There are various well-known companies which offer eye shadows. Certain ranges, much like some colours. Below are the top 5 eye shadows that are a must-buy for every woman to create a glamorous look for regular wear or party time.

Latest Eye Shadows Available in India:

1. Maybelline Color Tattoo- Edgy Emerald:

These are mono cases containing particular colours. These are very famous and a favourite of many women. You can buy other colours too, like Fierce and Tangy, painted purple, etc.

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2. Clinique All About Shadow Duo – Like Mink:

This is a costly case of two colours: light brownish and beige. This is for creating a beautiful nude and natural look for daytime and regular wear.  It comes for an extremely costly margin of approximately 7000 INR.

3. Picara Eye Can Shadow Compact Quad:

This is a 4 colour case, and you can use these colours regularly. You can buy this case for a price of 3500 INR. The colours are as shown in the picture above. It has a silvery highlighter colour, grey colour, light blueish colour and a dark blue colour, which you may require to create a very party style.

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4. Color essence Pearl Effect Pencil:

These are for those who want to avoid the time of applying powdered colours and the use of a brush. These make the application easier. With only a few glides, a full shiny effect is created. These have a shiny effect. This can be good for those who go to parties and can also be good for those who have flaky surfaces. This, however, wears off for those having oily surfaces. You can, however, buy these and carry them easily in your pouch and in a few seconds, your look can be touched up even when you do not carry a small mirror. You can get pink, green, silver, purple, etc from this range. These are easily available for about 150 INR to 200 INR, approximately 2.25 grams.

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5. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil:

These offer creamy, smooth colours; you can use them by sharpening them like normal pencils. These are easy to use and very easy to carry in a purse. These, however, may not be good for those having oily surfaces. However, if you do not like to carry the colours and then apply them with a brush, you must buy these. These fit easily in a small purse and are very easy for touch-ups even when you do not have a mirror. A soft glide is all that can be done in a few seconds. These are in exciting colours, and they have a light shimmer. These are approximately 350 INR to 400 INR for 5-gram pencil weights.


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