Polo shirts are a type of shirt that has a collar and an optional pocket along with a placket with three buttons. The polo shirts are made for ease and casual effect. They are usually made from knitted material. Such shirts are suitable cool for those men who have a fitness and athletic body type. You can purchase by online shopping too, in your budget you will get the best varieties and collection of different polo shirts. Online you will get a size chart and details about the material of the polo shirt. Women’s prefer the large size of polo shirts instead of their regular size.

Stylish Collection of Polo T Shirts for Men and Women:

Here we list out 15 different styles of polo shirts for men and women in India.

1. Custom Fit Men’s Polo Shirt:

Select this custom-fit classic polo shirt to give yourself a very manly sporty look. The logo on this polo shirt is quite large and thus makes for a statement outfit. Pair it with white jockeys or trousers and head out to play.

2. Muscle Fit Fitness Men’s Polo Shirt:

If you have been bodybuilding and love to show off your muscles, then this is the perfect shirt for you. Men’s muscle fit polo shirt is tuned to the body’s curves and perfectly fits the arm muscles.

3. Slim Fit Polo Shirts for Men:

Men and women always prefer the slim fit look. This particular slim fit polo shirt in orange is best for the summers and the cool days. The look is very casual and can be paired with jeans or trousers.

4. Pink Fit Polo Shirt for Women:

Pink is the colour that goes well with anything. It brightens up a day! Choose this casual pink polo shirt for women and make heads turn. The slits at the shirt ends make it very comfortable.

5. Men’s Sportswear Polo Shirts :

Choose this sportswear polo shirt if you are into training of any sort. The flexibility that this shirt allows is excellent. The material is very breathable and perfect for any sports activity.

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6. Casual White Polo Shirt:

Select a classic white polo shirt that goes well with any colour trousers or pants or even jeans. The classic white polo is casual enough to be worn with Capri’s and cargos. Men can regularly use this type of shirt for friends parties to attract their friend’s attention. This is also best suited for an informal business meeting or a club activity.

7. Color Block Polo Shirts for Men:

Choose this colour block polo shirt for a dramatic effect. The white and black classic combination is taken a step higher with these big colour block segments. The complete look is given another pop of colour by the addition of red on the neckline.

8. Mesh Polo Men’s Shirt:

Go ultra-cool with this mesh polo shirt in bright colours. The complete look is cool and chic. This is perfect for any day or night outing. The classic combination of blue and white with a hint of orange is striking.

9. Replica Sporty Men’s Polo Shirts:

Sports fans are crazy for these replica polo shirts with the logos of the most famous sports clubs. You can choose from a variety of shirts that have many different logos on them. The colour combinations will reflect the colours on the logos.

10. Regular Wear Men’s Polo Shirts:

Another classic polo shirt is the black polo shirt that is universally accepted. These polo shirts have either a completely colour-blocked look or are patterned with stripes on the collar and sleeves with a contrasting colour. The addition of simple white lines creates a unique look.

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11. Striped Polo Shirt:

Men’s polo shirt collection is incomplete without a striped look. This striped slim fit polo t-shirt is cool for college wear and any sports. The thin and soft feel of the fabric is great for humid conditions too.

12. Long Sleeves Women’s Polo Shirt:

Go brilliant in red with this long sleeves women’s polo shirt in bright red. The shirt has a long neckline with buttons. The slim fit of this polo shirt is quite exciting. Feel comfortable and warm whenever there is a cool breeze or during the colder days.

13. Dry Collar Men’s Polo Shirt:

Choose this men’s polo t-shirt with a dry buttoned collar. The collar is made like a shirt style, and this makes it dressier. This is ideal for business casual wear since it gives a professional look along with the casual.

14. Sleeveless Women’s Polo Shirt:

This colour-blocked sleeveless polo shirt for women is perfect for the summer. This shirt is suitable because some women feel more sweating in the summer season. This sleeveless shirt gives a fresh feel for an outing. The slim fit short polo shirt is perfect for tennis wear or even to be paired with jeans. The colour combinations make for an exciting choice.

15. Work Platform Polo Shirts for Women:

Look business-like and professional in the super comfortable work polo shirt. The colours are dark, and the detailing is kept to a minimum. Some women wear these shirts for office going or any work platform. IT women employees like to wear this shirt in the office. Pair these with your formal trousers and pants.

A Polo shirt is surely a style statement. You will like the colour and style of polo shirts; it’s suitable for all ages of men and women. As per the introduction by online shopping, if you are not satisfied with your size of shirt, then you can return your shirts and replace them with suitable measures and colours. Smooth material and soft-touch feeling after wearing this shirt. Seasonal wear choice for a polo shirt; the soft fabric is perfect for hot days. You can wash these polo shirts with mild water. Pick your favourite colour from wide varieties, and they can be both tucked into the jeans or left out casually.

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