Top 15 Marvelous Tourist Places To Visit In Chennai

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The coastal city of Chennai is a prominent tourist destination that still retains its traditional flavour. The city has the best of religious sites, historic monuments, museums, gardens and beaches to offer an unparalleled travelling experience. Take a look at these 15 fascinating tourist destinations of Chennai that finds mention in every traveler’s diary.

Chennai is a beautiful city with a lot of cultural and rich heritage to immerse in. In addition to that, Chennai is also a hot spot for trade and commerce, finance and banking, IT and ITES, fashion and lifestyle, education and cuisine too. The heat can be bugging, but the warmth of the locals can overcome that. The 4th largest and the 36th best metropolis in India and the world respectively, our beautiful Chennai has plenty to offer to the hungry traveler.

Famous Chennai Tourist Places:

Chennai is the reservoir for the famous tourist places and sight seeing attractions. Here we have given list of 15 beautiful tourist places to visit in Chennai and around it.

1. The Connemara Public Library:


This is a famous hot spot for travellers and locals alike, the Connemara Public Library, Chennai. The library came up in 1896, and is home to unique and rare books, manuscripts and collections from the world over. The plethora of information which one can gain from this library is vast. The architectural wonder of the library is a mix of the famous Southern Hindu Deccan, along with the Goth touches and nuances of the Rajput and Mughal too. In the library, one would find a video room, a reference room and a periodic hall too. The library also has a Braille room which is meant for those who are visually challenged.

2. The Theosophical Society:


The Theosophical society is a place where universal brotherhood dwells, sans distinctions of being human. Every religious value and teaching is brought out here, and the power of humanity is shown in its ways and actions of The Theosophical society. This is also the world headquarters of the “The Theosophical society” across the globe, and is located in Adyar. The Theosophical society commands a place of high respect, and is thronged by people from across the globe spanning all faiths. In 1883, The Theosophical society was established, and within it is the famous paradise for birdwatchers, the Huddles ton Gardens, where plenty of migratory birds make their home. There is also a 450 year old Banyan tree, a large one which covers 59500 sq.ft of land.

3. The Arignar Anna Zoological Park:


Did you know The Arignar Anna Zoological Park was the first zoo in India? The zoo came about in 1855 and was first located at the famous Moor Market and then was relocated to Vandalur in the year 1976. The Arignar Anna Zoological Park is a huge area with plenty of rare wildlife and species it houses. Enjoy your lion safaris and elephant rides here, and there are battery operated vehicles for touring, but nothing beats covering the entire stretch on foot

4. The Semmozhi Poonga:


Ok let’s beat the heat and escape the scorching sun, visiting the Semmozhi Poonga, for its architectural wonders and the visual treat. It was at the far end of 2010 when the Semmozhi Poonga was built, the 20 acres has plenty of lush flora and fauna with amazing landscaping done, and the exotic trees here are an embellishment to the mise-en-scene around. The trees here are almost a century old, and are a mix of aromatic and herbal plants too. There is also an artificial waterfall here, and children love The Semmozhi Poonga, the senior citizens too.

5. The Kapaleeswarar Temple:


One of the oldest temples around Chennai, and is still a mystery as to who built it, the Kapaleeswarar Temple is a must to visit.  Some say it was during the 7th century when the Pallava kings built The Kapaleeswarar Temple, but historians refuse to believe so, owing to the architectural genre which isn’t more than 400 years old. The style and architecture of The Kapaleeswarar Temple is that of the Dravidian domain

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6. The Pulicat Lake:


There are not many places in Chennai which can boast of bringing you very close to nature. So visiting The Pulicat Lake is a must, and very important to write down on your schedule. The Pulicat Lake is on the border of TN, and you can relax and unwind here, relax with family and friends or simply while away time as you please, with no disturbance whatsoever. Enjoy your boat rides, fishing, bird watching, and visit the famous Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary too, which is where you would find kingfishers, ibis, pelicans and flamingos in large groups. The Pulicat Lake is home to the famous 17th century Danish fort as well. Pulicat lake is one of the most exciting tourist places to visit in chennai.

7. The National Art Gallery:


The National Art Gallery stands proud, displaying the Indo-Saraneic architecture ever since 1907. The National Art Gallery is made of red sandstone, and is divided into four main sections, the names of which are, the Tanjore Painting Gallery, the Ravi Varma Painting Gallery, the Indian Traditional Art Gallery, and not to forget, the Decorative Art Gallery too. The gallery is a place which brings back memories of the 11th century, and there are interesting shows here, such as Tran slides and Son Et Lumiere

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8. The Marina Beach:


For a nice time out this evening, visit The Marina Beach. Be prepared to walk a lot if you plan to cover the entire stretch, since The Marina Beach is known as the second longest beach in the world. The silver sands and the picturesque horizon makes it perfect to end the day with. You could play volleyball here, indulge in fishing, engage in wind surfing or simply lay out a picnic for close ones too.

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