Leather skirts are one of the oldest known garments to humans. Thanks to the Wild-Wild-West movies, they have become extremely popular during the ’70s and ’80s. The leather season is back in vogue, and celebrities are rocking the trend offscreen and onscreen. These comfortably chic skirts are known for giving the image of a bold personality and self-confidence without having to speak much. Popular actresses like Shilpa Shetty, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Deepika Padukone are looking sizzling in many events by opting for these glamorous hides. Let’s double-check the popular ladies’ leather skirt designs approved by our fashionistas!

How To Choose The Right Leather Skirt?

Choosing the right piece is quite challenging with an array of leather skirts available in the market. Here are some style tips to help you get a perfect leather skirt for your body type:

  • Leather skirts come in three basic styles- Pencil, A-line and Pleated.
  • They are available in high-waist, mid-rise, and low-waist.
  • If you have an Apple shaped body, wear high-waist, pleated skirts.
  • Women with hourglass figures can opt for pencil skirts.
  • Leather bodycon skirts are the best for those who prefer a uniform, proportionate look.
  • A pear-shaped woman can go for an A-line skirt.

Amazing Leather Skirt Designs for Women with Pictures:

The Leather skirt is a style statement that changes your personality. They can be worn in many different styles; some are listed below.

1. Leather Mini Skirt:

Shine like a star in this black faux-pas leather mini skirt. This cute skirt is perfect for young girls and petite women. Show off your long and slender legs in this skirt, and don’t forget to add a studded leather belt for some drama. This skirt is a lovely choice for night parties and clubwear.

  • Skirt Design: Black Leather Mini Skirt With Net
  • Best For: Petite Women
  • Suitable Tops: T-Shirts

2. Faux Leather Skirt:

If you are against animal cruelty, this faux leather skirt is a perfect pick! The black mini skirt comes with a rexine leather without compromising the leathery look and feel. It has a high waist and an attached belt. The silver asymmetrical zipper is highlighted, which runs on the front side. This ultra-soft skirt is a great pick for party wear!

  • Skirt Design: Black Faux Leather Skirt With Front Zipper
  • Best For: Hour Glass Figures
  • Suitable Tops: Crop Tops, T-Shirts

3. Pleated Leather Skirt:

Check out this stylish pleated leather skirt in black. The high waisted skirt has an A-line cut, with neat pleats. This classic skirt design is given a modern touch with chiffon and soft leather to create a rippling effect. It has a centre zip at the back for comfort and ease of wear. This skirt is best for movie dates, shopping trips and casual outings.

  • Skirt Design: Black Pleated Skirt With Back Center Zip
  • Best For: Pear Shaped Bodies
  • Suitable Tops: Tight Fitting Tops and Shirts

4. Burgundy Leather Skirt:

If you thought leather skirts come only in black and brown shades, you are in for a surprise. This burgundy leather mini skirt is a contemporary version of the A-line skirt. It is sure to flatter your figure with its neat cut and hand stitch on the front. Two-pocket panels are added on the sides for a glamorous look.

  • Skirt Design: Burgundy Mini Leather Skirt With Side Pockets
  • Best For: Hour Glass Figures
  • Suitable Tops: Crop Tops, T-Shirts

5. High Waisted Leather Skirt:

Travel back in time with this high waisted leather black skirt, inspired by the ’80s. It has a criss-cross stitch on the front to create a boxy effect. A zip closure is added on the back for style and comfort. We recommend wearing this skirt for all your girl dates and shopping trips to grab all the attention you deserve.

  • Skirt Design: Black High Waisted Leather Skirt with Lace design
  • Best For: Hour Glass Figures
  • Suitable Tops: Shirts, T-Shirts, Knitted Tops

6. Embroidered Leather Skirt:

Get dolled up in this embroidered black leather skirt. This skirt completely transforms your ‘bad girl’ image with its floral thread work on the front side. You can reveal your soft, gentle side by wearing this stunning piece. Just throw on a girly top and wear your high heeled shoes to get all eyes on you!

  • Skirt Design: Black Embroidered Leather Skirt
  • Best For: Pear Shaped Women
  • Suitable Tops: Lace Tops, Knitted T-Shirts

7. Fringed Leather Skirt:

Fringed Leather skirts have fringes and give a different look from the rest. Depending on the skirt’s design, its length may be small or long. It gives a chic look when worn and goes best with party wear. It is best suited for young girls.

  • Skirt Design: Brown Fringed Leather Skirt
  • Best For: Petite Women
  • Suitable Tops: Basic white or cream T-Shirt

8. Pencil Leather Skirt:

This black leather skirt is slim and sticks to the body, giving the skirt the shape of your body. It looks glamorous and gives a corporate look. It is well suited for parties, events and offices. Again the length and design may vary according to how it is made.

  • Skirt Design: Black Knee-Length Skirt in Leather
  • Best For: Hour Glass Figures
  • Suitable Tops: Long Knitted Tops, T-Shirts, Tank Tops

9. A-Line Leather Skirt:

A-line leather skirts are the ones that are generally worn. They are open at the end and form a structure like an alphabet A. These skirts can be worn with any top. They look very cool when worn. They give a casual look and can be worn casually anytime.

  • Skirt Design: Black A-Line Leather Skirt
  • Best For: Women with a slim waist and heavy bottom
  • Suitable Tops: Crop Tops, Knitted Tops, T-Shirts, Shirts

10. Layered Leather Skirts:

The Layered women’s Leather skirt is the one that has layers on it. It gives a party look when paired with proper outfits. It may be a short or long skirt and may have different types of layers, some may have the whole skirt covered in layers, and some of the skirts maybe half covered.

  • Skirt Design: Brown Leather Knee Length Layered Skirt With Fringes
  • Best For: Long Legged Beauties
  • Suitable Tops: T-Shirts, Tops, Shirts

11. Slit Leather Skirt:

The slit white leather skirt has always been in fashion due to its pattern. There is a slit in the skirt, and the rest is plain. The slit is on one side of the skirt, revealing the legs. It is a ladies’ party wear skirt and goes best with the party wear attire.

  • Skirt Design: White Leather Skirt With Side Slit
  • Best For: Curvy Figures With toned legs
  • Suitable Tops: Crop Tops

12. Ruffled Leather Skirt:

This black leather skirt is called ruffled due to the way it is made. The frills in the skirts are arranged anywhere you see; it forms a pattern and may vary from design to design. It looks very girlish when worn and can be worn casually as well.

  • Skirt Design: Black Leather Mini Skirt With Ruffles
  • Best For: Petite Women with Slim Legs
  • Suitable Tops: Tight fitted t-shirts, tops

13. Wrap Around Leather Skits:

These black leather skirts are the once which are so in fashion. The wrap skirts are very beautiful and are wrapped around the waist. They came in various shapes, designs, and colours and were liked by every girl. They also give a formal look and can be worn at parties.

  • Skirt Design: Black Wrap Around Leather Skirt
  • Best For: Hour Glass Figures
  • Suitable Tops: Crop Tops, Knitted T-Shirts

14. Turtle Leather Skirt:

The turtle neck short leather skirts look just like a turtle. These skirts are short in length, wide in the middle, and closed at the end. These look very cute when worn. They can be worn at parties with party attire.

  • Skirt Design: Black Shiny Leather Mini Skirt
  • Best For: Slim and Tall Women
  • Suitable Tops: Turtle Neck Tops, T-Shirts, Sequin Tops

15. Asymmetrical Leather Skirts:

These red and black leather skirts are asymmetrical in shape and are usually short from the front and long-form the back. They look very beautiful when worn and give a different look. These skirts can be long or short in length and can be worn as casual as well as party wears.

  • Skirt Design: Black Leather Asymmetric Skirt
  • Best For: Hour Glass Figures
  • Suitable Tops: Good Fitted Tops and T-Shirts

How To Style a Leather Skirt Outfit?

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Always check for the quality of the leather used.
  • Don’t opt for too thick or too thin fabrics.
  • Shiny, shimmery fabrics can make you look gaudy. Unless you attend a nightclub, avoid such skirts for day events.
  • There are many colours to choose from in leather skirts. You can experiment with your looks by opting for bright shades teamed with light coloured tops.
  • Don’t wear a leather jacket on these skirts. You might look ‘hideous.
  • You can wear a leather cowboy hat with these skirts to look smart.
  • Keep your accessories minimal. Pair them with studded chokers, metal bracelets and watches for an elegant look.
  • Invest in a good pair of sunglasses to spike up your glam quotient.

So, Ladies! Those are some of the best leather skirt models to try this season! Most of these skirts are made with soft leather or faux pas hide to make them skin-friendly. Genuine leather skirts are usually expensive and have a tough texture. If you want to experiment with your looks for once, get yourself one of these affordable skirts and show your fashionista side. Do pair them with the right tops to create a lasting impression!

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