering look. You can try this amazing pendant and gold mangalsutra design and look gorgeous.

14. Beautifully Beads Mangalsutra Design:


If you love the traditional craftsmanship and designs, you must try this amazing design of mangalsutra. This is the traditional and ethnic design which looks perfectly gorgeous with saris and ethnic wear. The pendant of the mangalsutra is made out of gold craved into a beautiful shape emborsed with small designs in it with a petal design at last.

15. Gold Mangalsutra Designs With Big Beads:


This lightweight gold mangalsutra designs is a simple mangalsutra design in gold that is best suited with plain simply bordered saris and dresses. It is specially made for ladies who love to be simple and stylish. It is made-up of big black and golden beads and one big bead at centre.

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16. Gold Mangalsutra With Heavy Pendant Set:


If you love old traditional jewellery designs with heavy work and amazing carved beads, you must carry this gold mangalsutra for this wedding season. It is made of a beautiful colour combination of pink and green coloured beads and stones with traditional carvings and differently shaped pendant. The latest gold mangalsutra is made up of multiple strings embedded with black band golden beads.

17. Classic Pendant Set With Gold Mangalsutra:


If you want to wear something selected and traditional then you must try this pendant set cum mangalsutra, one that is made of a combination of urban and modern jewellery design and beautifully shaped round pendant with hanging small beads at the end. The chain is made of three layers filled with black beads gold chains at certain gaps. It will make you look gorgeous and stylish.

18. Unique Jumkha Style Pendant Set With Gold Mangalsutra:


It looks like jhumkas are not only for the earrings but also add looks to the mangalsutra. If you love the traditional and ethnic style jewellery, you can try this awesome jumar style pendant which looks perfectly adorable and stylish. Nothing can look much stylish and ethnic as this awesome pendant and design style in mangalsutra. Try this amazing new latest gold mangalsutra design and make your ethnic look more royal and distinguished.

19. Little Heart Shaped Pendant:


If you love small, elegant and simple pendants, you would love this amazing heart shaped pendant. This little and pretty pendant design looks absolutely marvellous. Try this awesome little design and grab the attention of ladies. This beautiful gold mangalsutra design is adorable and stylish and can complement the awesome and complements the traditional and ethnic look.

20. Beautiful Diamond Studded Mangalsutra Design:


If you love the mangalsutra designs made from beautiful diamonds, try this amazing modern mangalsutra designs in gold. The beautiful combination of gold and diamond design looks stunning in the pendants and enhances the entire look and glow of the pendant. Go for this new piece of creativity, if you are willing to spend some extra bucks.

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21. Chain Style Multi Layer Gold Mangalsutra:


If you love the traditional and long can style mangalsutras, you must consider this amazing pattern. This long mangalsutra provides a royal and elegant look and complement she ethnic and traditional look. You can carry this on a regular basis or can wear it with the traditional and ethnic wears. Nothing can look mush sophisticated and stylish than this amazing gold mangalsutra design.

22. Simple Long Chain Mangalsutra Design:


If you love lengthy but simple mangalsutras, you can try this amazing design. The long and simple pattern of this stunning gold mangalsutra is so adorable and catchy. If you do not like heavy and studded mangalsutras, this could be your bets resort.

23. Beautiful Circular Pendant Mangalsutra Design:


The round shaped and circular pendants re just simply awesome. If you like more simple and traditional design, you must consider this amazing pendant. The beautiful golden pendant complemented with a hanging bead is just so attractive and catchy. This is a stylish and trendy variation which you can try. This simple gold mangalsutra design is extremely glorious and stunning and will provide a simple and beautiful look.

24. Amazing Contemporary Mangalsutra Design:


If you love the modern and contemporary design, you can try this awesome and stunning new latest gold mangalsutra design and can complement it with the beautiful ethnic wear. This amazing pattern in the pedant is stylish and elegant. This amazing pendant showcases all the style, elegance and sophistication of the mangalsutra and looks absolutely breathe taking.

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25. Traditional Golden Mangalsutra Design:


If you love the ethnicity and trendiness the traditional jewellery provides, you can try this awesome design in mangalsutra. Traditional mangalsutra designs in gold are an all-time favourite of the ladies. The perfect golden shade along with the beautifully crafted design looks perfectly gorgeous. Try this simple and traditional design and get a stunning look. Proudly flaunt your amazing choice and look adorable.

Jewellery designers have now gotten really creative and have started adding some trend to the mangalsutras. This seems to be working out with the ladies well as they can not only flaunt the style, but also is an addition to their collection as yet another gold jewellery. With the many latest gold mangalsutra designs suggested here, go bold to pick one or get creative and make own gold mangalsutra designs’ catalogue.