Wool Skirts Collection – These Designs That You Need In Winter

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The women’s wool skirts are super trendy and fashionable. Given the coolness in the weather during winter, one has to be smart enough to work on style this season, to both provide warmth and also not forgoing style at the same time. While skirts are seen to be foremost in flaunting the style statement from ages, most of them are quite comfortable or half-length. Hence here are these ladies woollen skirts specially made especially for winter. These wool skirt outfits are quite easy to wear and totally keep you warm. Most of these girls wool skirts came down from Europe as their countries are well known to set the trend in winter wear. They need warm outfits to make them feel better during winter without compromising on fashion and style. The woollen skirt patterns have emerged and are followed extensively by people all over the globe. They are of different variants, be it a midi skirt, pencil variant, full-length skirt variant and more. Hence here is a guide to know how to style skirts made with wool!!

How to Choose The Right Women’s Wool Skirts For Yourself?

Here are a few tips and suggestions on how best you can match the outfit for yourself:

  • If you want to flaunt the style and go out in mornings when it is moderately cold, then you can easily go in for mid-length woollen skirts or pleated ones.
  • Those of plus size or large body size also have good options to style themselves in these ladies wool skirts. You can easily opt for flared woollen skirts or maxi length/full-length wool skirts.
  • If you are into fashion totally then the high waist one or mini wool skirt is definitely the one for you.
  • Those below 35 years of age can totally create a trend with their woollen skirts and the more mature women need not feel left out as they can try calf-length skirts quite easily for themselves!

Latest and Fashionable Wool Skirt Designs for Ladies in Trend:

Woollen skirts help you to keep you warm and at the same time when dressing properly with correct tops, sweater and accessories would make you appear stylish and fashionable. So let’s have a glance at the top 9 designs of Woollen Skirts with images:

1. Tweeded High Waist Wool Skirts:

Tweeded High Waist Wool Skirts

The most loved and adored are these handspun tweed high waist wool skirts for winter. The skirts have a straight pencil cut and are below the knees with side pockets with contrast buttons, which make the whole appearance awesome and unique. Also, this grey wool skirt can be paired with a smart dark shirt along with high heels that could complete your look for any occasion.

  • Design: Plain grey high waist skirt
  • Occasion: Night events
  • Body Shape: Petite and thin figure
  • Suitable Top: Dark shirt or white shirt

2. Pleated Midi Wool Skirts:

Pleated Midi Wool Skirts

These are one of the most indigenous appearing midi wool skirts with pleats. It has a tight fit around the waist and the flares that make it look voluminous and have a lustrous appeal. The skirts are available in many dark shades, which help to keep your body warm. The red woollen skirt is most sought after for casual outings or occasions while the black wool skirt is formal and gives an elegant vibe to it.

  • Design: Plain and flares skirt
  • Occasion: Night parties
  • Body Shape: Thin and hourglass body
  • Suitable Top: White shirt

3. Long Smooth Wool Skirts:

Long Smooth Wool Skirts

Here comes a stunning and lustrous long brown wool skirt in the shades brown. These are classic brown woollen maxi skirts which are perfect for classy lunch or even for official meetings. You can team it up with full sleeves dark tops to beat the chilly winter and at the same time appear different from others.

  • Design: Plain woollen ankle-length skirt
  • Occasion: Dinners
  • Body Shape: Thin to plus size, any
  • Suitable Top: Black Top

4. Wool Skirt with Flower Embellishments:

Wool Skirt with Flower Embellishments

Perfect for all women are these wrap around wool skirts in the checked pattern. The small cute silver embellishment at the waist and the dark border all around highlights the look by miles. As the skirt is knee length, cover the rest of the leg by playful knee high socks and look mind-blowing during winter. If you are quite feminine, go for a pink wool skirt with checks!

  • Design: Checks wrap skirt
  • Occasion: Morning lunches
  • Body Shape: Thin to medium
  • Suitable Top: White top

5. Wool Skirts in Plaids:

Wool Skirts in Plaids

These are the blue wool skirts in plaids pattern which are perfect for all age groups and look fantastic. The perfect square skirt and the well-fitted belt lends a different and stylish appearance to the wearer. These types of women’s wool skirts are perfect as college wear or as a cool, smart daily wear too.

  • Design: Checks with flares skirt
  • Occasion: College wear
  • Body Shape: Hourglass figure
  • Suitable Top: Yellow or cream shirt

6. Floral Print Wool Skirt:

Floral Print Wool Skirt

Flower and girls are synonymous with each other and here comes a beautiful and pretty looking floral print wool skirt for women. The flowers printed all over the skirt lend a cute look teamed with cool tops and boots that would ensure every head turns to you. Further, this can be tried with different bright colours to wear in the day as well, like a yellow wool skirt or orange wool skirt.

  • Design: Leaf and floral print skirt
  • Occasion: Morning lunches
  • Body Shape: Petite
  • Suitable Top: White or black top

7. Colourful Wool Skirts:

Colourful Wool Skirts

These ladies woollen skirts are the amazing appearing wool skirts with different shades of colour and pattern, designed together with a contrast waistline in black, giving a minimalistic appearance. The skirt is perfect for funky parties or casual hangouts with friends or family.

  • Design: Minimalistic pattern
  • Occasion: Morning outings
  • Body Shape: Plus size
  • Suitable Top: Plain top

8. Designer Front Pocket Wool Skirts:

Designer Front Pocket Wool Skirts

The skirt is designed in A-line cut with a smart and appealing fit. It has a front button and pockets on both the sides making it convenient at the workplace. Cool full sleeves top or shirt along with a sweater would be perfect dressing for cold winter. This is quite comfortable too and allows you to look formal and elegant.

  • Design: Plain brown wool skirt with pockets
  • Occasion: Office wear
  • Body Shape: Petite figure
  • Suitable Top: White or black lace top

9. Formal Grey Side Pocket Wool Skirt:

Formal Grey Side Pocket Wool Skirt

As women need to have a decent and comfortable outfit at the workplace, this grey wool skirt stands to be an ideal one. It has side pockets and a belt around the waist and when teamed with a light shade top could make it a perfect and an apt outfit for the office. This is another formal look skirt which is best to create a lasting impression when you have presentations or attending conferences

  • Design: Plain grey wool skirt with belt
  • Occasion: Office
  • Body Shape: Curvy to petite
  • Suitable Top: White shirt

How To Style Woollen Skirts for Yourself?

Now comes the styling part. Let us see how best one can style these woollen skirts design and make the right choice.

  • Winter can be as trendy as possible; hence do not miss out a chance of trying them out.
  • Wear a nice pencil skirt or slit woollen skirt and pair it with a formal white shirt with a leather jacket. This is the ultimate style statement.
  • Those who like pleated mini skirts or pencil skirts can easily pair wool skirts with high boots. Nothing can beat this evergreen option.
  • Accessorize as minimal as possible. These are best when the look is low in accessories, just pair it with nice studs in ears and wear finger rings to elevate the style quotient.
  • You can further wear sneakers with knee-length skirts too.

The wool skirt makes a woman look very cool and awesome and can be worn off for a funky and laid back look also. The woollen skirts can be dressed as formally as well in nice attire for every female. The wool skirts are available in many different and vivid patterns and colours and you can handpick the one according to your looks and make an impression on others.