30 New Styles of Men’s Shirts in Fashion for 2019

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The shirt is a necessary and in demand type of clothing when it comes to Men daily outfit. In market, varieties of shirts are available which suitable as per your choice. Men’s like outing, outdoor trips, beach trips etc. They feel better in shirts than T-shirts. Wide selection of different type of shirts are available as per your choice.

While you purchase any shirt then no need to worry about budget because from low to high prices, you can select good looking shirts in your budget. Mostly men prefer shopping with friends, so they can select friends choice too. Comfortable shirt fitting on shoulder, chest and arms than T-shirts. Different brands are available for shirts, you can select from wide collection of presentable brands. Online shopping is best option in this type of condition, you will get good option in one place.


In old time usually men were using single type of shirts like long full and half sleeves. That time men were busy working all day, so they were using shirt with combination of full pants. After few years international western wear came in market with different varieties, mens shirt choice changed. They got good options as per season and occasions, Party wear, Regular wear, Casual wear or designer wear types of shirts available for mens. Men wear Shirt day in and out to match up with the demand there are many types and kinds of shirt design in the market.

Shirts for Men – Hot and Smart Looks

Here are 30 best looking Shirts for men which “he” should definitely be aware of!!

1. Formal Plain Full Sleeve Shirts for Men:

Formal Plain Full sleeve shirt

Formal Shirts in men’s wardrobe has to be seen, fact that men like to wear shirt more common than in a suited get up. To bring a formal look men wear a full normal fitting shirt with a pair of formal pant and belt.

2. Formal Full Sleeve Slim Fit Men Shirts:

Formal Full sleeve Slim Fit Shirts

Slim fit shirts are used most commonly by youngsters and men who are into to showcasing their gym trained body. Slim fit is generally advised for men with perfect body shape. This shirt fit properly on shoulder, chest and arms. Men who serious about their fitness, they prefer this type of shirt.

3. Causal Slim fit Men Shirts:

Causal Slim fit Shirt

Casual shirts comes in many catch colors which goes well with jean or a pair of chino. The slim fitting will have a body hugging effect worn by small to medium sized men. Varieties are available with different sizes. Brands are available in market too. You will get this type of shirts for youngsters in their budget.

4. Casual Half Sleeve Shirt for Men:

Casual Half Sleeve Shirt

Casual shirts are more commonly worn by all age group since it is sore comfortable then normal T-Shirts .This type of half sleeve casual shirts comes in regular fit with designs like checked,cube or even plain. Casual half sleeve will be good choice for daily wear. If you planned for outing or shopping then you can wear this with jeans or trousers.

5. Iron-Free Formal Mens Shirts:

Iron-Free Formal Shirt

In this hectic and busy life men want to make things easy by avoiding ironing shirts everyday especially who are single. This type of shirts are made form cotton and synthetic combination which helps to prevent from crushing of the material and has the advantage of reusing it again.

6. Checked Formal Half Sleeve Shirts Mens:

Checked Formal Half Sleeve Shirt

Half checked designed shirts is one of the most oldest design which is still in trend. Half sleeves shirts can be used as daily office wear shirts as well as a for any business formal parties. This shirt men can use for regular use too. Combination with trouser will fit on different checked shirt. Half sleeve suits to fitness mens.

7. Stripped Half Sleeve Shirt for Men:

Stripped Half sleeve Shirt

This is another design popular among men which is also an oldest design yet popular among middle age men crowd and highly sold in the market. This design is mostly worn as formal shirt along with formal pant and a tie.

8. Checked Formal Full Sleeve Shirt Men:

Checked Formal Full sleeve Shirt

Full shirts is also the most preferred type of shirt for any kind of occasion. First on the list is plain shirts and the next most common design is the checked pattern. The checks can be of various size and length. There are many colors available in this design.

9. Spring Green Colored Shirt Men:

Spring green Colored Shirt

The vibrant color of green which suits well forms men is worn around the spring season mostly which matches with the climate. This spring green color can be worn as the formal shirt with full hand sleeve or half hand with foldable cuffs.

10. Plain White Linen Shirts for Men:

Plain White Linen Shirt

Linen shirts are the most comfortable material which is used during the summer season. This material gives a rich and a royal finish. The plain white color is most commonly used for any kind of occasion.

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11. Horizontal Stripped Half Sleeve Casual Shirt:

Horizontal Stripped Half sleeve casual Shirt

Horizontal stripes suit well for any color and body shape. This advantage makes life easy for men. The guys wear it along with a pair of chino or shorts. During summer cotton horizontal stripped shirts is very common.

12. Horizontal Stripped Formal Mens Shirts:

Horizontal Stripped Formal shirt

Formal horizontal shirts common in regular and slim fit. Slim fit shirts are picked by body maintained men. Mens who are highted they can use this type of shirt. Formal shirt useful for them in office meeting, seminars or daily office wear. Regular wear is common among medium to large body shape.

13. Plain Button Down Shirt for Gents:

Plain Button Down Shirt

The most commonly seen design in nay cloth showroom is the plain button down shirts. The difference between the normal shirt is that the collar stiffness is maintained all throughout the day since small button hold them tight which is seen around the side of the collar end.

14. Checked Grandad Down Shirt:

Checked grandad down Shirt

For summer this designed collar is the best which helps in preventing of rashes and itchiness caused by the normal collar hugging the neck region. Grandad collar is fastened at the at the edges with button system.

15. Latest Branded Shirts for Men:

Printed Shirt

Printed shirts are among the first in the list for casual wear shirts. The print can be of any design either geometric, animal print the picture of any famous personality. You will get this type of printed shirt in half or full sleeves, try this shirt with trouser or jeans. You will get attention from your friends sure.

16. Men’s Full Sleeve Plaid Shirts:

Full Sleeve Plaid Shirt

Plaid shirts are the most comfortable shirts next to linen shirts due to the softness of the material. Plaited shirts are criss-cross line design made form tartan fabric, designed using Flannel material which is a soft material from well.It is now a day made form wool, Synthetic fiber material.

17. Plain Denim Jean Shirts for Men:

Plain Jean Shirt

Any form of jean material is always seen in men and women wardrobe. For men without a pair of jean life don’t start.With that, the designers designed jean material in a shirt form which is commonly worn as casual and semi-casual outfit.

18. Printed Jean Gents Shirts:

Printed Jean Shirt

Printing on jean is a difficult task yet designers have brought out many numbers of shirts with simple print designs. The designs can be of animal print like Horse print. Brid print and also honeybee print. The size of the print for men shirt is small to medium.

19. Patch Worked Jean Shirt for Men:

Patch worked Jean shirt

Patch work design is very simple designed shirt which can even me made at home with a simple patch designed. In the market, there are very attractively designed patched pockets or patched hand design which matches well with ripped jean effect.

20. Hot Look Faded Jean Shirt:

Faded Jean Shirt

Faded jean or the bleached jean effect is in trend among the younger generation. College going boys or mens can use these type of jean shirts for outdoor outing. For winter season too men’s can prefer this shirt. This bleaching effect gives a double colored look making it more outstanding and attractive in a crowd.

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21. Duo color Shirt Man:

Duo color Shirt

Double colored shirts can also be casual colored shirts due to its design and outlook. The color combination can be subtle as well as high catchy. The color on the top is different from the bottom of the shirt material

22. Gents Printed Cuff Shirt for Office:

Printed Cuff Shirt

Cuff is an important part of the shirt which gives a more appealing look when it is highlighted by giving a contrast color or a printed design. The printed design can be of colored lines or colored geometric print which highlights the plain shirt.

23. Branded Collar Twisted Shirt:

Collar twisted Shirt

The trend of wearing stiff collars have change to curved collar which also remains stiff even it is twisted. The ends of the collar curl sideways and retain the same position. This type of collar designed shirt is used as formal wear shirt.

24. Traditional Khadi Shirts for Men:

Khadi Shirt

Khadi material is very compatible material during summer which help as to absorbs sweat easily. This material gives a cooling effect when worn. The colors are generally subtle with the wooden finished button in contrast to the mild plain colored shirt.

25. Shiny Shirts for Men in Wedding:

Shiny Shirt

Shiny shirts also called as wedding shirts made from kanchipuram silks worn by men on any festive occasion especially during wedding. This type of shirts are plain shirts with full sleeve can also be customized as half sleeve.

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26. Gents Shirt with Buttoned Pocket:

Shirt with buttoned Pocket

The style of pockets have disappeared to re-introduce the pocket shirt fashion, now designers have brought in the button pocket design. This design not becomes a fashion but also helps to secure valuable items in the pocket without the risk of falling.

27. Arm Green Camo Men Fashion Shirt:

Arm Green Camo Shirt

The army design is very famous in designed clothes too. This camouflage effect of army green print on to a shirt has a huge depend on among men. This printed shirted gives a bold outlook. Youngsters are seen commonly wearing this shirt for any casual meet.

28. Paisley Print Regular fit Shirt:

Paisley print Regular fit Shirt

This is a typical print of Persian origin. This print has a vegetable shaped motif in a droplet design. This design is printed rather than woven by hand. This print goes well with a synthetic material. This kind of shirt is used as semi-casual party wear along a pair of jean.

29. Mens Satin Cloth Shirts:

Sateen Shirt

Men´s who like shiny yet a modern outlook designed shirt then sateen shirts are the best. The sateen shirts are usually plain with stiff cuffs and hanging collar design. This type of shirt is also used for many occasion especially during reception party.

30. Oversized Shirts for Guys:

Oversized Shirt

Youngsters who are into having a cool dude look. Then this oversized shirts which have a dropping shoulder pattern and the length falls down down the hip is the one to be thought about. This type of shirt is paired up a ripped jean.

31. Embroidery Style Men’s Shirt:

Embroidery Shirt

Embroidery shirts are nowadays combined with designed cuff shirt or duo colored shirts which makes the shirt look more trendy than a simple embroidery shirt. The designs can be simple line or a butterfly print or can be even write once name on the shirt.

Men can get different choices in his selection of shirts, men will get best look with combination of blue or black jeans. Trousers are too good option for shirts. Instead of T-shirts mens will get comfortable feeling with shirt wear. In any season men can select as per their choice, shirts are nice for daily wear too.

Branded shirts mostly in higher cost but in your budget you will get good options in low budget. Prefer shopping mall or online shopping for shirts, there you will get varieties in shirts with your sizes. Men´s shirt design will always keep growing up, but men out there should keep updating the newer trend and stay on track with the modernized era. To follow the traditional attire too is an important factor which can be displayed by wearing a shiny pattu shirt or a khadhi plain shirts for any festive season.

Trying to create your newline of shirt collection??? Then go on add a cuff designed shirt or an Checked grandad down Shirt into the list.