15 Latest Flannel Shirts For Men & Women in Fashion 2018

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Flannel as a material is soft and woven. It is made of wool or even cotton. These warm and fuzzy shirts have a plain pattern or even tartan pattern. It is used in button up shirts and hooded shirts too. The flannel shirts for men and women come in many of the classic combinations. Red, blue, black and green are some of the most commonly used colors for these flannel shirts. These shirts are comfortable fitting for men and women’s. If you washed twice time, it fits well. Quality of material is fantastic. If anyone has long arms then they can try full size flannel shirts.

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15 Best Flannel Shirts with New Styles in Trend:

According to your budget and your size you can try many options in wide collection of flannel shirts.

1. Collared Flannel Shirt for Men:

Collared flannel shirt for men

Be bold with this red and black flannel shirt with collar. Dark colored for fairy look men’s suited with this shirt. The shirt is styled with cross checks on the pockets and button panel. The big bold checks add character to this flannel shirt. Men can use regular for outdoor meets.

2. Monogrammed Women’s Flannel Shirt:

Monogrammed women’s flannel shirt

Define yourself and try out a monogrammed flannel shirt that bears your name on it. This cool flannel shirt in classic red and blue and white is cool to be paired with jeans or leggings. It is full sleeves and has a collar to go with.

3. Hooded Mens Flannel Shirts:

Hooded men’s flannel shirt

Hooded is the always preferred by men’s, gives catchy look and those men’s who like to go for night outing they like to wear this hooded shirt. Choose a hooded flannel shirt for your work out on the field or just for a boy’s day out. The hood acts as fashion and protection from the sun or rain. The shadow checks effect is quite attractive.

4. Men’s Quilted Flannel Shirt:

Men’s Quilted flannel shirt

For that extra warmth choose a quilted flannel shirt. This men’s flannel shirt is very warm and cozy. For regular use for outdoor in winter season then such type of shirts will be suitable. The extra layer provides a very good resistance to the cold breezy days.

5. Sleeveless Women’s Flannel Shirt:

Sleeveless women’s flannel shirt - Copy

This sleeveless indigo flannel shirt for women is great for a summer day.  The details on the shoulder panel make it very western and casual. Pair it with jeans for the ultimate cool look.

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6. Fleece Lined Flannel Shirt:

Fleece lined flannel shirt

Enjoy a cool day feeling snug in this fleece lined best flannel shirt for men. This lining of fleece provides a soft touch to the inside of the shirt. It also provides you with a layer of warmth.

7. Black Men’s Flannel Shirt:

Black men’s flannel shirt

This hooded plain black flannel shirt is very cool and elegant. The plain black shirt is very casual and a change from the regular checks flannel shirts. The material used is great for summer or even winter.

8. Printed Flannel Shirt for Women:

Printed flannel shirt for women

Getting married or are you a bridesmaid? Try out this printed flannel shirt for women. If you want to catch attention, then this one is better choice. Women like to print any love word or any special name as design on printed shirt. This type of shirt can grab good comment in crowd too. The words printed on the back of this flannel shirt are very eye catching.

9. Short Sleeve Flannel Shirt for Men:

Short sleeve flannel shirt for men

Go casual in this short sleeve flannel shirt for men. Weight for this shirt is medium and after wash no need to send for laundry too. The shirt is great for young boys and men alike. The colors available are plenty and most of the combinations are classic.

10. Slim Fit Women’s Flannel Shirt:

Slim fit women’s flannel shirt

Choose this slim fit flannel shirt for women in classic blue and black combination. The cross checks on the shoulder panel give an added dimension to the shirt. Give it a casual look by rolling up the sleeves.

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11. Non Iron Flannel Shirt for Men:

Non Iron flannel shirt for men

Choose this leisure shirt for men in non iron material for a complete care free look. The spliced shirt has checks on the bottom half and plain plaid on the shoulder panel. This gives it a very sophisticated look.

12. Flannel Shirt Dress for Women:

Flannel shirt dress for women

Try out this long flannel shirt dress for women for a different style. Women’s who are slim they mostly prefer this shirt dress. Comfortable outfit with the long shirt goes well as is or paired with leggings. The red flannel shirt is one of the classic combinations too.

13. Bleached Stone Flannel Women’s Shirt:

Bleached stone flannel women’s shirt

Go for a crisp look in this flannel women’s shirt in bleached stone. The lovely pink tones of this shirt are sure to impress you. The short length of the shirt makes it look very casual and stylish.

14. Thermal Flannel Shirt for Women:

Thermal flannel shirt for women

Enjoy the cool winter days with this thermal wear flannel shirt for women. The cool buttoned flannel shirt with raglan sleeves gives you a very casual look. The addition of a contrast on the sides of the flannel shirt adds character.

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15. Cold Shoulder Flannel Shirts for Women:

Cold shoulder flannel shirt for women

Refashion your best flannel shirt and make it gorgeous. The latest trend of cold shoulder can be achieved with your flannel shirt too. It looks like off shoulder type shirts but these are really comfortable for women’s. Try out this DIY fashion trend and make heads turn.

Flannel shirts for men and women are collared or hooded, long sleeved or short sleeved. When you buy any shirts, sometime you will find long shirts and sleeves are short size. These types of shirts are comfortable for men and women’s too. You can select perfect choice with as per your size. Men like to try different outfits for outing. Then these shirts are the good for your parties with friends.  Choose your best from this wide range of shirts that will keep you warm in the cool days.

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