Nail art brushes are an excellent accessory for your nail maintenance. Nail brushes are a requirement for every woman. Nail brushes comes in many shapes and sizes which are excellent for everyday use. The main use of a nail brush is to avoid spilling and excessive use of the nail polish. The best part about nail art brushes is that it can be found at almost any store immaterial of the make. Many people use normal small brushes that come with your nail polish but you get separate nail brushes as well that come exclusively for nail art. Nail art is a very high end and a growing art that many people around the world have now adopted. Just like tattoos people have started adopting nail art as a very popular means of accessorizing.

Famous Nail Art Brushes in India:

Given below are a few great nail art brushes for your popular use.

Detailer Brush:

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This flat composition brush is perfect for your every nail art accessory. The brush graduates to a tip at the end. The detailer brush works well as the name suggests for the details of every nail art. To draw very intricate works such as flowers and other detailed works this is the perfect brush.

Stripping Brush:

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This is a longer brush with more defined bristles. The defined bristles allows for a better nail art situation. The pointed tip if very defined for a lot of work. Creating long lines is perfect when using a brush. The striping brush is a very efficient brush and one of the best in the lot.

Angular Brush:

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This brush is cut at a 45 degree angle which is a very flat brush. The angled brush can be used to create quite a few intricate designs. An angular brush is perfect for every nail art design. The angular brush is available at every cosmetic store around the world.

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Cleaner Brush:

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The cleaner brush is perfect and an awesome representation of nail art brushes available in the market. The cleaner brush is used to clean the straggling nail polish that leaks around your fingers when you are creating the nail art. The cleaner brush is available at every cosmetic store.

Crooked Detailer Brush:

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The crooked detailer brush like the normal detailer brush has also been created with a pointed tip that helps to create the intricate designs that you love. The crooked detailer brush has just one exception of it being more portable that is it is easier to use for you.

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Shader Brush:

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The shader brush is an absolute beauty in the cosmetic world. The shader brush allows you to shade very impeccable designs over your fingers. The shades you can use with the shader brush will increase the elegance and beauty of your nail art. The shader brush is very useful and a must have.

Liner Brush:

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Excellent for short well defined strokes, the nail art brush is a very well equipped art brush. The liner brush is very useful because it creates a very good environment to create a few well defined strokes. The liner brush is thin and easy to use.

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Fan Brush:

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The fan brush is a very good brush for a variety of reasons. The fan brush can be used to maintain a good level of air brush strokes which are great for excellent nail art effects. Mixing the colors on the brush will provide for a well maintained situation.

Dotter Brush:

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Looking to make a lady bug or a polka dot nail art design then this is the best brush to use because the well defined brush is absolutely brilliant in this aspect.


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