25 Latest Denim Shirts for Men in Fashion

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Denim has been staple in decorating the wardrobes of men since decades. The durability of the material along with its indigo prints has grabbed a special place in the style statement of men. Among the variety of clothing option, it gives, denims shirts are the widely-selected designs for a decent casual outfit for any kind of occasion. Widely available in blue and black colours, it gives several enchanting designs which would not allow you to withdraw your vision. Although they are suitable in any season, they are best for summers to give your body a cooling effect in the hot sunny day.

25 Latest Denim Shirts for Men in Fashion

The original denim shirts were designed with slasher process with rope dying techniques which gives the shirts new patterns and increases its persistence. The men these days are also attracted towards raw or rough denim shirts which don’t shine out but are still pleasing to carry for a solitary personality.

Top 25 Denim Shirts for Men in Trend:

Let’s view some of the best men denim shirt designs to select from according to your body texture.

1. Diesel Wash Denim Shirt for Men:

Diesel Wash Denim Shirt for Men

A dark blue denim shirt is given a diesel wash design which carries white lines spread making a spotting pattern. The blue denim shirt is also given dual pockets with stitch pattern with long sleeves. The shoulder portion is also given a V design stitched with a thick border. It suits well on simple jeans or boxer pants for an outstanding look for casuals.

2. Collarless Denim Shirts for Men:

Collarless denim shirt for men

A new pattern in the denim shirts for men is made without a collar. The light blue denim shirt is given a round stitched thick border which doesn’t have any wide collar. The sleeves are designed with a folding look to make it more stylish. The shirts are best to be carried on formal cotton box pants or jeans. Such shirts are also known as the bordered collar designs which quite in fashion these days, mostly for summers to give their neck a break from the material rush.

3. White Wash Denim Shirt for Men:

White wash denim shirt for men

A white denim shirt when given blue wash designs, it takes the shirt to a new level of designing. A plain white shirt here is given light blue wash design on the shoulder and chest portion to separate the pockets. The thick stitch is also given a dark blue coloured border to make it fancier. The bordered outfit carries two shades of colours with a spread appearance and folded sleeves to look the best of loose jeans.

4. Charcoal Wash Denim Shirts for Men:

Charcoal wash denim shirt for men

Want to have a different design in black denim! Here is a grey denim shirt which is designed with charcoal grey wash pattern. The zipper opening along with a silent pocket makes it more adorable. The shirt gives a dull but still a charming look over grey pants or black and blue jeans for regular wear. The rough shirt is also given small cuts on the sides which make it adjustable for even the men with heavy body for bending.

5. Smoky Denim Shirt for Men:

Smoky denim shirt for men

The casual shirts in the denim collection are given a new design to carry for special occasion. The dark blue shirt is given white prints which give a smoky look to the shirt. The shirt can be carried as a formal look, and also for a jacket over white t-shirts to give a classy look to the wearer. The mini collared shirt is the best to carry for humid climates to prevent you from sweating allergies.

6. Fancy Denim Shirts for Men:

Fancy denim shirts for men

Want to have a design which combines the look of a denim shirt and printed shirts! The denim casual shirts in blue are decorated with floral prints and other geometrical shapes design in grey, blue and red colours to make it more sluggish for casuals. It also carries two pockets and a designer collar for an enriched look in functions. The fancy prints can also be made with embroidery thread designs giving a rich look for any social functions.

7. Floral Embossed Denim Shirts for Men:

Floral embossed denim shirts for men

A grey denim shirt is here given an embossed look with floral prints in dark colour. The shirt is given mini collar design with short sleeves and short length. Apart from other denim shirts, this shirt includes some portion of cotton material which makes it complacent for hot climate while traveling. It gives a flourishing look to the wearer for an accurate beach look in summers on jeans or boxers.

8. Denim Shirts for Men with Charm Prints:

Denim shirts for men with charm prints

A blue denim shirt is made more authentic by giving it white charm prints. The shirt is decorated with charms such as cross, star, moon, circle, broken heart and much more. The long sleeves shirt is widely carried over black pants or jeans as a formal look for corporate events. You can also avail for shirts which carry a single charm prints or even dotted prints which are utterly cherished by the men for a formal and casual look.

9. Camouflage Wash Denim Shirt for Men:

Camouflage wash denim shirt for men

Another type in the wash denim shirts is the camouflage wash design. The shirt is given a combination of two liked colours blue and white, with different shades to form spotting design. With a medium collar, it gives an impressive look with small sleeves for outings in summer.

10. Simple Short Denim Shirt for Men:

Simple short denim shirt for men

Love riding bikes! Here is a best denim shirt you can carry to flourish your iconic look as a biker. The denim shirt in light blue is given the length till the waist. The shirt can be carried alone or as a jacket on shorts and jeans for a comfortable wear on summers and autumns.

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11. Wrinkled Denim Shirt for Men:

Wrinkled denim shirt for men

The denim shirt dress with cress cross wrinkles are quite popular among the college teens these days. The light blue shirt is made with long sleeves parallel to the length of the shirt. The two pockets are also designed with design made with the wrinkles. It can be carried with jeans having same wrinkle jeans for a complementary look.

12. Valentino Denim Shirts for Men:

Valentino denim shirts for men

Want to carry denim shirts for a formal event! The blue denim shirt is made with utmost attention for a formal look with elegance. The shirt carries horizontal stitches giving a lining effect to the shirt. It is an ideal formal wear for the corporate men with long sleeves over cotton pants.

13. Woven Denim Shirt for Men:

Woven denim shirt for men

A funky type of denims shirts carried out in the fashion shows is the woven design. The shirt sleeves and shoulder portion is made by wowing the denim material forming a pattern similar to the sweaters. The pockets are also given a similar look while the rest of the shirt is made simple and plain with the collar for a disparate look.

14. Sleeveless Denim Shirts for Men:

Sleeveless denim shirt for men

Want to explore yourself comfortably during the summer vacations or while tracking! A denim shirt dress with sleeveless design is the best eligible design for such moments. The quite blue denim shirt also given broad collar with dual pockets which suitable on shorts, loose pants or jeans.

15. Rough Denim Shirt for Men:

Rough denim shirt for men

Looking for a cushy look for any concert! The rough denim shirt design is what you are looking for. The shirt is added uniqueness by giving it a round broad neck and dual sleeves with back side opening. It suits well on the skinny jeans either black or white.

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16. Plaid Side Denim Shirt for Men:

Plaid side denim shirt for men

Denim shirt and plaid work, when combined add to the genre of the shirt. The plain blue denim is given a patch work of plaid cotton piece on one side and back along with below portion of the pocket. A small patch of light blue denim is also stitched at the end matching the pocket.

17. Shaded Box Denim Shirt for Men:

Shaded box denim shirt for men

The white denim shirts for men is designed with a box design in light grey to give a new look. The shirt is given a curvy bent collar carrying the same pattern. The studious pattern can be carried for both formal and casual look. It is the best piece in the shaded collection.

18. Machine Etch Denim Shirt for Men:

Machine etch denim shirt for men

The grey denim shirt is given a collapsed design using the latest machinery. The plain shirt is etched with light white minor tucking to give the grey colour a rough outlook along with a pocket. The shirt is given lengthy sleeves to carry for a formal look for the slim men.

19. Plain Denim Shirt for Men:

Plain denim shirt for men

Black colour gives the best simplified and snazzy look when given a denim material. The black denim shirt is given a skin-tight fitting with folded sleeves design. The shirt is given simple white buttons which form a cross design. The short shirt is best to carry on grey wash jeans for a complementary look.

20. Cloud Look Denim Shirt for Men:

Cloud look denim shirt for men

Want to match with the dark night season! Go for a design in black which is moved with off white cloud wash design in denim shirts. The shirt is also given a one-sided pocket with long fitting sleeves. The shirt is also given a slim fitting for the teens of the college who are fashion conscious.

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21. Light Strip Denim Shirts for Men:

Light strip denim shirt for men

A design inspired by the jackets in the denim shirts is simply given short length with loose sleeve design. The denim shirt in light black is also given white strips which give a lightening effect to the plain shirt. The shirt is also given thread stitch work with maroon colour for a classy look.

22. Retro Denim Shirt for Men:

Retro denim shirt for men

Want to have a nostalgic appearance for a summer picnic! The retro denim shirt dress is the absolute choice you can make for this. The shirt is given short sleeves and is attached to a t-shirt as an inner. To make it more designer, the shirt is given a patch work on both the shoulders, one with star design and other with vertical thick lines.

23. Mariachi Denim Shirt for Men:

Mariachi denim shirt for men

Mariachi designs are generally carried out on the dead day in various countries. The denim shirt in dark blue is designed with the skull patterns in various forms. Such denim shirts are worn to show how the dead are missed, love or hatred on that particular day. Other styles in this category also include dangerous cross skull designs in various colours and sleeve cuts.

24. Denim Shirts for Men with Hoodie:

Denim shirts for men with hoodie

The best denim shirts are now given a hooded look by attaching a cap with the shirt collar. The blue denim here is given a crafted work on the pockets and a shoulder look in brown which is later joined with a cap. With long skinny sleeves, the shirt is also attached with a white t-shirt to give a best vision for vacations especially in summers and winters.

25. Denim Shirts for Men with Army Approach:

Denim shirts for men with army approach

Inspired by the army men! Want to have something which matches to their look for any theme based party or merely for outing and tracking! A denim shirts for men designs is given the colour and texture similar to that carried by the army men. The slim fit shirt is also given long sleeves which are kept loose in fitting for a comfortable traveling.

The men denim shirt although carry thin material but are quite protective from the weather you wear it in. It was priory made in making clothing like jeans, pants, jackets, waist coats etc. and the popularity of all these inspired the manufacturers to introduce denim shirts to the market. It increases the fashion sense of the men to look more adolescent for any kind of functions, picnics or corporate events. The latest patterns in the denim shirts are exhilarated from the basic designs like honey comb design, whiskers, stacks, train tracks and much more.

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