9 Stylish & Trendy Black and White Skirts

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Classic black and white combinations are unpretentious for any occasion, be it a party or any event, you are sure to astound anybody. One such outfit that makes use of the combination is a skirt; there is a wide variety of black and white skirts which comes in different style and pattern. You can pair up your white and black skirts with a leather jacket, a sleeveless shirt, etc. You can attain a cute zebra look by layering it with a black and white t-shirt.

Best and Classic Black and White Skirts for Women:

Black and White skirts give an attractive and feminine look to ladies. These white and black skirts are more versatile than other attires because these are flexible in many ways. They are perfect for any occasion. Here are some selective black and white skirts for you.

1. Black and White Striped Skirt:

black and white skirts

A black and white striped skirt is versatile and can wear during any season, it’s quite easy to design it, though it seems difficult to style it. It can be paired up with a bright crop top. Also, a black top looks great with a full striped black and white striped skirt. On winter days, to stay warm, a cardigan can also be paired along.

2. Black and White pencil Type Skirt:

Black and white pencil type skirt

Though traditionally an office wear, it’s straight cut and quite trendy in modern times. Its formal look stays apart classy about any other outfit. Black and white combination can add to pencil skirts; its level is uplifting. Varieties of bags can be used as an accessory while wearing this outfit. White tops simply look great with this attire.

3. Black and White Maxi Style Skirt:

Black and white maxi style skirt

These black and white skirts are also versatile in the sense they are apt for any season, very comfortable to wear, the black and white combo looks well on this skirt. Bright and dark colored tops both works well with these skirts.

4. Black and White Mini Skirt:

Black and white mini skirt

Black and white mini skirts are stapling attire which looks cute on anybody. These are short and suitable for casual wear, and its semi dressy. It’s a wardrobe icon and stuns everyone with its style. Boots add charm to this attire.

5. Black and White Midi Style Skirt:

Black and white midi style skirt

Midi skirts from casual wears to party wears are available in the market.  Varieties like full black and white midi skirts, asymmetric black and white midi skirts are available in the market. Add beauty to your attire by pairing with suitable accessories.

6. Black and White Long Skirt:

Black and white long skirt

Long black and white skirts add a vintage look, they are must attire in every lady’s wardrobe, the lady looks elegant and stunning in this fantastic long black and white long skirt.

7. Black and White A-line Skirt:

Black and white A-line skirt

Black and white A-line skirts are smaller at the waist, and it evenly increases as moves down. These are available in different lengths like calf length, ankle length, etc. These are not suitable as formal attire, wider at the hemline than waistline;it looks like the letter A, hence the name.

8. Black and White Circular Style Skirts:

Black and white circular style skirts

When black and white circular skirts are laid down, they form a perfect circle. These are apt as casual wears. These are easy to make drapes beautifully around your body. It wraps around your body in waves.

9. Black and White Bubble Skirt:

Black and white bubble skirts have an elastic waistline; the skirt has a bag-like appearance, the length of these skirts limits to above the knee, perfect bubble skirts depending on the occasion are available in the market. Striped ones, floral designs, anything are available; you name it.

Black and white skirts suitable for any body type can be selected; many styles of skirts are available which compliment any body type. They arrive in different style and fashion, so it’s a must in every lady’s closet.

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