He slogs all day, provides for the family, and sometimes comes home very late. You get annoyed because you think he has more time for the world, for his friends and his mother, and doesn’t bother about you. Wrong!! This is an assumption which is running in your head and such faults can lead to fights and misunderstandings, ultimately God forbid, a breakup, a split or separation leading to divorce. Is that what you dreams that your fairy tale romance would end up like? Surely not!!

This is why it is so important to live a life of bliss, through understanding, care and love. Now which marriage doesn’t have it’s ups and downs? Married couples across the globe have their own differences to share with us, but remember what the age old adage says “it’s time to fix not to throw”, and the same should be with your sense of understanding. Here three ways for How to Love Your Husband?

Love Him in Three Ways:

Men by nature are children who never grow up. For a man, he looks for a mother in his wife, a sister in his partner and a playmate in his lover. Husbands therefore need to be held strong and nurtured, cared and loved for or else they go astray seeking pleasures of the mind and the body elsewhere.

In society a man is looked at as the alpha male in each home. This is because of the patriarchy notions that a man has no emotions, has to help bring a family around, provide for them and protect them. when on the contrary, most men need to have a loving hand to help them across the shores of life, a kind word to motivate them to get up and get going every morning, all of which only a wife can do. Hence choose your words wisely whilst talking to him

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Actions speak louder than words, and in this context there are many things you could do to make him feel like the king of the castle. For example;

1.    When he comes back home from work, ensure that pets and kids are not noisy. They should be welcoming, which you as a mother can coach and guide them to be. No one wants to come back home, a home which is infested with problems. Make him a cup of tea or coffee, take his bag and get his home wear clothes laid out on the bed. Get the shower ready for him while he sips his beverage and instruct the children and pets at home to be kind and less noisy.

2.    At dinner, ask him gently about his day at work. Tell him about the funny moments that happened in your life today. Don’t crib, whine or nag, instead gently explain to him if there are issues which you need help with, when you ask with love, he will respond.

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3.    Don’t demand anything in a vociferous tone from him. He is tired and because of that his thought abilities wouldn’t work. He could get snappy and you would not like it, and this could end up in a fight. Understand that he too is human, and has emotions as well.

4.    Once a while, take him to a spa, get him pampered. Even a family day out or a day for just the two of you would do wonders.

5.    Finally, ensure you dress well for him; give him a hug and a kiss for a good job done everyday.

Its only when you step into his shoes, would you really know what he goes through day in and day out. Good luck and have a blessed life ahead.

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