Top 15 Latest Tuxedo Shirts in Different Designs

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Tuxedo tailed jackets and tuxedo suits were earlier and even today considered the best outfit for the black tie events and parties. Eventually earlier it was taken for granted the unique language for all men to dress up in the richness of tuxedo suits for the decent and unique style. The difference in the suits used to be the quality of fabric and style. The traditional most glamorous and stylish tuxedo suits were the black coats and the bow tie for the night parties with decency. With the modern fashion attire the tuxedo turns a bit with a twist with jackets that vary in many ways. The traditional style of tuxedo suits followed the black jacket white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie. Generally followed the same combination for events and parties has been varied with other colors of suits these days.

The royal blue or navy blue and graphic grey or the rich burgundy and black combination can be the best suits for a tuxedo style. Not only the dark colors but also a light grey or powdered blue or the white tuxedo jackets look cool for the red carpet events. People even choose the same for weddings and ceremonies.

Tuxedo Shirts For Men and Women in Trend:

Whichever tuxedo suits you choose the tuxedo shirts remain classic in the very rich white tuxedo shirts. Some designer tuxedo shirts in different styles can make you clear with different ways of dressing up in tuxedo shirts. Here our 15 Best Tuxedo Shirts with different styles.

1. Pleated Front Tuxedo Shirt:

Pleated front tuxedo shirt

The most common but not outdated is the front pleated tuxedo shirt in white. The designer white men’s tuxedo shirt has pleats made on the sides of the buttons and can be tucked under the black pants. One can wear a bow tie in black, grey or even white with such a shirt.

2. Tuxedo Black Dress Shirt:

Tuxedo black dress shirt

Tuxedo dress shirts in black especially for women look cool as well as sexy for a stylish office look. For A dynamic and rich look women can try a long sleeve black tuxedo dress shirt for a formal office wear. Women can look get a much of professional look.

3. Dress Tail Tuxedo for Men:

Dress tail tuxedo for men

The traditional party or the red carpet event needs a perfectly stitched classic tuxedo shirt style look amazing with the dress tail tuxedos white shirt that has a high collar and a white bow tie. A white over coat and a black long tailed jacket suits dynamically for the party outfit.

4. Tuxedo Shirt in Halter Style:

Tuxedo shirt in halter style

A halter style sleeveless slim fit tuxedo shirt for women can look exclusively best suit for women at work or office seminars. A black bow tie cute hanging on the neck line with high collars looks amazing. Pleats on the sides of the buttons also gather attention to the slim fit tailor stitched shirt.

5. Black Ruffle Frilled Tuxedo:

Black ruffle frilled tuxedo

A Black tuxedo shirt looks as amazing as the white shirt of the tuxedo style. The ruffles on the shirt give a traditional look. a long size given to the shirt can be worn over the pants for a tuxedo shirt Indian style.

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6. Slim Fit Tuxedo Shirt:

Slim fit tuxedo shirt

A black tuxedo shirt looks impressively exclusive with a down buttoned collar and long creased sleeves. A waist belt over the cummerbund looks stylish and rich. Men in the black tuxedo get a glamorous image.

7. Embellished Tuxedo Shirt:

Embellished tuxedo shirt

An embellished tuxedo shirt style for women in white and golden sequins looks impressive at parties. Women can wear such a shirt alone on jeans an even designer cream pants. The long sleeves and the pleat style with the sequins follow the same tuxedo style.

8. Stylish Modern Mens Tuxedo White Shirt:

Stylish modern tuxedo

A white tuxedo shirt for men with a disco dynamic modern look gives a stylish image for high profile parties. The pleats besides the buttons are patterned with similar black buttons on the pleats also. The designer looks cool at music party nights.

9. A Feminine Style Tuxedo Shirt:

A feminine style tuxedo shirt

A feminine tuxedo shirt style looks amazing when worn with broad legged trousers. The exclusively new trend of ankle length pants and a tuxedo deep neck tuxedo shirt style looks perfect of an entirely trendy and statement look.

10. Designer Print Tuxedo in Grey:

Designer print tuxedo in grey

A slim fit tuxedo shirts for men with a different color is very uncommon and trendy. Such a shirt can be worn alone on similar color trousers or even a contrast of jeans. A lined grey slim fit tuxedo shirt and high collared style looks stunning.

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11. French Cuff Links and Collared Tuxedo:

French cufflinks and collared tuxedo

A French style cuff links and collared tuxedo style shirt looks incredible and stylish. Specially made for a party outfit, the white shirt with an open ends pinned tie looks trendy on men. Paired with black pants and designer leather belt the image you get is rich and standard.

12. Exotic Black Lace Tuxedo:

Exotic black lace tuxedo

An exotic black laced tuxedo style shirt for women looks incredible for a high profile party. The black laced shirt with plain white collars and cuff links look cool and designer. For a party look such a shirt can be worn on broad legged black trouser.

13. Orange Ruffled Tuxedo Dress:

Orange ruffled tuxedo dress

A tuxedo dress shirt for women in a colorful tone looks bright and stylish too. An orange long stitched tuxedo dress shirt can be worn alone as well as on tights. Supported with similar heels the outfit looks smoky cool. The long sleeves and the collars and the buttons take the very own traditional style of tuxedo styling.

14. A Mandarin Collar Tuxedo:

Mandarin Collar Shirts,mandarin Collar Dress Shirt,mens Mandarin Collar Tuxedo Shirt

A designer tuxedo style shirt looks dynamic for a professional or high profile rich attire. A black collar mid stripe and the collars and cuff links in plain black fabric with a pure white shirt is what that looks standard and dynamic for a tuxedo shirt to look fantastic even without an tie or coat.

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15. Novelty Tuxedo Shirt:

Novelty tuxedo shirt

A slim fit tuxedo shirt for women can be designed with frill in the center and long sleeves look amazing. Colored pink with feminine touch in the stitch the shirt looks perfect for a seminar or office place. The tuxedo style shirt looks incredible with black pants and can be worn without tucking under the pants.

The modern fashion experts have also brought colors in the tuxedo shirts with simple yet classy twists. A tuxedo shirts with a designer tie shinny glass mirrors or designer tie that matches the belts are brought a change to the traditional wear. Generally belts are not worn in the tuxedo suits, instead the plain waist bands or suspenders with side buttons were worn or even the discreet side adjusters. While the trendy fashioners wear tuxedo shirts with classic belts with designer look.

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