Fossil is an American fashion designer and even a manufacturer established in 1984 by Tom Kartsotis in Texas. The company is pioneered and has specialized in producing leather with retro looks. Fossil bags have an exclusive design with distinct attention to all the necessities of the bag. As we move, Fossil bags are distinctively designed to take care of regular and daily needs. Apart from bags, the company even designs fashion watches also.

Popular and Modern Fossil Bags for Gents in Fashion:

Let’s look at the top designs of Fossil bags for shopping and travel in India.

1. Fossil Canvas Bag:

Image Source: fossil

If you think and assume that canvas bags are a long-gone trend, you are wrong. We can’t take our eyes off this gorgeous canvas bag! The bag is ideal for everyday use yet with spacious compartments from within and exterior pockets from outside. The quirky colour and vibrant look indeed add to the elegant look of the bag.

  • Design: Brown Canvas Bag with Crossbody Strap
  • Material Used: Polyester and leather
  • Care: Clean the canvas bag with a dry cloth only.

2. Fossil Work Bag:

Image Source: fossil

If you are looking for a perfect companion for your professional and work commitments, what best than this Fossil work bag? The top handle workbag from the brand is nothing less than a fantastic piece – it is plush and elegant in appearance, comfortable to carry around, and has adequate spacious compartments to fit in all your work files and folders.

  • Design: Top Handle Work Bag with Handles and Strap
  • Material Used: Leather and Polyester
  • Care: Clean the bag only with a dry cloth.

3. Fossil Backpack Bag:

Image Source: fossil

The sports backpack bag from Fossil is ideal for men looking for a trendy, stylish yet lightweight and comfortable bag. The spacious bag comes with two side pockets and a pocket in the wild animal print design. The bag is easy to maintain and clean and gives a plush and classic look with a unique style statement. It is an excellent multipurpose bag to use for outings and other days, which even have compatibility to add laptops and other tablets and gadgets.

  • Design: Tan Brown and Black Leopard Print Design Bag
  • Material Used: Polyester
  • Care: Clean the bag only with a soft and dry cloth.

4. Fossil Leather Laptop Bag:

Image Source: fossil

The unique leather laptop bag from Fossil is nothing less than a luxury and fine-making product. The brown solid plush laptop bag comes with two handles and a sling strap, which is detachable and has ample space to store laptops in different sizes. The compartment is entirely padded around to protect the gadget. The bag also comes with external pockets and inner pockets. It is among the latest Fossil bags collection.

  • Design: Brown Solid Leather Laptop Bag with Detachable Sling Strap
  • Material Used: Leather
  • Care: Wipe the bag only with a clean and dry cloth to remove any dust.

5. Fossil Belt Bag for Men:

Image Source: fossil

The belt bags for men have their craze among themselves and are a classic trending bag from years together. This fossil belt bag or waist pack for men comes in a blue and green trendy colour, with a vibrant look and appearance. The bag for men has ample space to store a mobile wallet and is waterproof too. It is very lightweight and can add a quirky component to your outfit.

  • Design: Blue and Green Waist Pack for Men
  • Material Used: Polyester
  • Care: To clean the bag, use a dry and clean cloth only.

6. Fossil Side Messenger Bag:

Image Source: fossil

The Fossil side messenger bag for men in dark brown iterates and exhibits the vintage and classic old look. The stylish bag is made with genuine and top-class leather and comes with space for laptops and other accessories and things. It has interior and exterior side pockets and is ideal for quick day schedules with ease in carrying the bag around.

  • Design: Brown Color Fossil Side Messenger Bag with Webbing Strap
  • Material Used: Leather
  • Care: Clean the bag only with a dry and soft cloth.

7. Fossil Duffle Bag for Travel:

Image Source: fossil

The duffle bags are relatively easy and convenient to carry around while travelling, as they are lightweight, comfortable, and can be ideal for light and short travels. The Fossil duffle bag for travel in tan brown colour is one such variant that is not missed. The bag comes with crossbody straps and handles, with ample storage space and lightweight texture.

  • Design: Brown Color Duffle Bag
  • Material Used: Leather
  • Care: Clean the bag with a dry and soft cloth.

8. Fossil Shoulder Bags for Men:

Image Source: fossil

Men are very particular about their accessories and adore carrying a comfortable bag and enhancing their persona and style. This type of fossil messenger bag is an ideal bag for them. The bag has a big compartment for storing the things and a small pocket in the front. It has padded shoulders strap so that you can carry it on the shoulders very easily.

9. Fossil Travel Bags:

Image Source: fossil

The company believes in innovation and invents the bag in new styles and patterns, making travel easy and smooth. The fossil canvas bag is designed with leather and has a deep compartment for storing things like laptops. It has a strong zip for closure and strong handles as well as a strap to carry a computer. The bag is available in various shapes and sizes, and you can choose the one according to your plans.

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Fashionable and Trending Fossil Bags Collection For Ladies with Images:

Let us have to look at the top designs of fossil bags for women in trend.

1. Fossil Tote Floral Bag:

Image Source: fossil

We bet everybody loves an excellent feminine accessory. Further, not to stress more, the floral looks are among the most timeless and classic trends and designs globally, and this Fossil floral tote bag is no exception. The incredibly beautiful design comes with vibrant hues and a stylish look, and the best part, it even fits a laptop. Isn’t it a cool choice for work and a party?

  • Design: Colorful Floral Tote Bag from Fossil
  • Material Used: Polyurethane and Polyester
  • Care: Clean the tote bag with a dry cloth only to remove any dust.

2. Fossil Shoulder Bags:

Image Source: fossil

The embellished shoulder bags by Fossil in this brown colour is one such gorgeous choice. The colour is elegant; the bag comes with both the spacious main compartment and the side pockets. This is a perfect accessory to own for a range of casual outings and occasions, with a comfortable yet stylish trendy appearance.

  • Design: Brown Colour Fossil Shoulder Bag
  • Material Used: Leather
  • Care: Clean the bag with a dry and neat cloth.

3. Fossil Rachel Printed Bag:

Image Source: fossil

The Rachel Satchel printed bag from Fossil is one such limited-piece option with a gorgeous look. The silhouette is a must-have for women who love to appear fashionable and trendy without compromising their style statement. The bag will not disappoint you in the contemporary world of trends and fashion!

  • Design: Rachel Satchel Fossil Bag
  • Material Used: Polyester
  • Care: Clean the satchel bag with a dry cloth.

4. Fossil Satchel Hand Bag:

Image Source: fossil

The women’s satchel top-hold handbag from Fossil is one of their bestselling variants. This brown leather bag is all about sassy and edgy contemporary looks, with stylish and classic vibes and hues. It is lightweight and versatile, ideal for carrying for a range of occasions and events in hand. Aren’t Fossil women’s handbags all cool?

  • Design: Brown Colour Top Hold Satchel Women’s Handbag
  • Material Used: Leather
  • Care: Wipe the bag with a dry cloth only to clean off any dust.

5. Fossil Clutch Bag:

Image Source: fossil

The Fossil clutch bag is all about the perfect blend of class, style, and elegance. This brown clutch for women is ideal for versatile outfits and occasions, as the colour can have a different range of vibrant looks. The bag comes with two compartments and zip closure and looks ideal to suit women across age groups.

  • Design: Brown Colour Fossil Clutch Bag
  • Material Used: Leather
  • Care: Wipe the clutch with a clean and dry cloth.

6. Fossil Sling Bag:

Image Source: fossil

Every woman must own a sling bag in their collection and wardrobe. Whether you want to style for a party or sleek event and trendy style, the sling bags are best and ideal. This black colour Fossil sling bag for women and ladies is one such chic variant, perfect to suit modern-day contemporary ladies and their preferences.

  • Design: Black Sling Bag with Removable Strap
  • Material Used: Leather and Polyester
  • Care: Wipe the bag with a clean and dry cloth to remove any dust.

7. Fossil Bucket Bag:

Image Source: fossil

If you are a fan of quirky and distinct looks and unique choices, what best than owning a stylish and distinctive bucket bag? This Fossil bucket bag can be the right choice – it comes in a range of colours with an elegant design, a spacious compartment and a zip pocket.

  • Design: Colorful Bucket Bag with Strap From Fossil
  • Material Used: Leather, suede, and polyester
  • Care: Wipe the bag with a clean and dry cloth.

8. Fossil Crossbody Bags:

Image Source: fossil

If you are wondering where the crossbody bags are in the present trend, here we go! Fossil never can miss out on bringing such a classic and timeless trend, and their gorgeous crossbody bags are absolutely beautiful. The lightweight bag comes with an adjustable strap and stylish look, ideal to go very well with different outfits and occasions.

  • Design: Blue Color Crossbody Bag from Fossil
  • Material Used: Leather
  • Care: Clean with a dry cloth only.

9. White Leather Fossil Tote Handbag:

Image Source: fossil

Here comes a stylish and flashy bag designed by Fossil, especially for women. The sizzling white leather bag makes the bag look classy when carried. The bag has leather straps to be hanged on the shoulders, thus giving a dazzling look to the person. The bag can be carried with any outfit and is perfect for every occasion.

10. Cool Fossil Handbag for Girls:

Image Source: fossil

The colour combination and the pattern of the bag are awesome to look. The fossil weekender bag design is so distinctive that it’s traceable everywhere and appears classy when carried by young girls. The bag has cool-looking pockets at the sides with a strong zip, and the small key hanged enhances the look of the bag by many folds.

11. Stylish Fossil Handbags:

Image Source: fossil

This type of fossil hobo bag looks extremely smart when carried by teenagers. The bag is designed in various colours, and the awesome shape of the bag enhances the look by many folds. The bag opens from the top and has a small cabinet inside for storage. This bag can be paired with casual jeans or any outfit and is the perfect bag for college-goers.

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Fossil bags are awesome to look at and very handy to use. The bags are designed with high-quality leather, and all the accessories used are of the best quality. The bags are designed keeping fashion and style in mind, so these bags never go outdated. You can get any type or category of bag you require in Fossil. The bag is durable and has strong closure, and can be held for a number of years.

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