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Top 15 Different Types of Green Shirts For Men and Women

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Green is the color of prosperity. The color green is used in garments to give a very cool, light and airy feel. The hues used in shirts range from light green to dark green as well as sea, olive and even parrot green. Green shirt gives selective look between all shirts; men’s also like to shop different types and colors of shirts in their wardrobe. These green Shirts with different trousers will give you good attention from your friends or your dear one too. Girls also wear regular shirts with different colors; they too like green shirts for regular use. Wide selection from shirts, women and men’s can try light to dark green color shirts.

Trendy Green Shirts With New Styles:

Here are our 15 latest Green Shirts For Men and Women in trend. Select your best outfit from this list of top green shirts and make a fashion statement.

1. Green Formal Wear Men Shirt:

green shirts

For a complete professional look choose this solid formal shirt in green color. The slim fit gives you a very business look and is best suited for any business meetings etc. The color green used here is quite light and therefore will suit anyone. For regular office use you can try this formal wear shirt.

2. White Collar Men Green Shirts:

White Collar Men Green Shirts

Choose this classic white collar shirt for a really corporate look. Combination with other color gives soft look in this shirt. The material is linen which is best for the hot summer months. The green and white combination in this checked pattern is very cool.

3. Dark Green Men Shirt:

Dark Green Men Shirt

Formal attire is also complete with this dark green shirt that goes well with black trousers. You can choose any other trouser too but with black trouser it gives nice look. The straight cut shirt is perfect for the busy man. The shirt is a must have in your wardrobe.

4. Light Green Shirt for Women:

Smart Green Checkered Shirt for Women

Don’t miss this smart Light Green Shirt for Women. This is perfect work wear. Women’s who works in IT department they can try this green shirt for their group meeting discussions or presentations. It has a fresh look and you can grab the appreciation on your look.

5. Neck Tie Collar Women Shirt:

Neck Tie Collar Women Shirt

This cool summer short sleeve chiffon shirt is very elegant. The designer neck tie collar is so unique that it will be crowd stopper wherever you go. With tie this green shirt is suitable for girls on their official visiting.No any skin tight feeling so in summer days, women need to go with this shirt. The material is cool and makes for a light weight shirt.

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6. Satin Women’s Shirt:

Satin Women’s Shirt

Go all out with this satin silk shirt in blouse pattern. The satin silk material makes the shirt great for an evening dinner as well as a high end meeting in the office. It can be seamlessly paired with trousers as well as skirts.

7. Parrot Green Women Shirts:

Parrot Green Women Shirts

This parrot green shirt for women is casual as well as formal. The dual pockets lend a great character to this shirt. Enjoy your summer with this parrot green color shirt.

8. Green Check Shirt for Women’s:

Multi Check Women’s Shirt

Go casual with this unique twist to the checks pattern. Here the green shirt has two types of check; one is the broad checks that cover most of the shirt. The other is the thin checks that line the inner side, the cuffs and the button panel.

9. Green Printed Women Shirts:

Green Printed Women Shirts

This is quite a unique printed shirt. The lady silhouette printed on the shirt gives it a very quirky look. The shirt front panel is lined with contrasting black lines.

10. Olive Green Men Shirts:

Olive Green Men Shirts

This premium fit casual olive green shirt is perfect for the outdoors. Go camping or mountain trekking in this cool slim fit shirt and you will feel refreshed. The red details on the cuffs and buttons make a nice statement.

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11. Shirt Dress for Women:

Shirt Dress for Women

Just like the olive green shirt for men is this ultra cool shirt dress for women. The shirt dress can be worn as is or paired with a belt. The side pockets add a good touch to this outfit.

12. Loose Shirt for Women:

Loose Shirt for Women

These cool loose fitting shirts for women are much in demand now. This type of loose shirts preferred by college going girls and women’s. You can pair these shirts with leggings or skinny jeans. The complete look is super cool and perfect for outings. In summer season good and comfortable for beach outing.

13. Ethnic Silk Men Shirts:

Ethnic Silk Men Shirts

If you are planning to shop any shirt for any occasion then this choice of silk shirt is best suitable in your budget too. Select this silk shirt in green color for a special occasion like a wedding or any religious ceremony. You can feel comfortable with this shirt. Something special wear is beneficial for men’s. The silk shirt is good to be worn with the traditional Indian ‘mundu’.

14. Sea Green Men Shirt:

Sea Green Men Shirt

The cool summer months call for a wardrobe change. This cool sea green shirt in checks is best for the hot summer. In summer sweating is the issue faced in men’s so this color shirts best choice always. It gives a light airy feel that is perfect for office wear too.

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15. Sleeveless Shirt for Women:

Sleeveless Shirt for Women

This sweet sleeveless shirt for women in sea green is a must have. The look is quite casual and can be worn with jeans or skirts. The collared shirt gives it a unique look that is very fashionable.

Green shirts for men and women come in different types like printed, checks, etc. Choose a formal shirt or a casual one to complement your look. Women have the option of satin and silk as well are the light weight chiffon. The colors ranging from sea green to olive give you a wide choice.

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