Top 9 Edgy Bob Haircuts

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Edgy haircuts are gaining more and more popularity with singers and actresses sporting them at the award functions or TV Shows. These look very trendy but the style needs maintenance if you want to keep it the same way. If you can sport and be comfortable in a short bob edgy haircut, then this is the new form of hairstyle that you should try out. These will be very good for the coming summers because these will keep you sweat free. These are ramp style trendy and you can create a totally new style statement of your own with these hairstyles.

Edgy Bob Haircuts

If you are thinking on what kind of edgy hair look to sport this summer, then we have a list of 9 top edgy bob haircuts which you may give a try.

1. Wispy Bangs Edgy Bob Haircut:

Edgy bob hairstyles 1

This is a nice haircut for those willing to chop down the tresses quite short. However, this is not like other bob haircuts. Here the bangs are so arranged that they give you a certain element of style and coverage. This will even minimize your cheek’s breadth. This is a good style for those who have a broad facial structure.

2. Edgy Front Bangs

This is a short frontal bangs edgy haircut. This look is proper for you if you want a feminine touch to your edgy bob hairstyle.

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3. Edgy Graduated Bob:

Edgy bob hairstyles 3

This is a trendy edgy haircut. You can try this out once for a change from normal bob haircuts. You will need a good stylist for this hairstyle. With one proper styling and cut, this could keep you sweat free for the whole of summers.

4. Edgy Pixie Cut:

Pixie haircuts are very for those girls or women, who like to sport and are comfortable with really short cropped haircuts. Still if you want a modern touch of edginess to these, you can get edgy side bangs to go with these.

5. Curly Edgy Haircut:

You can try edgy frontal bangs to go with messy side curls. This is a two in one hairstyle where you get the short cropped look of the bob and also the curliness of curly hairstyles. This can be good for the club and parties as well.

6. Messy Edgy Pixie:

Edgy bob hairstyles 6

This is a messier version of a back cropped pixie haircut. You can crunch and mess up the edgy frontal bangs to create this look. You will need edgy layered frontal bangs for this.

7. Layered Edgy Pixie:


Layered haircuts are a favourite of many people. These hairstyles can look very good when you sport these with the right clothes. Very choppy or edgy layers can be something new that you can add to your pixie haircut.

8. Side Shaved Edgy Look:

Edgy bob hairstyles 8

These types of haircuts are common for men. For women, you may sport side cropped hair looks only when you can carry this. You really don’t want an uncomfortable hairstyle. This is trendy and also very modern but you have to be comfortable while sporting it. This can be a good edgy look but at the same time, this is quite experimental.

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9. Edgy Messy Bob:

This is an edgy messy bob haircut which has symmetrical length of hair all around. You can try this if you want a softer version of an edgy bob haircut. This can be good for your summer prom and also once you get this haircut, this will keep you sweat free without much maintenance for the whole summer till it grows longer.

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