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15 Traditional Maharashtrian Mangalsutra Designs

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If there is one custom that can sum up the wedding traditions in diverse parts of India, it is the tying of the “Mangalsutra”. In this state of Maharashtra, the Mangalsutras are not very different from the rest of the states. They are black beaded chains with two gold discs, which are strung together. These discs represent the “Siva” and “shakti”, which are believed to be united by the golden balls in between. Apart from being a symbol of holy communion of two souls, this chain is also known to ward off the evil eye. In this article, we shall take a look at some of the many Maharashtrian Mangalsutra designs, their features with images.

15 Traditional Maharashtrian Mangalsutra Designs

Features of Maharashtrian Mangalsutra Designs:

Here are some of the prominent features of the Maharashtrian Mangalsutras:

  • Maharashtrian Mangalsutras are made with gold and black beads.
  • They come in two basic types- The Nirgun and The Shagun.
  • In Nirgun, the Mangalsutra is made with plain, black beads.
  • In Shagun, every 9 black beads are separated by golden beads.
  • There are two golden cups or discs, which are hollow from inside and raised on the outside.
  • The hollow side faces the body of the woman and the raised side is made visible.
  • Traditional designs are free from embellishments and kept plain, as it is believed “simpler the design, better its effects”!

Latest and Beautiful Maharashtrian Mangalsutra Designs for Women in Trend:

Here are the best Maharashtrian mangalsutra designs you would go crazy while selecting.

1. Shell Charm Maharashtrian Mangalsutra:

The Shell Charm Maharashtrian Mangalsutra

The Maharashtrian mangalsutra pattern is merely simple to carry. The design carried a three-strand chain in which the centre strand is made from gold chain whiles the side’s one with black beads. The two shells designs used as charms symbolize prosperous life journey, purity and protection.

  • Design: Shell Charm Maharashtrian Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Everyday wear

2. Kolhapuri Maharashtrian Mangalsutra:

Kolhapuri Maharashtrian Mangalsutra

This design is a combination of Maharashtra and Kolhapuri designs. The additional Maharashtrian mangalsutra is inspired by the heavy necklaces. The strand is given a thick texture which is combined with nearly 5-6 black and golden bead strings in a twisted way. The pendant of the mangalsutra is given a floral look with a purple diamond in it.

  • Design: Kolhapuri Maharashtrian Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Festive Wear

3. Fancy Charm Maharashtrian Mangalsutra:

Fancy Charm Maharashtrian mangalsutra

Want to give the traditional design a modern touch? Go for Maharashtrian mangalsutra designs in gold which is given a heart pendant with charms below. The strands of the mangalsutra are also given a separate dual design which connects forming black and golden caged beads design. The strand is also known as the woven chain design.

  • Design: Heart Shape Maharashtrian Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Casual Wear

4. Trio Pendant Maharashtrian Mangalsutra:

Trio Pendant Maharashtrian Mangalsutra

The trio pendant mangalsutra is one among the traditional Maharashtrian mangalsutra designs. The mangalsutra is made with four black beaded strings which are further decorated with beads. The three pendants contain the images of Goddess within in the form of three gold coins. The design is also known as Powala Putali Mangalsutra.

  • Design: Powala Putali Maharashtrian Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Everyday Wear

5. Chain Style Maharashtrian Mangalsutra:

Chain Style Maharashtrian Mangalsutra

The trendy design of Maharashtrian style mangalsutra is inspired by the thick brick form chains. The chain is given black and red design beads on both sides at a distance. The pendant is made of gold and given a pattern of several golden beads on it. To add to its beauty, red floral design shade is given. This particular mangalsutra is a beautiful traditional Maharashtrian mangalsutra design.

  • Design: Chain Style Designer Maharashtrian Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Casual Wear

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6. Gold Bold Maharashtrian Mangalsutra:

Gold Bold Maharashtrian Mangalsutra

Want to have a mangalsutra which looks heavy for a royal marriage! The bold design of Maharashtrian gold mangalsutra designs is the best for you. The mangalsutra is made using black and golden beads while the pendant is decorated with pink diamonds and beaded charm. It gives a royal look on Maharashtrian bordered saree.

  • Design: Marathi Style Mangalsutra design
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Festive Wear

7. Peacock Maharashtrian Mangalsutra:

Peacock Maharashtrian Mangalsutra

Peacocks have been great work for the Maharashtrian mangalsutra jewellery. The mangalsutra is given a peacock pendant with emeralds tucked in it. The strand of the of it with four strings of black beads with golden design at some gap. There are also two small peacocks at the shoulder portion. The entire piece is lovely and adds to the overall charm.

  • Design: Enamel Peacock Maharashtrian Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Festive Wear

8. Threaded Maharashtrian Mangalsutra:

Threaded Maharashtrian Mangalsutra

A simple yet elegant pattern in the Maharashtrian style mangalsutra is formed with several thin golden beads. The strands are combined with black beads at a fixed gap. The simplified mangalsutra gives a decorative touch on dresses and designer sarees. The chains are inter-rounded to make it more adorable. For those of you really looking for a classy and exceptionally simple one, this one could be your best choice.

  • Design: Thread Style Maharashtrian Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Casual Wear

9. Sunflower Maharashtrian Mangalsutra:

Sunflower Maharashtrian Mangalsutra

A quite popular design in the Maharashtrian jewellery mangalsutra category includes the pendant with a sunflower design. The pendant is given a golden design with black emeralds forming a flower. The big pendant is also given a small black flower on top with strings in golden and black beads. This is yet another design that is simple and beautiful.

  • Design: Flower Pendant Maharashtrian Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Casual Wear

10. Three String Maharashtrian Mangalsutra:

Three String Maharashtrian Mangalsutra

A mangalsutra made from three different main strings of mangalsutra gives a new definition to the designs. The mangalsutra is given three strings, one on the other forming layers. All three layers are then connected to a single gold chain. The design also contains three ball beads for a different look.

  • Design: Traditional Maharashtrian Style Mangalsutra Design
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Everyday Wear

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11. Curvy Floral Maharashtrian Mangalsutra:

Curvy Floral Maharashtrian Mangalsutra

A design made similar to that of a floral vine is amazing to carry over dresses and even on western outfits. The pendant is given a crown look with floral design in diamonds. An extra touch is given by adding a small charm below. If you like to go a little expensive over them, this could be a perfect choice.

  • Design: Diamond Pendant Maharashtrian Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Festive Wear

12. Pearl and Diamond Maharashtra Mangalsutra:

Pearl And Diamond Maharashtra Mangalsutra

When pearls and diamonds are combined, a quite catchy design emerges. A Maharashtrian style mangalsutra is given a similar touch. The curvy pendant of the mangalsutra is studded with a twin diamond on the top and with leaf shape diamonds below. There is also a pearl attached below for a charming look to the single beaded mangalsutra. Isn’t it Lovely?

  • Design: Fancy Diamond and Pearl Maharashtrian Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Festive Wear

13. Saaj Design Maharashtra Mangalsutra:

Saaj Design Maharashtra Mangalsutra

Saaj design is an addition to Maharashtra Mangalsutra design. The mangalsutra is made fully of gold with several small charms around the neckline. The main pendant in the centre is slightly bigger than the other ones. To add charm to it, colourful emeralds are added to it.

  • Design: Saaj Design Maharashtrian Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Festive Wear

14. Vati Maharashtrian Mangalsutra:

Vati Maharashtrian Mangalsutra

Vati designs in Maharashtrian gold mangalsutra is the best and widely accepted design. The design is made with dual strings of mangalsutra in a black bead. The pendant is made with two vati designs and golden pearls attached to it. It is a symbol of prosperity, love and happiness.

  • Design: Vati Design Maharashtrian Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Everyday Wear

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15. Peshwai Maharashtrian Mangalsutra:

Peshwai Maharashtrian Mangalsutra

The Peshwai Maharashtrian mangalsutra is worn in proper villages of Maharashtra. The mangalsutra is made with several tiny black bead strings joined to make one. They are interring twisted to give a designing look. At the neck bone, two similar charms are attached to keep them together.

  • Design: Simple Peshwai Maharashtrian Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Everyday Wear

Formerly, the Maharashtrian Mangalsutra designs was merely a thread which was tied up with Haldi and a single black pearl. But with the change in the trends, several variations in design have emerged. You can now choose your mangalsutra to be either heavy or light; simple or intricate. Some shops also customize the mangalsutra as per your choice. The latest among all is the Peshwai mangalsutra, Kolhapuri Maharashtrian mangalsutra designs and the short neckline mangalsutra with tiny charms.