Shirts have occupied an important place in the life of men. They are widely carried for any social or official occasion and event to give a studious personality. Nearly all the corporate, private and government offices have formal shirt and pant as their uniform for men. Some of the offices also carry blazers along with them for a proper get up. The wide use of formal shirts for men made the fashion designers think over it and hence, today there is a variety of shirt designs available to choose from. With a wide range of colours, fittings, lengths and designs, they have always allowed the men to look professional and intellectual.

Latest and New Formal Shirts for Men Designs:

Here are few designs of  formal shirts for men as given below.

1. Plain Navy Blue Shirt:

A brand new formal shirts design getting quite popular these days is the navy blue plain shirt design. The slim fit shirt is catch to carry on skin colour pants or white pants also for a perfect combination. The cotton formal shirt is also suitable for summers to handle a busy day with comfort.

2. Plain White Formal Shirt:

White colour has always remained in trend for best formal shirt. A plain formal shirts design here is given a pattern work with checks design on the button side to give it a different neck design. The silk formal shirt is also a fine pattern to carry for social functions like wedding, religious ceremony etc.

3. Dark Dotted Shirt:

The best formal shirts design which is quite trendy among the freshers is the dotted design. The dark maroon shirt is given tiny white dots to make it more attractive on black trouser pants.

4. Border Work Formal Shirt:

Looking for a change in the formal men’s shirts to carry for your office! Here is a shirt which is plain but is decorated with border with floral designs. The formal shirts has a button neck line, sleeve border and pocket border in blue with floral prints.

5. Small Checks Design Formal Shirt:

A formal shirts for men which is inspired by the ancient checks shirt design is nothing but a modified look of the shirt. The blue formal shirt is given messed up checks design in red and black which gives a unified look to the wearer. The colour of the shirt matches the pants with colours like black, grey, brown etc.

6. Dual Checks Design Formal Shirt:

Love wearing shirts which give geometrical shapes designs! A similar pattern is given here with lovely colours like black, white and red which are designed in the form of checks. The formal shirts is given several big squares which are later filled with small checks. The design is quite unique from the early ones’ men used to carry.

7. Terry Cotton Formal Shirt:

Looking for a shirt which can be carried in hot summers! A terry cotton plain formal shirt in off white colour is the best you can choose to wear. The material of the shirt is thin enough to give you a refreshed feeling the whole day from the filthy smell of the sweating.

8. Shoulder Design Formal Shirt:

The freshers these days are adopting dark colours to carry for their corporate events which are given a fashionable touch but yet carry a professional appearance. A dark purple shirt here is given a shoulder pattern with several tiny pinches. The cotton material adds to the beauty of the shoulder design.

9. White Collar Formal Shirt:

A branded formal shirts design which adds to your official get up is made with dual colours. The whole shirt is given a blue colour in plain while the collars are given white colour to give a change to the boring plain shirt designs. The design is carried widely on dark colour pants or the ones which have checks design on them.

10. Stretchable Formal Shirt:

Miss those loose t-shirts during the office hours! Don’t worry; we have a new formal shirt design which is made with the material of the t-shirts. The stretchable shirt in grey is also given a small eagle knitted print on the pocket side which properly justified the look.

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11. Light Lining Formal Shirt:

The traditional lining shirts for men  are given a new looking with the embossed design trick. The dark navy blue shirt is given semi black horizontal thick linings to give it a new formal shirts design. To add to its ethnicity, the collar of the shirts is given mini collars which suits best for corporate conferences.

12. Traditional Line Formal Shirt:

The gents formal shirts category has always given a favorite design of with a combination of any light colour with white strips. The formal shirt in blue is given white horizontal lines with minimum thickness. The shirt can be carried on any dark pant or light with similar strips design.

13. Sleeve Design Formal Shirt:

The best formal shirts brands have introduced a new look in the shirts design where the plain shirt is given dual colours for the front and the sleeves of the shirt. The white shirt is given light blue sleeves and pocket with a dark blue collar in red and white strips.

14. Vertical Lines Formal Shirt:

A new concept in the formal shirts for men design with the lines is the one which carries vertical lines on the shirt. The dark blue shirt is given light colour embossed thick lines which is the best to carry over light colour pants in brown shade.

15. Silk Formal Shirts:

A silk shirt with shining touch is designed in small diamond shape strips which would catch the vision of anyone in a corporate party towards you. The formal shirt colours it gives makes is more adoptable for the fair and slim textured men. The shirts are widely carried on black pants or skinny trousers for a proper impact.

16. Short Sleeves Formal Shirt:

A formal shirts for men with short sleeves is one of the widely-picked designs for the summer and autumn wear. The collection carried various designs in plain shirts with collars in vertical lines print and short sleeves with the similar pattern on the edge.

17. Brick Design Formal Shirt:

Considered as one of the latest formal shirt design, the navy blue coloured shirt in silk is given a brick cut design. The formal shirt looks sophisticated with the blackish lines giving a cutting pattern to the brick prints. It is an ideal wear for the officers which can also be accompanied with a contrast colour blazer coat.

18. Aqua Design Formal Shirt:

Printed shirts have their own charisma to be carried for local events of the offices. A similar pattern in in formal shirts is given a printing of the aqua world with a mixture of several colours and designs in it. No doubt it is not a perfect official wear; it is eligible to be carried on formal events.

19. Animal Print Formal Shirt:

The formal mens shirt with prints of the animals is truly the choice of several corporate offices. It is also the best to be carried on events which carry a particular theme for a good cost. The shirt here is given the print of the face of a dog which can be seen with keen interest. On a single view, it seems to be a printed pattern.

20. Floral Print Formal Shirt:

The official parties also are now visited with a delicate design in the best formal shirts brands with silk material. The formal shirt here is given a floral print which is embossed with light creamiest blue colour over dark blue. It is a rare but absolute combination for a designer wear in formal shirts.

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21. Side Print Formal Shirt:

One of the best formal shirts designs which are favorable for a vintage wear is the one which is given printed work on the sides and the sleeves. The center of the shirt is left plain and the sides along with the sleeves are designed with floral and mehndi prints in contrast colour to make the design more outsourcing. It can be carried for both casual and formal look.

22. Monkey Wash Formal Shirt:

A design in the formal shirts for men which is inspired by the colour formation of the jeans is named as the monkey wash shirt. The shirt in silk is made with several colour shades of blue and white with flowers designed with in. The shirt can be carried on any dark or black skinny pant or similar colour jeans for an embellished look.

23. Woven Formal Shirt:

A cotton shirt is reputed as the best formal shirts for men with an exclusive design. The shirt is given dual colour effect with a woven design which is quite popular for official wear. The pattern of the shirt also makes it an absolute wear for social functions over black trouser pants or skinny tight pants.

24. Galaxy Formal Shirt:

As the name suggest, the men formal shirts are designed with inept star designs printed on it. The dark blue shirt is given stars design along with few dots design in yellow to give it an actual pattern. The shirt is carried on light colour pants or even black pant for a co-amplified look in the offices, mostly by the freshers.

25. Leaf Print Formal Shirt:

Looking for tiny designs in the gent’s formal shirts design! A pattern in short sleeves is given small leaf design prints in brown and blue with an off-white background. The printed formal shirt is also given falling lines design with a clear white collar to make the design carve well with the collar. The shirt goes well with black or dark colour trouser pants for a regular wear also.

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26. Georgette Work Formal Shirt:

A funky design in the new formal shirts is made to design the plain shirts in a unique manner. The white plain shirt is given a black georgette neckline and back line which is given driven leaf and curvy pattern. The back portion is also given the similar pattern which makes it suitable on black pants for a formal fashion event.

27. Neck Work Formal Shirt:

The gents today are also looking for a formal look on the social events and functions. For such events, we have branded formal shirts pattern in plain. The collar of the shirt is given neck work in Kashmiri style. The floral pattern is made with red and green thread work which is finely sculpted. The shirt can also be accompanied with a collar less blazer which would allow the collar of the shirt to be visible out.

28. Embroidery Formal Shirt:

Black shirts design when given a touch of the embroidery designs, gives a deluge look for any official or social event. The plain black shirt is given embroidery work with golden threads forming dialectic designs. The shirt suits well on similar pant colour. The shirt can be carried by both men with slim and medium body for a slimmer look due to the silk material.

29. Circular Dragon Formal Shirt:

The best formal shirts category also includes printed form of circular dragon design which is also known as the Chinese print design. The blue print looks dignified on the black plain mens shirt which is carried on the middle section and on both the sleeves also. The design is mostly seen in the offices related to technologies.

30. Suit Designed Formal Shirt:

A formal shirt design for men which is inspired by the waist coat sleeveless design is the latest in orientation these days. The shirt is made from pure cotton material with sleeve design made similar as the chess board. The pocket is also given a semi-circular design similar to sleeves.

The formal shirts for men are also getting new designs which have made the traditional designs out dated. Shirts made from silk and nylon is also now considered as a perfect formal wear apart from the cotton, linen and terry cotton shirts. The shirts are combined with black trouser pants and skinny pants generally.