Comfort, easy maintenance, stylish looks, and contemporary trends – if you are searching for a perfect look that matches all the above, then the messy bob hairstyles are ideal! While messy looks have been making quite some noise in the fashion world for the bold and contemporary style statement, bob haircuts have always been among the timeless and classic edgy fashion.

Today, we have got you the best of lovely and most famous messy bob hairstyles and haircuts just for you. So, let’s check these out and see what best suits you!

Stylish and Popular Messy Bob Hairstyles Trending in 2023:

Whether it is any season, occasion, or age group, the bob haircuts elevate the stylish appearance seamlessly. The messy bob variant indeed is a step-up alternative in this fashion game. They are low maintenance hairstyles that fit women across different style preferences. Here we compiled some of the best stylings look in a messy bob.

1. Stunning Messy Bob Hairstyle for Wavy Hair:

If you have a very wavy hair texture and fine hair, this hairstyle is lovely. The messy wavy bob looks super stylish and edgy and fits in just right with the contemporary trends and modern, feminine statement hues. Women in the younger age group can try this lovely look quickly. It is very low in maintenance and is an excellent choice to look gorgeous effortlessly even during your busy schedules and days. So, what do you think of this shoulder-length messy bob style?

2. Short Messy Bob with Bangs:

The bangs, fringe, and bob hairstyles have a long history under the stylish contemporary haircut. If you are searching for something similar, this messy bob alternative is an excellent choice to consider. The short chin-length messy bob with bangs indeed looks stunning and exquisite. It is ideal for millennial women who love bold, sleek styles. Women with thick or fine hair can try this hairstyle for effortless looks.

3. Medium Layer Messy Bob:

The layers and messy bob are the new phenomena in the fashion world. It looks very sleek and neat and emphasizes your facial features seamlessly. We have this medium layered messy bob hairstyle in our list of favourites. Women in middle age groups can look gorgeous and youthful in this style. If you are a working woman or a professional career, this haircut also looks dignified and elegant. If you prefer a little bolder style, you can also tweak this look into a medium length messy shaggy layered bob too! This style is super versatile and perfect.

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4. Short Messy Bob Haircut:

Among the trending messy short bob hairstyles, this is our top favourite! The short bobs are among the most comfortable hairstyles ever invented. Besides the ease in maintenance, they are also among very few haircuts that deliver an edgy and alluring contemporary style statement. This short, messy bob look is perfect for women with wavy and straight hair texture and fine or thick hair.

5. Messy Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 50:

Well, when we said that the bob haircuts are effortless and versatile, we meant it! We even have the lovely messy bob hairstyles for those above and over 50 years. It looks super edgy and youthful that we are in awe! If you have curly or fine hair texture, this messy bob hairstyle indeed fits in very well to match your facial features.

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6. Long Messy Bob Hairstyle:

We have this lovely ombre hair variant in the messy long bob haircut looks! The lob, otherwise called a long bob haircut, is the most preferred option for women and girls who do not prefer cutting their hair too short. Yet it delivers the equal edgy and charming style statement effortlessly. This beautiful, messy lob haircut is perfect if you have a straight hair texture. Whether you have fine, thin or thick hair, it suits everyone equally. Check it out!

7. Messy Bob for Straight Hair:

If you have a straight hair texture, this messy bob variant can fit in your looks very well. The hairstyle brings you all vintage and classic feel effortlessly and adds to stepping up your style game instantly. Alternatively, you can even escalate the glam quotient by adding fringe too! Try it out, and you can see how charming it gets! If you love a more polished style, you can alternate this with a messy medium bob haircut too!

8. Messy Curly Bob Hairstyles:

We often do not come across many curly bob haircut variants. If you are looking for one such, this is among the most favourite looks this season. The curly messy bob look is all fancy, stylish, and super cute. It brings on a charming and pretty vibe seamlessly. Women in the younger age groups can try this beautiful style quickly.

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9. Messy Choppy Blonde Bob Haircut:

The blonde choppy haircuts are among those that have become favourites to most fashionistas and celebrities across the globe. This stunning messy choppy bob haircut is in the blonde hair variant, and it looks mesmerizing. You can even alternate a similar haircut in different blonde hair colours as per your choice. It gives you an alluring and sparkling contemporary seamless style instantly.

10. Very Short Messy Bob Haircut:

This unique super short bob haircut style is particularly for those who love experimenting with looks. This is the utmost comfortable and low-maintenance haircut we have recently come across. Whether you have fine hair or straight hair, it suits everyone very well. Girls in the younger age group can try this beautiful look; it is unique, lovely, and mesmerizing. What do you think?

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We hope you enjoyed exploring these latest popular messy bob hairstyles and haircut looks. They are indeed a perfect choice for women across age groups – whether you want a simple and elegant look or a bold and contemporary style statement! The other fancy and plush bob hairstyles and haircut look you can also explore includes tousled messy bob and messy inverted bob! Try them out, and you can instantly step up the glam quotient seamlessly!


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