The iconic fashion trends always find a way to return to the fashion world. The chic, vintage and classic ruffle skirts were super trendy in the 70s and 80s, and now we see them again in several celebrity closets. Women prefer them worldwide to give an immediate elegant and plush appearance. Now that the spring and summer months are here, the craze associated with these ruffle skirts is even more. They are the tinsel town favourite, from getting an instant flawless look to wearing for the office or outings to looking dressy and even giving it a rocking twist. So, we were wondering, why not treat you with the latest gorgeous women’s ruffle skirt collection that can charm you and blow your mind off? Isn’t it exciting? Read along to hear all about our favourite new trends.

How Well Does The Ruffle Skirt Suit You?

Many have inhibitions if the frills on the skirt will suit them well or not. Worry not; here we are to tell you what best can suit you as per the body type.

  • The mini ruffle skirt may suit only those with an hourglass-toned body. They look perfect for those young girls and women.
  • If you want to try out this skirt in plus size, try out the cascading effect ruffle skirt or a knee-length skirt with frills.
  • Try out full ruffles in a frilly skirt for those who have petite figures.
  • Remember that this frilled skirt mainly best suits women of young age.

How To Style Ruffle Skirts?

No doubt the gorgeous frills, tiered hem look, asymmetry and chic appearance mesmerise us all. But without styling them right, the ruffle hem skirt may not look as charming as it seems. Wondering how? Let us give you some styling ideas on easily pulling off your favourite ruffle skirt for different occasions. They are versatile, but you can accentuate your looks seamlessly by doing a little better!

  • White is your favourite with ruffle skirts. Prints or monochrome skirt colour, white shirt, white sleeveless top, white fancy top, tank top or even a basic tee can give it a chic and vibrant style. Tuck it in for your office look, parties, or brunches; we bet you will look fantastic.
  • Colour contrast your skirt. Never go with prints on prints; add on the splash of style by giving it a contemporary, edgy appearance. For example, if you have a dark-coloured skirt, pair it with beige, cream, white, off-white, or light pink colour tops.
  • You can also add on a blazer or light sweater for chillier months for layering it. But make sure not to match your outfit way too much.
  • Accessorise! Ruffles look stunning with accessories. Add something lovely to your wrists, such as watches and bracelets or hand rings, and work on a beautiful neckpiece depending on the neckline of your top/tee.
  • Pair on feminine, stylish footwear. Some of the beautiful options are pumps, heels, and wedges.

Latest and Best Ruffle Skirt Designs for Ladies with Pictures:

Ruffles make the wearer look slim and cute. These are easy to stitch and can be worn for casual and party occasions.

1. Plain Ruffle Pencil Skirt:


This ruffle pencil skirt is a perfect formal and office wear choice. You can look both chic, clean, and dignified in this stylish wear outfit. The black plain ruffle pencil shape skirt brings out the best in you with classic hues and a sophisticated look. It is durable, comfortable for long day wear, and will never disappoint you!

  • Design: Black Solid Ruffle Pencil Skirt
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Thin, Pear
  • Occasion: Office
  • Wear With: White Silk Top
  • Style Tip: Heels, minimal styling, dainty earrings, a big dial watch.

2. Knee Length Ruffle Tulle Skirt:


Adding a tulle skirt is the easiest way to bring on a charming high-end elite look. The frilled or ruffle skirt indeed is among again the suitable option. We have here the mesmerizing pink tulle ruffle frilled skirt for women. The knee-length skirt is an ideal choice for feminine and pretty vibes! Check it out!

  • Design: Pink Knee-Length Tulle Ruffle Skirt
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Body Type: Anyone
  • Occasion: Parties, Gatherings
  • Wear With: Fancy Net Or Lace Top
  • Style Tip: Statement ear accessories, handheld bag, metallic heels and handheld designer bag.

3. Short Plaid Ruffle Skirt:


The plaid skirts and prints are quite famous, and we even have a ruffled overlay design in this outfit. The short white plaid ruffle skirt is perfect for looking hot and stylish, even in basic outfits. The skirt comes super handy, lets you style in various ways, and immensely steps up in your fashion game.

  • Design: White Short Plaid Ruffle Skirt
  • Fabric: Polyester And Viscose
  • Body Type: Thin And Petite
  • Occasion: Dinners, Lunches
  • Wear With: White Or Cream Top
  • Style Tip: Sneakers or heels, dainty accessories, sling bag and sunglasses.

4. Ruched Ruffle Straight Skirt:


We have yet another floral print skirt with a ruched ruffle detailing. The straight-cut skirt in ruffle design is a perfect choice to flaunt the classic, timeless elegance. This is an excellent feminine outfit choice for women across age groups and can give you seamless style whenever you style it. Try this beauty out, and you will love it!

  • Design: Red And Yellow Straight Ruffle Floral Skirt
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Body Type: Hourglass, Apple
  • Occasion: Brunches, Gatherings
  • Wear With: Crop Top
  • Style Tip: Wedges or pumps, simple accessories, a watch and a clutch.

5. High Waisted Designer Ruffle Skirt:


The high-rise ruffle skirt in the A-line pattern is another must-have basic pick for young girls and women. We have the orange ruffle skirt here. It is perfect for toning contemporary looks and bringing out a pretty and sizzling feel. It’s not as overwhelming as a maxi, looks modest, and gives a relaxed and laid-back feel.

  • Design: Orange High Waisted A-Line Skirt
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Thin And Hourglass
  • Occasion: Outings
  • Wear With: Crop Top
  • Style Tip: Sneakers, casual styling, and a sling bag are suitable.

6. Satin Asymmetrical Ruffle Skirt:


Satin can instantly up the game and give a luxurious look. We have the ruffle satin skirt with an asymmetrical hemline. The pink silk satin skirt is perfect for decking up and bringing on all the plush appearance. It gives a good feminine look with all the flare and overlap and adds to the chic and high-end vibes with its smooth, soft fabric.

  • Design: Pink Asymmetrical Ruffle Women’s Skirt
  • Fabric: Satin
  • Body Type: Hourglass, Apple And Pear
  • Occasion: Festive Look; Cocktails
  • Wear With: Fancy Top
  • Style Tip: Heels, statement accessories and a clutch are suitable.

7. Printed Chiffon Ruffle Skirt:


This printed ruffle skirt in chiffon fabric is a perfect choice for the upcoming summer. The multi-coloured skirt can give an excellent addition to your wardrobe for your casual outings yet accentuates the style with the ruffled hem. It is a versatile and easy-wear pick everyone must check out! We love this one-of-a-kind women’s frill skirt!

  • Design: Multicolored Women’s Ruffle Printed A-Line Skirt
  • Fabric: Chiffon
  • Body Type: Hourglass, Pear
  • Occasion: Casual
  • Wear With: Black Or White Top/Tee
  • Style Tip: Sneakers or casual wedges and casual styling.

8. Orange And Brown Leopard Ruffle Skirt:


Animal-printed outfits have been crazy in the fashion world for a few decades, and the pattern still hasn’t changed. We have here the orange and brown women’s leopard print ruffle skirt. This perfect blend of a unique, bold, experimental look with a feminine contemporary style. Try this new look ruffle skirt out, which will impress you too!

  • Design: Orange And Brown Leopard Printed Ruffle Skirt
  • Fabric: Viscose Rayon
  • Body Type: Anyone
  • Occasion: Casual Outings
  • Wear With: White Sleeveless Top Or T-Shirt
  • Style Tip: Sneakers or shoes, dainty basic accessories and a sling bag.

9. Polka Dot Ruffle Skirt:


We love polka dots, and there is no turning back for this print in the women’s fashion world. In this design, we have the black and white printed polka dot ruffled hemline skirt for women and girls. It is a pretty and mesmerizing choice, fits a classic vibe and gives a perfect way to incorporate elegant, timeless hues into your wardrobe.

  • Design: Black And White Ruffle Skirt with Polka Dots
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Hourglass, Pear, Thin
  • Occasion: Brunches, Morning Outings
  • Wear With: Plain Solid Top
  • Style Tip: Flat shoes or sandals, beautiful bling accessories and a handheld bag of your choice.

10. Velvet Sequin Ruffle Skirt:


The sequin embellished skirts are always our top favourite. They instantly deliver a rich and charming vibe. The knee-length skirt is made with velvet fabric, delivers a metallic sheen and is just the right choice to make you appear festive, peppy and glammed up. The styling options are endless in this outfit; you can wear them with various blouses and crop tops to look fabulous.

  • Design: Black Sequin Work Sequin Skirt
  • Fabric: Velvet
  • Body Type: Anyone
  • Occasion: Festive, Gatherings, Functions
  • Wear With: Crop Top/Blouses
  • Style Tip: Pair as a crop top and skirt for casual, festive meetings and gatherings. Pair with a beautiful blouse and dupatta to give it an enhanced look. Statement accessories and clutch are a must.

11. Ruffle Mini Pleated Skirt:


Mini skirts are perfect for flaunting your youthful and hot vibes, and this pleated ruffle skirt is just an elevation of current trends. The orange skirt is ideal for women in the younger age groups and fits in the right to accentuate your natural beauty with the contemporary design yet elegant hues. It speaks for itself and makes you top of the fashion game.

  • Design: Orange Tiered Mini Length Skirt With Pleated Ruffles
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Body Type: Thin
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Wear With: A Tank Top Or Sleeveless Top
  • Style Tip: Pair with pumps or loafers, dainty accessories and a metallic sling bag.

12. High Low Ruffle Wrap Skirt:


Get all dressy and peppy with this gorgeous yellow ruffle skirt. The skirt features a high-low hemline with a solid look, giving it perfectly elegant, timeless, and beautiful vibes. This versatile outfit is ideal for casual outings, brunches, and office and professional commitments. Alter the skirt according to your needs, and the skirt will work best to accentuate your looks.

  • Design: Yellow High-Low Ruffle Wrap Skirt For Women
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Body Type: Hourglass, Pear
  • Occasion: Office/Brunches
  • Wear With: White Shirt For Offices/Sleeveless Top For Casual
  • Style Tip: Heels, statement ear accessories, a watch and a handheld bag.

13. Long Ruffle Net Skirt:


Get hands-on with this edgy and sleek long ruffled skirt. If you haven’t seen a long ruffle hem skirt, this is indeed one of a kind in the fashion market, giving a vintage and elegant hues. It is timeless, perfect for feminine looks, and aids you to style in multiple looks to match different occasions. Check it out!

  • Design: Blue Straight Long Ruffle Detail Skirt
  • Fabric: Net
  • Body Type: Hourglass, Apple
  • Occasion: Cocktails, Parties
  • Wear With: Fancy Lace Top
  • Style Tip: Pumps or metallic heels, dainty accessories and a leather bag.

14. Ruffled A Line Saree Skirt:


The Indya’s all-new A-line ruffle skirt is affordable and imitates the plush designer wear collection. The skirt features a beautiful maroon colour with elegant detailing and can accentuate your looks to a regal rich, plush statement appearance. This trending style women love worldwide will undoubtedly set you apart from the crowd.

  • Design: Maroon Long A Line Ruffle Saree Skirt
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Body Type: Thin, Pear
  • Occasion: Receptions, Festive
  • Wear With: Shimmery Blouse
  • Style Tip: Pair as a saree skirt with a beautiful matching blouse and statement accessories.

15. Layered Ruffle Smocked Skirt:


You can even elevate your basics with a stylish look. Here is how! This ruffled panel’s women’s layered skirt in grey colour is one such that can set an example for the latest trends. This simple skirt brings the best in you with contemporary vibes and a vibrant look. It is edgy, chic and modern.

  • Design: Grey Layered Ruffle Skirt With Panels
  • Fabric: Viscose
  • Body Type: Thin And Petite
  • Occasion: Casual
  • Wear With: Sleeveless Top Or T-Shirt
  • Style Tip: Sneakers, minimal styling, and a sling bag are perfect for making a statement.

16. Tiered Ruffle Maxi Skirt:


You can even go ethnic in a ruffle skirt. Wondering how? This teal blue-tiered and ruffle women’s maxi skirt sets a perfect tone and example. The gorgeous skirt in solid colour gives ample ways and ideas to style. It is a perfect choice, from pairing with an intricate embroidery crop top or blouse to going all bold with a chic modern top.

  • Design: Teal Blue Pink Tiered Ruffle Maxi Skirt
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Body Type: Anyone
  • Occasion: Festive Family Gatherings
  • Wear With: Crop Top Or Blouse
  • Style Tip: Pair with statement accessories and wedges.

17. Ruffle Skirt With Crop Top:


This Forever21’s recent ruffle skirt set with a matching top is among the fashion street’s favourites. With this gorgeous top and flounce hem skirt, you can also look like a diva and flaunt the high-end look. It features a smocked look with ruffle trim and front tie design, giving it a feminine, plush and mesmerizing style statement.

  • Design: White Printed Ruffle Skirt With A Crop Top
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Body Type: Thin
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Wear With: Crop Top
  • Style Tip: High heels, dainty accessories, and a clutch in hand are perfect.

18. Denim Cotton Ruffle Skirt:


The denim skirts are always classic; we even have the washed denim A-line ruffle skirt! This is a must-have for every young woman, for it adds a peppy and glam look on myriad occasions. From casual outings to parties and clubbing, style your denim ruffle skirt according to your tone, and it can let you stand out with style and a stunning look.

  • Design: Blue Washed Denim A-Line Ruffle Skirt
  • Fabric: Cotton And Polyester
  • Body Type: Hourglass, Thin And Pear
  • Occasion: Outings
  • Wear With: Crop Top, Fancy Top, Tank Top
  • Style Tip: Sneakers or wedges, minimal styling, sling bag.

19. Floral Ruffle Midi Skirt:


Florals can never fail to charm us. This floral ruffle midi skirt reminds us of vintage fashion yet is high in its regal plush look. The blue and peach skirt gives you a ravishing glowy style statement. Wear it for festive occasions, morning days outs or brunches to get a hot vibe and beautiful feel.

  • Design: Blue And Peach Ruffle Floral Skirt in Midi Length
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Body Type: Anyone
  • Occasion: Brunches
  • Wear With: Solid Plain Top
  • Style Tip: Heels or loafers, statement accessories and a handheld bag.

20. Plus Size Ruffle Skirt:


Black can never be a doubt, and the skirts elevate the entire style instantly. We have this black asymmetric ruffle knee-length skirt for women. This plus-size skirt is an absolute charm, giving it a sophisticated feel with an elegant and exquisite style statement. Try them on special occasions and night parties to get that peppy edgy look.

  • Design: Black Ruffle Knee-Length Skirt With Asymmetric Hem
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Body Type: Hourglass, Plus Size
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Wear With: Silk Tank Top
  • Style Tip: Metallic high heels, dainty or bling accessories, clutch and informal blazer.

Hope you liked our article on the all-new variants of frilly skirts. These are quite trendy and give an edgy look easy and effortless. This is suitable for many body types, and one can easily style it across as per the nature of events. Try these out this season, and let us know what your thoughts are!

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