Top 10 Latest Tailor Made Shirts in Trend 2018

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When you have no choice perfectly matching your personality in the showrooms and you have got the exact idea about the perfect shirt you want then it is the best option to get it tailor made. The choice while making it made from the tailor gets a large range of variety not only in colors and fabric but also exotic and stylish designs. If you have a particular look in your eyes then you can design it yourself or let your expert tailor know about it and get a shirt of your choice. Tailor made shirts have a benefit of a uniqueness and special design that is only made once.

Latest Tailor Made Shirts for Men and Women:

Here look at 10 Best Tailor Made Shirts in Trend with New Styles. Choose your loved one and then you can design it yourself as per your wish by the tailor.

1. Slim Mens Tailored Shirts:

Slim Tailor Made Men’s Shirt

Tailor made shirts like the body shaped style make your look give a higher standard. Particularly the white long sleeve tuxedo style plain stitch looks incredible. A bow tie with such shirts looks classically stylish.

2. Tailor Made Work Women’s Shirt:

Tailor Made Work Women’s Shirt -2

Women specially need perfect stitches for their body shaped style. A perfect slim fit shape shirt with perfect size and style can be made only by expert tailors. For the need of tailored shirt at work a great stitch is required.

3. Button Down Collar Tailor Stitch Men’s Shirt:

tailor made shirts

At times finding a buttoned down collar shirt is hard to find at fashion stores and piles of ready made garments. At such times the perfect combination of fabric, color and stitch can only be brought with the custom tailor shirts.

4. Tailored Buttoned Up Sleeve Women Shirt:

Tailored Buttoned Up Sleeve Women Shirt

Tailored fit shirts for women suit inevitably perfect on the body. Not too loose and not too tight the shirts stand perfectly comfortable on the body. Women can make their shirt stitch in a way they would prefer to look like.

5. Round Neckline Long Sleeved Men’s Shirt:

Round Neckline Long Sleeved Men’s Shirt

A mens tailored shirts with the touch of traditions in the entire stitch looks fabulous when it is made perfectly the way you want. A high collar button and inverted two color cuffs on the sleeves looks incredibly made for you.

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6. Cocktail Style Women’s Shirt:

Cocktail Style Women’s Shirt

Custom tailored shirts with an attire full match with your attitude and perfectly made for a comfortable hang on your body is what any one is looking for. A perfect combination of fabric and stitch that looks superb on your style looks fab.

7. Patterned Pocket Stylish Collar Men’s Shirt:

Patterned Pocket Stylish Collar Men’s Shirt

Patterned shirts with designer pockets collars and cuffs are one expected from branded shirts. The same custom tailored shirts can be made of your choice.

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8. Women’s Short Shirt Dress:

Women’s Short Shirt Dress

Women can even choose the long shirts style tops best with a perfect stitch from the tailor. A Tailored dress shirt with designer pockets and buttons can be made as per your wish.

9. Contrast Cuff and Collar Mens Tailored Dress Shirts:

Contrast Cuff and Collar Men’s Shirts

Made exactly according to one’s measurement and body shape the tailor made shirts look incredible and stylish. One can choose his/hers choice of fabric and color cuffs and collars get it stitched in whichever style he/she wants.

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10. Tailor Fit Dress Shirt for Men:

Tailor Fit Dress Shirt for Me

Individually patterned with even the specialties of hand crafting or specialties like designer pockets or your choice of buttons or more than one color can be only when it is tailor made shirts.

People go looking for designer shirts of their choice in the showrooms and big fashion houses and get back with a bill of huge amount and that too after some sacrifices and compromise with the style. Roaming around for the best choice and giving a high price for the same can give you a tiresome process. Instead bring yourself the fabric you want and describe your tailor for the exact design you want for your tailored dress shirts and the perfect stitch and perfect measurement shirt will be ready for you. For about the same price or even less sometimes from the ready shirts you can get your choice shirt made by the tailor.