15 New Designer Shirts Collection for Men & Women

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Some of the top notch designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Valentino’s know for their modest and rich designer work of clothing. Shirts stretched with creative designs are brought by many designers these days inspired by the top designer who has already created a milestone in the field of creativity and uniqueness.

15 New Designer Shirts Collection for Men & Women

Some of the best-designed shirts which are customized for men and women are brought into knowledge through this article. here are top 15 designer shirts which are available in the market and priced according to individual brand and its demand. To wisely select a designer shirt according to one’s body figure and other added features like Height, the weight and most importantly the quality the material which suits for every different occasion is a crucial factor for owning a designer shirt.

 Latest Fashion Designer Shirts for Men and Women:

Let we have look to top 15 designs of designer shirts for boys and girls with pictures.

1. White Designer Shirt with Contrast Strips:

White Designer Shirt with Contrast Strips

White color goes well with as a casual and as formal wear outfit. With that in thought, designers have designed white shirts with contrast strip at the center of the shirt called as buttoned Placket and at the colors and the edges of the handcuffs. The contrast color can be of any color. The most common contrast strip is black among men and women.

2. Designer Shirt with Photo Print:

Designer Shirt with Photo Print

People who like the depiction of pictures on their t-shirts and shirts then this type of designer shirts are the best. The picture can be of scenic nature or film stars pictures which all depends on one’s individual choice. The pictures comes at the centre of the centre when buttoned up the whole picture can be visualized.

3. Designer Shirt with Pockets:

Designer Shirt with Pockets

Breast Pocket shirts is actually a outdated fashion, but in recent modern era pocket shirts have become has a designed shirts. A thick cotton or synthetic material shirt is chosen and on the either sides of the shirt or on one side, pockets of same color is stitched which make the shirt more fashionable.

4. Floral Designer Shirt:

Floral Designer Shirt

Floral designed synthetic shirts are most commonly worn by young girls and mens as a casual wear or it can also be worn as a beach wear when the shirt size is loose and baggy. But when the floral design is imprinted on velvet material which is worn by men now a days as a new business casual wear.

5. Shirt Designed with Cartoon Sticker:

Shirt Designed with Cartoon Sticker

Striped shirts which look very plain can be designed with cartoon sticker patched on to the shirt either on one side of the shirt or at the top part of the shirt. This designed shirt is worn by young girls as a casual wear with a pair of legging or jean.

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6. Striped Designer Shirt with Stand-up Collar:

Stripped Designer Shirt with Stand-up Collar

Stand up color design is getting popular these days in both men and women clothing wardrobe. This stand-up collar gives a comfortable feel than the normal collar. The stand-up collar covers only the lower neck region. Striped shirts can be worn by both men and women. Stand up collar suits well for cotton shirts.

7. Star Printed Jean Designer Shirt:

Star Printed Jean Designer Shirt

Jean shirts are always popular among girls and boys. To make it more trendy and fashionable designers decided to make it attractive by printing stars around the shirts, the shape of the stars comes in small to larger size. This star printed shirts are designed for young girls and women.

8. Patch Worked Designer Shirts:

Patch Worked Designer Shirts

Patchwork shirts are very easy to make it at home without investing lots of money by getting in a store. Only then needed is designed patch got from to store and a shirt which needs change due to its monotonous look. The patch work can be any animal print or cartoon print or any type of design. The patch can be glued or stitched onto the shirt.

9. Two Colored Designer Shirt:

Two Colored Designer Shirt

Instead of wearing a plain single colored shirt which becomes boring when regularly. TO avoid that men and women can try wearing shirts with color combined blended with one another. Sky blue with dark blue or Black with gray which is most common color combination.

10. Buttons Down Designer Shirt:

Buttons Down Designer Shirt

Button down is a new trend shirt used as formal shirts. The collar is held in place with the small button on the side which is seen below the sides of the collar. The collar looks stiff and rigid once buckled. This shirt will go well with a pair of formal pant.

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11. Cuffled Designed Shirts:

Cuffled Designed Shirts

Designer shirts which can be of floral print or geometric prints seen at the cuffs of the shirts make it more stylish and gives a huge difference on rest of the other designer shirts. The cuffed designed has contrast color with the shirt color making it more bright.

12. Gathered Ending Designer Shirts:

Gathered Ending Designer Shirts

Gathered shirts are designed by giving a left up look at the corner of the button ridge which gives resembles like frills of a saree. This designed shirts goes well for men and combined with a pair of jean.

13. Bee Printed Designer Shirt:

Bee Printed Designer Shirt

Honeybee printed shirts are next most common design after star printed shirts. A small bee designs printed on dark blue colored shirts goes well for men. Big honey bee print goes well for ladies with a pair of jean.

14. Bleached Effect Designer Shirt with Push Buttons:

Bleached Effect Designer shirt with Push Buttons

Bleached effect shirts are mostly designed on jean material since the color contacts are displayed well on the material.This designed shirt is a unisex designed shirt. For men the size and length  of the shirt is different when compared with men shirt which is longer.

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15. Embroidery Designer Shirt:

Embrodiery Designer Shirt15

Ladies who like doing embroidery work this creating a plain shirt into a colorful threaded design make the shirt more attractive. Ladies and young girls like to wear embroidery patterns like flowers, animals or leaf design on the shirts. Men like to wear their name or initials stitched on the shirt.

Designers shirts can be either create at by just doing a plain shirt into a designed short by using colorful threads or patchwork glued on to the shirts or people who are very precise and particular about the finish work and quality of the design ten it is best to get a designed shirts from the store.bleached shirts or contact stripped shirts can only get from the stores which are worth owning in our wardrobe.

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