45 Trending Celebrity Hairstyles of 2019 (Try Your Fav Celebrity Hair Look)

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Hairstyles are part of everyone’s life and as for a celebrity having the right hairstyle is very necessary so that they look good at all times to entertain their fans to the fullest extent. There are several hairstyles to choose from and a celebrity does well to make good use of this variety so that they can look good for any event that they go for. There are a multitude of celebrities in the world all of which support a unique hairstyle as not even two celebrities can look the same due to the individual image that they support amongst one another.

All these hairstyles are not very difficult to make as maintaining a certain image is too difficult to keep up when the hairstyle they wish to keep is too difficult to hold up and requires a lot of hard work to maintain. Given below are a few great celebrity hairstyles for you to choose from which are undoubtedly unique and will most certainly make you the centre of attention at any event that you wish to visit-

Female Celebrity Hairstyles 2019:

1. Free Falling Layers:

celebrity hairstyles

The free-falling thick layers are one of the most important and famous hairstyles for celebrities all over the world. Try this hairstyle if you want a problem free hairstyle for all occasions. The free-falling layers are a very versatile hairstyle that matches almost all kinds of clothing very easily. Easy to maintain and easy to make this hairstyle is one of a kind.

2. Deep Wave Hairstyle:

celebrity hairstyles2

The deep wave is maintained by a large number of celebrities who love this hairstyle as it matched up with plenty of clothes which they wish to wear to any event that they see fit. Deep wave hairstyles are perfect as they are very versatile to begin with. You can match this hairstyle with a variety of hair colours as well and maintenance is at an all-time low so it is quite the vogue.

3. Messy Layers:

celebrity hairstyles3

Though imitating a celebrity hairstyle may seem invariably easy at the end of the day it is not because the hairstyles you see celebrities carrying off at the numerous award functions and other celebrity events are all tailor-made to suit the needs of these celebrities and these tailor-made hairstyles all have a special pair of separate hands that help to create this special hairstyle.  So you can imitate but never fully complete these hairstyles except if you have a pair of professional hands to help you as well.

4. Free Flowing:

celebrity hairstyles4

Free flowing hairstyles are quite popular amongst celebrities today and this vogue has extended to their fans as well. There are quite a large number of free-flowing hairstyles all of which are unique and special in their way. The best part about free-flowing hairstyles is that it can be matched with a large variety of clothes and hair colours making it a highly versatile hairstyle to choose.

5. Short Hair:

celebrity hairstyles5

Short hair has slowly increased in vogue over the few years because of its low maintenance factor and the fact that it can easily be styled to suit your needs. It has a variety of different styles to choose from, and because of this, all the celebrities have adorned this hairstyle at least once in their lives.

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6. Bangs:

celebrity hairstyles6

Bangs is probably the most sensual celebrity hairstyle in the market today. It can be easily accessorized with messy curls or long straight hair which is the perfect way to deck up for any event. Every important factor of this hairstyle is that it enhances the beauty and sophistication of any woman making you the centre of attention at any event that you wish to visit.

7. Thin Braids:

celebrity hairstyles7

Thin braids are also a very popular celebrity hairstyle today because of its low maintenance factor. Once you make the braids which require a little bit of time and long hair there is only the requirement that you apply a little bit of product from time to time. You can wash your hair daily or skip a day which is your choice. You do not need to open the braids when you wash your hair.

8. Retro:

celebrity hairstyles8

Something that has never gone out of style is the retro hairstyle look. Retro can be easily matched with bold black hair colour or light brown which is equally beautiful. The retro look is one of a kind and has been around for plenty of years. The 80s look is an absolute glam hairstyle which is versatile and matches every kind of attire.

9. Ponytail:

celebrity hairstyles9

There are plenty of ponytail hairstyles in the market and some of them are maintained by many celebrities. The ponytail hairstyle is great to maintain for a lot of occasions and even looks great when formal occasions come into notice. The ponytail hairstyles are in great variety and match mostly all kinds of attire for the best of results.

10. Wedding Curls:

celebrity hairstyles10

Over time there have been quite a few celebrities that have got married and some of them have seriously sported some mind-blowing hairstyles. The wedding curls are a part of these great hairstyles because of their simplicity yet immense beauty to make you glow at the alter. A truly one of a kind wedding hairstyle the wedding curls are a stunning testament to the diverse hairstyles that celebrities can support.

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11. Blonde And Beautiful:

celebrity hairstyles11

This amazing blonde exclusive hairstyle is a stunning testament to the immense variety of celebrity adorned hairstyles available for you. The blonde hairstyle is easily accessorized and can be left to hang loose because at the end of the day it still looks stunning.

12. Glam Look:

celebrity hairstyles12

This beautiful black customized hairstyle is yet again another great celebrity hairstyle because of its ability to make even the most regular clothing and accessories look godlike. The hairstyle matches with mostly all kinds of face types and is overall extremely versatile. It also goes great with other hair colours but looks extremely good with black and dark brown.


14. Medium Length Messy:

celebrity hairstyles14

For the younger celebrities, this is not an uncommon hairstyle because as you see it brings out the youth and radiance in almost anybody that supports this hairstyle. Mostly made to suit rounder faces the messy medium length hairstyle is easy to make and has to ability to suit a multitude of hair colours. Messy hairstyles are a privilege because they do not make you look unkept on the contrary they make you look very in vogue and fashionable.

15. Curly Short:

celebrity hairstyles15

Curly short hairstyles are in vogue today and this one, in particular, is easy to make. All you need is just a little bit of product and maybe some hair gel to hold the hair in place. This hairstyle is meant for both social and formal events and will make you look stunning with any kind of clothing that you wish to wear. Overall it is truly a mind-blowing hairstyle.

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16. Free Falling Curls:

celebrity hairstyles18

Free falling curls are again a very natural celebrity hairstyle which is easy to manage and easy to make. If you do not have natural curls to make this hairstyle then do not worry as there are many products in the market that will help you get long-lasting curly hair. Once done there is not much to worry about.

17. Compact Look:

celebrity hairstyles19

The compact short look is yet again a very popular short hairstyle because it maintains mostly all kinds’ attire as it is a versatile hairstyle. The compact look can be maintained with long hair and short hair as well. A compact hairstyle can match every facial type making it a very versatile hairstyle.

18. The Miniature Bun:

celebrity hairstyles20

The miniature bun is a customized hairstyle as compared to all the other celebrity hairstyles. This hairstyle is very versatile exclusively for formal events because of the exclusive formal look that it carries off.  The miniature bun can be made easily and requires only medium length hair to carry off.

19. The Great Mane:

celebrity hairstyles22

The great mane is also a great celebrity hairstyle which is the perfect way to look good for any event. If you have the great mane you will surely be the centre of attention at any kind of party r social event. Some celebrities adorn this hairstyle for award ceremonies and social events. This hairstyle is versatile and popular.

20. Waves:

celebrity hairstyles23

Waves are probably the easiest and most popular hairstyles for girls all around the world. Getting waves are easy and do not require hours of attention before you are able to pull off the right look. The best part about waves is that it is a very flexible hairstyle and looks even better if you have naturally wavy hair.

21. Five Strand Braid:

celebrity hairstyles24

The five strand braid is easy to create and is perfect for you that have been adorned by a multitude of celebrities. Though most girls normally like to keep an open hairstyle, there is no harm in trying out a braided hairstyle and with no doubt, you will see the difference. The five strand braid goes well with a variety of different types of attire and face types as well.

22. Long Straight:

celebrity hairstyles25

Long and straight has always been the more elegant way to go and if you are a celebrity then looking for the right hairstyle is now at your fingertips. You must know that to pull off this hairstyle you must have a good length of hair first. So to pull off these hairstyles first grow your hair for a prolonged period. If you have naturally straight hair then your job is done and if not then you have many mediums through which you can straighten your hair.

23. The Customized Look:

celebrity hairstyles26

The customized look is a great way for you to search and find the best look for you. The customized look helps you to find the best hairstyle for your fine hair so that you do not have to search for the best hairstyle for you. There have been plenty of celebrities in the past that have used a customized and unique hairstyle to sway nations with their beauty and elegance.

24. The Back Brush:

celebrity hairstyles27

One of the most common hairstyles amongst male celebrities is the back brush which is a great hairstyle to help you conceal you’re fine hair. This back brush is great for women as well all it needs are a little customization so that the hairstyle is more feminine.

25. Chinese Do:

celebrity hairstyles28

The Chinese do is yet again a great layered hairstyle that has been adorned by a multitude of celebrities and helps to compliment your great looks and the dress you wish to wear to the event of your choice. You can always get this hairstyle done by a professional and it is not at all difficult to handle because of its short layered feel. The Chinese do is an exceptional and unique hairstyle for all people.

26. The Goth Look:

celebrity hairstyles29

Easy to maintain the Goth look is yet again a very popular simple short hairstyle with a front fringe to add to that girlish nature that you are trying to pull off. You can accessorize your hair with a great many colours which is the most exciting part of this hairstyle.

27. Front Bangs:

celebrity hairstyles30

Front bangs are also a great short hairstyle maintained by a large variety of celebrities because it helps to get the best hairstyle for any event. The front bangs help to add a bit of volume to your hair which is the best part about the hairstyle.  Front bangs are both a corporate and social look that compliments almost every dress code available in the market.

28. Bob Cut:

celebrity hairstyles31

The bob cut is very similar to the Chinese do but requires a bit longer hair than the prior hairstyle. Easy to maintain as it requires only a very little amount of product to keep in place, the bob cut can be worn to any event both corporate and social. The bob cut is a very highly celebrated short to medium celebrity hairstyle. The bob cut can be easily accessorized as per your choice.

29. Long Bob Hairstyle:

celebrity hairstyles32

The longer bob haircut is a more modern day long hairstyle that is great for younger celebrities. It is very easy to make this hairstyle and has been revered as a great social hairstyle for you. This hairstyle compliments a wide variety of clothing as well making it a great hairstyle for every day and even event use.

30. Afro Curly:

celebrity hairstyles33

A fun and frolicking hairstyle this is great if you have curly hair. Getting the afro hairstyle will require extreme amounts of volume to be added to your hair if it is not naturally afro in nature. The curly hair can be customised into a ponytail as well which is great for formal events.

31. Side Path Bob Cut:

celebrity hairstyles34

Again another retro hairstyle this is very fashionable when you match it with a great dress and petite hand bag. The hairstyle can be matched with a variety of different colours but looks great primarily with blonde hair. The side path is awesome when social and even formal events.

32. The Side Bun:

celebrity hairstyles35

The side bun is very popular and has been used by several celebrities as a way to look good for plenty of formal events. When matched with a great dress there is no way that you will look bad when adorning this address. The side bun is a part of several bun hairstyles which are great formal hairstyles and even informal hairstyles.

33. Middle Path Layers:

celebrity hairstyles36

One of the more popular long layered hairstyles it gives you the ability to enhance the beauty and elegance that you wish to share with the world. The layers will surely add volume and the best part is that it requires very little maintenance after the hairstyle has been successfully completed.

34. Wavy Bob Long Hairstyle:

celebrity hairstyles37

Here is again a stunning testament to great celebrity bob hairstyles. This bob hairstyle like all others is easy to make and easy to manage and the excessive of curls give a grace and freedom that no other hairstyle can provide. The best part about this hairstyle is that it can be matched with a variety of hair colours.

35. Messy Medium Hair:

celebrity hairstyles39

Messy hair has always been awesome for both formal and informal events but this is the best of the lot because it shows the exact beauty of messy hairstyles. The volume and density of the hairstyles enhance your elegance to a great extent.

36. The Swirls:

celebrity hairstyles40

Every lady is born with an elegance that can be compared to the best of celebrities and is not to be reckoned with and in this case the hairstyle is an absolute beauty. The thick layered medium swirls that fall around your face will enhance your beauty and make you the centre of attention everywhere you go. Plus the maintenance of this hairstyle is almost nil as compared to others.

37. Medium Brunette Front Fringe:

celebrity hairstyles41

The medium brunette front fringe does not suit anyone so if you try and see that you look good then you should be proud o the fact since this hairstyle has very picky choice when it comes to compatibility with face types. This hairstyle is flexible with other hair colours as well making it ideal for formal events and parties.

38. Super Casual:

celebrity hairstyles42

The super casual messy bun is yet again a great way to go if you want to let your hair down during a social event or a party. Even for a regular casual hairstyle, this is a great way to go. Super casual requires just a small bun with a large variety of messy curls to properly pull off this great look. The super casual look is one of the best long thick hairstyles for social events.

39. Formal Messy Bun:

celebrity hairstyles43

The formal messy bun is perfect for maintaining your dignity and good name when going for any office event. It is maybe the perfect messy hairdo that has ever been discovered due to its ability to look both chique and formal at the same time.

40. High Up Do:

celebrity hairstyles44

The high up-do looks great when you need a great hairstyle when going out for a night on the town or going out with friends. It requires a little or no maintenance and can be made in no time allowing you to have just a great hairstyle for the day. This hairstyle has been revered by a multitude of celebrities and is very easy for you to do.

41. Fresh Curls:

celebrity hairstyles45

Fresh curls are probably the easiest way to go when you are searching vigorously for a god party hairstyle. The fresh curls are a very well known celebrity social hairstyle.

42. Spikes:

celebrity hairstyles16

Leonardo Dicaprio is a very well known celebrity icon that manages to most of the time pull off a great hairstyle that further enhances his stellar and boyish looks. Spikes are very fashionable and look great with both formal and informal wear. Spikes are easy to manage and easy to make which is the best way to go when you do not want to face too much in regards to your hair.

43. The Patterson Look:

celebrity hairstyles13

Robert Patterson has been the heartthrob to millions of girls around the world and his hairstyle has inspired several guys to try and experiment to look even a little bit like him. This hairstyle is one of the many great hairstyles that he has used both on set and off set.

44. The Macho Look:

celebrity hairstyles17

Boys hairstyles are much easier to make and maintain than compared to their female counterparts but that does not mean that they aren’t equally important. Celebrities that support the macho look invariably have bigger frames than the normal man but at the end of the day the hairstyle is flexible and matches all kind of body and face types.

45. Men’s Messy:

celebrity hairstyles38

This messy hairstyle is a great craze amongst many male celebrities. This is a very versatile hairstyle for a multitude of men because it can be maintained by a variety of face types. Men’s messy hairstyles are an amazing way to match with clothes of formal and informal events.

46. The Mohawk:

celebrity hairstyles21

The Mohawk is a very famous and all time favourite male celebrity hairstyle. This is easy to make and looks great with long and even short hair. All you need is a good and professional barber. A Mohawk will never go out of fashion and looks great with both formal and informal wear. It is a great and everlasting hairstyle to follow.