Do you have a wavy hair texture and want to experiment with it? Do you also love quick, chic, smart, edgy looks that can give you a chance to flaunt them comfortably and effortlessly? There’s nothing like the wavy bob hairstyle. From having a regular casual day to getting ready to a chic, youthful, and smoking hot style statement, the versatile bob can do it all for you.

Not just it, these wavy bob hairstyles and haircut ideas are super easy to maintain, very comfortable, and yet give you a contemporary and Western seamless look easily.

15 Latest and Trendy Wavy Hair Bob Cut Styles:

Let’s look at the top 15 wavy bob hairstyles for women this season. These are the best hairstyles of the summer.

1. Layered Wavy Bob Haircut with Short Bangs:

The wavy bob haircut, while did not come into much limelight, is always a great choice if you have too extremely frizzy and wavy hair. We have this look combined with short bangs, exuding a perfectly unique and lovely style statement. Women in their 20s and 30s can try this hairstyle innately and naturally, bringing on the glam quotient!

2. Wavy Bob Haircut for Black Hair:

Why not try this wavy bob haircut for black hair? You can replicate the ombre style or add on the haircut with layers to put yourself apart from the existing fashion statement. The hairstyle looks subtle, pleasing and mesmerizing; suitable for women over 30s to give a youthful and charming contemporary modern style statement. Those with oval and heart face shapes can try it out.

3. Wavy Bob with Bangs:

Bangs are an all-time favourite of the girls. While the bangs may be naturally straight to fall on your face, the hair ends are curled up to give a stylish look. Keep it a little messy and blow dry your hair for some additional look. Walk-in style on the ramp!

  • Suitable hair types: Wavy hair, straight hair with curls on end.
  • Adoptable face types: Works best with oval, heart-shaped and long face types.
  • Best occasions: Casual outing, party.
  • Preferred age group: Teen and Women.
  • Best season: The Summer.
  • Matching dresses: Western outfits like short tops and jeans, mini frocks, sleeveless tops, jackets and jeans.

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4. Wavy Bob Black Hair:

Bob on black hair or dark hair is a must-try hairstyle. Try out a straightened look for a perfectly silky look. Jet-black hair will look amazing as a short bob haircut for wavy hair. Leave a little curled up fringe on the ends and style it up. Match it with any attire and look classy as ever.

  • Suitable hair types: Straight hair.
  • Suitable face types: All face shapes, especially square shape, oval, and round-shaped faces.
  • Best occasions: All occasions.
  • Preferred age group: Women.
  • Best season: Suitable for all seasons, especially intense summer.
  • Matching dresses: Chic looking dresses and short summer wears.

5. Long Wavy Bob:

A long bob haircut for wavy hair is a trendy look that will go with any of your outfits. The hair falls beautifully on your shoulders; all curled up. Try a middle parting to give it an additional length effect. A messy effect will add further look to the haircut and elevate the look. Here’s something to try this summer.

  • Suitable hair types: Wavy and straightened hair.
  • Adoptable face Shapes: Square shaped face or round shaped face.
  • Best occasions: Casual, weddings, interviews and holidays.
  • Preferred age group: Covers all age groups.
  • Best season: All seasons especially summer.
  • Matching dresses: Wide neck open frocks with thin sleeves, boat neck tops.

6. Lovely Bob:

First, on our list, the Lovely Bob haircuts are worthy of the name given to it. It has a number of wavy textures and can be maintained without much trouble. The best thing about this haircut is that it will be suitable for women with all face shapes. This neutral look can be attained by blowing the hair and then lifting it from the roots (with the help of fingers). Then set it by applying moderate heat to all the sections of the hair. Finally, finish it off with a hold of a hairspray.

  • Suitable hair types: Straight hair with short curls on the end or wavy hair.
  • Acceptable face types: A small face that looks thin and slim.
  • Best occasions: Any occasion.
  • Preferred age group: Covers all age groups, especially teens.
  • Best season: The summer.
  • Suitable dress: Western outfit.

7. Playful Bob:

This best wavy bob is ideal for someone willing to make a feminine mark. Playful Bob is considered one of the best latest haircuts. How can you get this hairstyle? Firstly create a deep part in the hair and texture it. Then blow the hair dry with a suitable brush and separate the curls.

  • Suitable hair types: Small curly hair.
  • Adoptable face types: Round and square-shaped faces.
  • Best occasions: parties, weddings, engagements or any special events.
  • Preferred age group: Teen and Women.
  • Best season: Suitable for all seasons.
  • Matching dresses: Party wear dresses and gowns.

8. Twisted Tendrils:

In this look, the hair has soft curls around the sides, and it extends till chin-length. If you’re going on a date, then this hot bob hairstyle will be ideal for you. Women with oval faces can style their hair in this fashion. This will look best on your Western wear and with minimal accessories. This is an ideal short bob haircut for wavy hair. Let some fall on your hair and walk in style!

  • Suitable hair type and face: Curly hair and V-shaped chin face.
  • Best occasions: Special occasions, parties, night shows, musical nights.
  • Preferred age group: Women aged 30-45.
  • Best season: Any season.
  • Suitable dress: Party wear.

9. Messy Red Layered Bob Cut:

For those who love to create their own unique style statement, this one’s perfect for you. The messy layered haircut is perfect for women who love to leave their hair uncared and untouched. Highlighting the strands or giving a full hair colour enhances the overall style and look.

  • Suitable hair types: Curly hair.
  • Adoptable face types: Suitable for all face shapes, especially slim and oval shapes.
  • Best occasions: Any casual outing.
  • Preferred age group: Teens and younger women.
  • Best season: Suitable for all seasons, preferably summer and spring.
  • Suitable dress: Wide neck opened dresses that showcase boldness or sleeveless dresses.

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10. Half and Half:

This blonde bob hairstyle is smooth on the top, compared to the previous ones. It has textures towards the bottom which makes it look unique. This trendy hairstyle is suitable for people with oval faces, which is considered as the best face to wear this look. Colour your hair on the edges if you like and leave it a little curled or keep it straight. Try out this next best short bob haircut for wavy hair.

  • Suitable hair type and face: Square shaped face with short wavy hair.
  • Best occasions: Any occasion.
  • Preferred age group: Covers all age groups.
  • Best season: The summer.
  • Suitable dress: Any summer wear dress.

11. Curly Bob:

This is one of the best celebrity bob hairstyles. The Curly Bob provides the chin with a unique and modern look. Compared to other haircuts, this is a rare one as it is not suitable for everyone. It highly depends on the quality of hair and face texture. The curly bob hairstyle is the most opted short bob haircut for wavy hair. It will keep your hair in place and is not messy. Match it with some mild accessories.

  • Suitable hair type and face: Curly hair or wavy hair with a round or square-shaped face. Normally this style suits big face shaped women.
  • Best occasions: Corporate meetings, interviews.
  • Preferred age group: Working women.
  • Best season: All seasons, especially intense summer.
  • Suitable dress: Office wear.

12. Waves:

This haircut is mainly intended to decrease the effect of waves in the hair. It has got a unique texture attached to it. The length of the hair is still the chin. Women with an oval or pear-shaped face will be most benefited from this haircut. To grant your hair such a look, you can use styling wax after setting it properly.

  • Suitable hair type and face: Small thin oval-shaped face with a sharp chin and wavy hair.
  • Best occasions: Casual outings, special occasions.
  • Preferred age group: Women of age 25-45.
  • Best season: The summer.
  • Suitable dress: Summer wear tops and short dresses or frocks.

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13. Sleek Waves:

It depicts an elegant image as the hair does not fall on your face. The hair looks well-brushed and adjusted, and it stays away from the face and allows people to see your magnificent beauty. People with slightly elongated faces can style their hair in this sophisticated manner. This is another best wavy bobs.

  • Suitable hair type and face: Square shaped face with straight hair.
  • Best occasions: Party wear or any occasion.
  • Preferred age group: Covers all age groups.
  • Best season: Best for all seasons.
  • Suitable dress: Any dress goes well with this haircut.

14. The Piece-Y Wave:

The random hairstyle has an edgy finish and looks perfect on a round face. Many celebrities have styled their hair in this way, and it is still in practice. The waves look amazing in this hairstyle. For those of you with slightly longer hair, this could go well with your face and attire. This is a bob hairstyle for medium length wavy hair.

  • Suitable hair type and face: Round face type with silky hair.
  • Best occasions: Casual and formal occasions.
  • Preferred age group: Teens.
  • Best season: Best for summer and spring.
  • Suitable dress: Suitable for any type of dress.

15. Blonde Wavy Bob:

Here is a short wavy thick hairstyle. The hair adds added extra volume and looks classy and simple. Try some fringes on the front to achieve that ultimate short wavy bob look. Blow-dry and use some mild hair spray to get the best results. Use a bow to prevent the hair from falling on your face. Match it with a small stud that is shiny to make it look elegant.

  • Suitable hair type and face: Suitable for all face types with short wavy hair.
  • Best occasions: Any occasion.
  • Preferred age group: Working women or of age group 25-35.
  • Best season: The winter.
  • Suitable dress: Sweaters, jackets, woollen outfits.

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16. Layered Bob Hairstyle:

This is one of the trendiest hairstyles of the year. Those who love to give a new look to your layer cut can try this bob layered hairstyle. This hairstyle suits well on both wavy and curly hair. It helps to give a bold look and adds volume to the hair. Slight bangs are given on the front. This adds cuteness to the overall look.

  • Suitable hair type: Wavy and curly hair.
  • Adoptable face type: Suitable for all face shapes, especially diamond shapes.
  • Best occasions: Any occasion.
  • Preferred age group: Teens and younger women.
  • Best season: Suitable for all seasons.
  • Suitable dress: Any casual dresses.

17. Curly Blonde Layered Bob Cut:

Having a layered bob cut makes every woman look bold and stylish among the crowd, no matter what their age is. The curly blonde layered bob hairstyle is one of the popular wavy bob hairstyles that has gone trending last year. With side bangs and chin-length, this haircut makes it a perfect haircut to try for a new makeover in the summer.

  • Suitable hair type: Wavy hair or slightly curly hair.
  • Adoptable face type: Diamond shape, square shape face.
  • Best occasions: Any occasion, especially Christian weddings, engagements, party.
  • Preferred age group: Teens and younger women.
  • Best season: Intense summers and spring.
  • Suitable dress: Mini frocks or short-sleeved dresses.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Maintaining Wavy Bob Hairstyle:


  1. Apply a thickening hair gel to make your haircut look more voluminous and dry.
  2. Give a slight curl on the end to make it look messy and thick.
  3. Brush up the side hair and apply some hair spray on the bangs to give a shine to the hair.


  1. Avoid applying heating products to the hair.
  2. Don’t give a permanent straightening to a wavy bob haircut, as the hair might lose its thickness more than normal.
  3. Avoid cutting layers on a wavy bob haircut.

Bob haircuts are a convenience for any season, particularly the intense summers. It never goes out of style no matter whether new hairstyles come and go. Whether short or long, wavy hairstyles are an all-time classic. So, the next time you get bored of that long hair, just cut it off and experiment with a nice bob hairstyle. It doesn’t matter whether you have wavy hair or not, just go for it and see how you get that classy look on even a normal day.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Can I Have A Bob Cut On My Straight Hair?

Ans: Yes, you can definitely have a wavy bob haircut on your straight hair. If you are having straight or fine hair, you might just need to curl on a bit on the ends. This gives a voluminous effect to your hair.

Q2. Should I Do Trimming Frequently?

Ans: Yes, trimming gives a nice finish and texture to your hair tips. It always makes your hair look fresh and sleeky.

Q3. I Have Short, Thin, Wavy Hair With A Slim Face. Will Wavy Bob Cut Suit Me?

Ans: Yes. A wavy bob haircut suits well for a slim face, especially when there are side bangs. This gives a fuller texture to your hair.


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