Shirts are one basic requirement for men as well as women. It is an upper-body garment made of various fabrics like cotton, linen, poly-cotton, etc. with either a full sleeve or a half, buttons down the front and a collar. Shirts in various shades are what make most of a man’s wardrobe. Three must-have shades in shirts are black, white and grey and shades of grey. A nice, formal well-fitted shirt is what makes a man look stylish and handsome. Women also flaunt shirts with trousers for that office look.

Latest Grey Shirts in Different Designs:

We will have a look at the top 15 grey shirts for men and women here. Select your best one and pick it!

1. Men’s Formal Grey Shirt:

This is the ideal office formal wear a grey shirt. Perfect material being cotton, this shirt with the perfect grey shade, blends well with dark trousers. Full sleeved with straight fit collars, this one grey shirt is an essential one in a man’s wardrobe.

2. Grey Full Sleeve T-Shirt for Men:

T shirt is that one casual outfit for men irrespective of their age group. These grey full sleeve t shirts are for young men with a lean athletic body. The t shirt is with collar and men can wear this with nice fitted jeans for the cool dude look.

3. Grey Dress Shirt for Women:

Dress shirt looks urban and chic for formal office wear for women. Dress shirts in grey with short collar and sleeves with buttons in front look stylish too with a striped pencil skirt or a knee length formal skirt. The sleeves can be rolled up to the elbow.

4. Casual Dark Grey Shirt for Men:

This is a simple casual shirt for men in dark grey shade but looks just amazing with the dark shade of grey shirt to be teamed with black trousers. This is just what is required for the dress down day in offices or office wear for the weekends.

5. Dark Grey Shirt for Men:

Dark grey formal shirt is the most loved one by men with beige or cream Coloured fitted trousers. Dark grey shirts look awesome on young men and is a must-have in one’s collection of shirts. Dark grey shirts look great for a formal presentation in office.

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6. Grey T Shirts for Women:

T shirts are sported by women too as they are comfortable and fit well and only need a jeans to pair them up with for an everyday casual look. This grey t shirt is full sleeved with the classic round neck for comfort and easy to wear.

7. Double Collared Casual Men’s Grey Shirt:

This is one perfect casual shirt for an evening, party, casual occasions etc. This is full-sleeved double collared grey shirt with black insides. The collar is black inside with grey outside and the sleeves if ruffled and kept folded look amazing with the shade of grey teamed with black.

8. Grey Denim Shirts for Men:

These are one classic grey denim shirt for men with two front pockets. This denim grey shirt is slim fit and matches the most with the royal blue denim. The grey denim shirt is full sleeved with the light grey colour ideal for a fabulous casual look.

9. Charcoal Grey Casual Shirt for Men:

Charcoal grey is one nice shade of grey with it being neither too dark nor too light and has the perfect shade of charcoal. This is one of the best casual grey shirts to be worn for any occasion. Just pair it up with denims or cargos and flaunt the shades of grey with attitude.

10. Grey Formal Shirt for Women:

This is one must have for a working woman. Grey, black and white are three shades which are required in shirts for office western formal wear. This grey formal shirt is the apt to be teamed up with trousers for a formal workplace setting. This combination is perfect for meetings as well as presentation.

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11. Washed Grey Shirts for Women:

Charcoal grey shirt with buttons in the front with a nice wash in denim fabric is the ultimate one for a casual look. Women can team this nice charcoal grey washed shirt with a pair of jeans for a simple yet classy look.

12. Grey Linen Shirt for Women:

This cotton linen shirt in grey is the ideal one for wearing at a day in the beach. This loose linen shirt with a white shorts, huge sunglasses and an umbrella and there you are beach ready. Cotton linen is most comfortable fabric and the grey color shirts is ideal for summers.

13. Grey Colour Shirt With Long Chiffon for Women:

These are not like the usual shirts but are really fashionable when worn with jeans. These are long chiffon shirt in dark grey colour for an evening party or even a party or get together in office too. They look stylish and are super comfortable because of the fabric.

14. Polo Neck Grey T Shirts for Men:

A classic grey polo neck t shirt with dark blue collar and sleeve piping is the most comfortable for a cool look. The t shirt is half sleeved and the dark blue polo neck is the highlight. The t shirt is the classic grey shade with grain design. This blends well with any denim or even a fitted casual trouser.

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15. Slim Fit Grey Shirt for Men:

This is a dark grey casual shirt with slim fit for men. This is a half sleeved casual shirt with a light grey fold at the sleeve. This looks well fitted on the man because of its slim fit make. Pair these with casual trousers.
Grey is that colour which has a lot of shades and hues to it.

The various shades in grey can be matched to create the best formal outfit for men. Grey looks classy and masculine and the best part of wearing a grey shirts is that men of any age group can carry the grey shirts look easily.

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