Braided Bob hairstyles are for the women who are always working, running, busy, etc. If you’re someone who likes to be on the go, then this version of bob hairstyles will be perfect for you. They are short, audacious and easy to maintain. It is the new thing that women are looking for.

Braided Bob Hairstyles:

Following are some of the best braided bob hairstyles.

1. Mohawk Twists:

This trendy hairstyle offers a slick and elegant look. With the help of its edgy features, the Mohawk Twists has been voted the best braided bob hairstyle this year. It has an Afro-centric attitude where the braids are situated on the side, facing upwards. It also has decent twists which are the reason behind its magnificent look.

2. Pocahontas Braids:

Pocahontas Braids is an exotic hairstyle and has gained much popularity recently. This elegant hair is cross-crossed into a uniform and consistent pattern. It further forms three coated braids which are totally unique. Besides all this, the haircut looks very natural and appealing at the same time.

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3. Vintage Faux-Bob:

This is an old school hairstyle for medium hair that is being inspired from many other braided bob hairstyles. Patience is the main key while styling the hair. The hair is divided into a number of sections and then adjusted to form waves. It is ideal for all faces and provides the person a classic and elegant look.

4. Different Braided Bob Hairstyle:

This braided bob is one of the most up to the minute hairstyles. Here braids are formed facing backwards, whereas the hair rest of the hair remains open. Hair is not too long and not too short and forms an ideal bob. Ideal for lazy women, this hairstyle does not consume much time and can be easily styled.

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5. Wavy Bob Hairstyle:

This is one of the best wavy bob hairstyles. Wavy bob depicts a curly scenario. Braids are formed on the sides, which allow most of the hair to remain open displaying a wavy scenario. The braided bob styles are perfect for women with long faces. The best feature about these bob braids styles is that they can be easily styled and maintained.

6. Braided Curly Bob:

The braided curly bob hairstyle is a gem. It looks much of like a vintage hairstyle. Worthy of its name, this hairstyle comes with curly hairs on the sides. It looks as if the curly hairs are hanging from the braids formed above it.

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7. Short Story:

Women with medium length bobs can sport this short bob braids hairstyle without much trouble. Ideal for prom night, this hairstyle will be more appealing if you’re fair. This cute braided hairstyle can further be transformed in a number of ways to form distinct hairstyles.

8. Waterfall Braid:

In this waterfall braid hairstyle, the hair looks like water falling from a mountain or cliff, hence the name. It can be worn on numerous occasions and at corporate events. The bob styles braids have been sported by numerous celebrities. Braids are formed facing backwards, from where hair further extends till shoulder.

9. Twisted Half Up Braid:

The hair is twisted to form a crown-like structure. Women with short hair can wear this look. Blonde hair is the most suitable bi-product for styling this look. Braids are established on the upper part of the hair. Most of the hair falls on the sides which make this hairstyle very appealing for short bobs.

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Braided bob hairstyles not only mesmerize you through the different styles but also may give a bit of confusion while getting them. So In this article, we have given the top 9 bob braids hairstyles from wider styles which will give you an idea of how to do bob braids hairstyles.

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