Gypsy style skirts, also known as broomstick skirt and hippie skirt is one of the types of Boho style skirt which is crinkled in nature. They are long and flowing, giving an instant, easy vibe. These began as a part of hippie movement back in the 1960s itself where they changed the course of fashion in later years. Several styles of clothes emerged, Boho styles and gypsy styles and then came out gypsy skirt outfit. It changed the course of sense of fashion bringing out the punk and hippie style products. Given the edgy feeling this gypsy skirt pattern delivers, these are for sure here to stay.

Which Gypsy Skirt is Suitable For Your Body Shape:

In case you have doubts if the gypsy skirt will suit you well here are some ideas.

  • The Boho skirts generally are made for several types of people. They suit all kinds of body types easily.
  • Being mostly of full-length size, the plus size women can also wear them easily and confidently.
  • Further any age group can easily try these out as they are not age and skin type bound.
  • These Bohemian skirts are best with all heights as well.

Cute and Charming Gypsy Skirts for Women with Images:

The gypsy skirt offered a lot of comforts and eases of movement and hence became popular. Having talked about their history, let’s see 15 such these skirts you can get for yourself.

1. Blush Cotton Gypsy Skirts:

Cotton gypsy skirts are those which are mostly followed by many girls to college. They are simple and comfortable for regular wear, especially during the tropical climate. Further, you can accessorize it as you wish to create a customized look easily.

  • Design: Plain colour
  • Body Type: Thin to plus size
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Occasion: Regular Wear
  • Suitable Upper Wear: White tank top

2. Tiered Blue Gypsy Skirt:

This tiered skirt is yet another simple trend. This is also well suitable for regular wear. The tiers in between give further enhanced look to the simplicity adding a mild edge towards it. Young women to middle 20s women can try this out easily with several styles and colours.

  • Design: Plain blue
  • Body Type: Thin to medium
  • Fabric: Cotton and silk
  • Occasion: Regular Wear
  • Suitable Upper Wear: White or cream tank top

3. Layered Gypsy Skirt:

Here is the layered skirt look suiting well for several party and grand occasions. This is among most worn gypsy skirt pattern by several celebrities as well. Pair them with good boots and a simple tank top or crop top to give an edgy and trendy look. This is for those women who love gypsy skirt look but wants to add an edge to it.

  • Design: Layered brown prints
  • Body Type: Thin curvy body
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Occasion: Night parties
  • Suitable Upper Wear: Plain shirts

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4. Blue Denim Gypsy Skirt:

Lovers of denim, here we are. This denim gypsy skirt is yet another trendy look with the evergreen denim material. This is simple yet classy and gives easily another vibe. This is for those who love simple outfits but still want to add slight and minor edge and trend to regular occasions.

  • Design: Blue
  • Body Type: Thin to curvy body size
  • Fabric: Denim
  • Occasion: Regular Wear
  • Suitable Upper Wear: White or cream tank top or crop top

5. Green Patchwork Gypsy Skirt:

This green skirt is yet another favourite of ours. The patchwork gypsy skirt gives an elegant and trendy vibe, which makes you stand away from the regular crowd. This is easy to wear and loved by many body types easily. The patchwork is diligent and intricate thus making the whole gypsy skirt pattern good.

  • Design: Patch Work
  • Body Type: Thin to plus size
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Occasion: Morning parties
  • Suitable Upper Wear: Contrast light colour tank top

6. Orange Tribal Gypsy Skirt:

Those who love tribal gypsy skirt designs, here you are. This orange skirt has intricate detail in the patterns which makes it trendy and stylish. This gives a comfortable vibe given the bright colour and best suited for the summer season. This is easy to wear and is for those who love simple outfits.

  • Design: Orange tribal design
  • Body Type: Thin to medium body type
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Occasion: Regular morning wear
  • Suitable Upper Wear: White tank top

7. Women’s Summer Special Gypsy Skirt:

This beautiful white gypsy skirt will offer you great comfort and style this summer. There’s mirror work done at the borders making it look pretty and feminine. You can team it up with cute tank tops and tees along with accessories like bangles, earrings, bracelets etc.

  • Design: Plain white with mirror work
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Occasion: Morning lunches
  • Body Type: Any body type
  • Suitable Upper Wear: White or printed top or T-shirt

8. Ladies Black Regular Gypsy Skirt:

This black gypsy skirt is something you would definitely want to own in your wardrobe. It can be worn as casual wear. The lace work and the designed borders make the skirt look gorgeous and flowy. These can be paired with tops and tees and accessories.

  • Design: Black and white stripes in between
  • Body Type: Any body type
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Occasion: Casual regular wear
  • Suitable Upper Wear: White tank top

9. Bohemian Style Gypsy Skirt for Women:

With the Boho look so much in vogue these days, you can go for this red long gypsy skirt for that Boho touch. Teaming up this skirt will be fun as you can do it in many ways. You can opt for tank tops or Boho tops along with Boho jewellery and accessories.

  • Design: Printed floral patterns
  • Body Type: Thin to plus size
  • Fabric: Cotton and silk
  • Occasion: Morning lunches
  • Suitable Upper Wear: White tank top

10. Women’s Casual Grey Gypsy Skirt:

This gypsy style skirt looks stunning and the cute belt in the front further makes the skirt beautiful. The floral work makes the skirt more appealing. You can pair this skirt with light coloured tops and accessories accordingly. The grey and gold patterns on the top are definitely adding great party vibe to it.

  • Design: Grey and golden patterns
  • Body type: Thin and petite
  • Fabric: Chiffon
  • Occasion: Night parties
  • Suitable Upper Wear: Silver or gold tank top

11. Multi-coloured Gypsy Maxi Style Skirt:

The comfort and style that the gypsy Maxi skirt offers are unbeatable. You can look gorgeous this summer with this multi-coloured Boho skirt. Team it up with a plain white tee along with many Boho accessories and get ready to grab attention. This is filled with several splashes of colours and is best suited for summer.

  • Design: Crisscross patterns
  • Body Type: Thin to medium size
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Occasion: Morning lunches
  • Suitable Upper Wear: White crop top

12. Floral Gypsy Long Skirt for Women:

The floral work done on this long gypsy skirt gives a feminine touch to it. This floral design has also been blended well with the bohemian skirt nature. Along with the comfort you are surely getting style and tons of compliments. Pair this cute Boho styled skirt with tops along with matching jewellery and flats or flip flops.

  • Design: Floral
  • Body Type: Thin to medium size
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Occasion: Morning lunch parties
  • Suitable Upper Wear: Grey tank top

13. Women’s Plus Size Blue Gypsy Skirt:

Doesn’t this skirt look extremely cute? Sure it does. This plus size gypsy skirt gives you ample comfort and ease of movement. Can be paired with tees and tank tops with matching jewellery. It’s a good option for ladies on the heavier side. This blue colour further suits the plus size people well and making the body look toned.

  • Design: Plain blue with a bit of lace in edges
  • Body Type: Plus size
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Occasion: Morning outings
  • Suitable Upper Wear: White top

14. Purple Simple Style Gypsy Skirt:

This purple gypsy skirt looks extremely classy due to its colour and texture. Solid colours have such charm giving you enough style. You can team it up with tops and tees along with simple accessories or a statement necklace. This is simple and makes a trend by adding as many accessories as you want.

  • Design: Plain purple
  • Body Type: Thin to plus size, any
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Occasion: Morning casual wear
  • Suitable Upper Wear: white T-shirt

15. Ladies Fancy Yellow Gypsy Skirt:

Light colours are also cooler in the summer. This yellow ladies gypsy skirt is beautifully designed along with the borders. Perfect for casual occasions, you can pair it with tops and tees along with lots of accessories. This bright yellow is best for festival times and can be customized to look as per what you want to wear for accessories.

  • Design: Dots all along with heavy border
  • Body Type: Thin to medium size
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Occasion: Festivities
  • Suitable Upper Wear: Green crop top

How to Style Gypsy Skirts?

Here are some suggestions on styling the hippie skirts for several occasions

  • The peasant skirt is always good when styled with lots of accessories.
  • Add in finger, hand, ear and neck accessories as many as possible.
  • In fact layers of neck chains of different lengths greatly suit the Boho skirts.
  • Add fancy ring fingers in your hands for further style.
  • The funky and quirky earrings are great to style with these Boho skirts.

Gypsy skirts provide ample comfort and style. It’s for women who are looking for something feminine, multi-coloured look in their wardrobe to offset their formal look. Available in varieties, an unlimited array of colours, designs and patterns, there are so much for you to choose from. Also, these are hand-made for a customized look.

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