Rice is among the staple foods we find all over the world in any country and any kitchen. Right from being nutritious, filling, and rich in minerals and vitamins, Rice is the most sought after grain all across. But do you know there are different types of Rice?

Yes, you heard it right. Most of us have only come across white Rice, Brown Rice, or basmati rice. But there are several other varieties you may not even have heard of. They are among the most healthy types of Rice and are the tastiest too. Let’s explore them further!

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List of Different Types of Rice Names:

Rice may be a staple in all our kitchens, but do you know there are numerous different varieties in them? They are used in several recipes, and depending on the texture, properties, and grain type, their usage in dishes differs. Let us give you a glimpse of them here.

Types of Rice According to Length:

Most often, the types of Rice are characterized and featured depending on the length of the grain. We all are quite aware of them- seemingly, the Rice is either short or long.

Short Grain Rice: This is the tiniest grains of Rice you can find. Their length is half than the usual medium grain rice we find. Depending on the texture, they can be used in various recipes – ranging from sticky sushi and Thai food or smooth batters in case of Indian breakfast recipes.

Medium Grain Rice: This is the most common one we often spot in our households. These Rice are generally used to be consumed on an everyday basis, and even for some unique recipes. They can be either moist and sticky or loose and tender – depending on the texture and country they are grown in.

Long Grain Rice: These Rice are lengthier than the usual ones, and they are lightweight, separate, and fluffy when cooked. The most common ones in this variety are the basmati rice.

Types of Rice According to Texture:

Depending on the texture, we even have another two types of Rice, which can be classified.

Sticky Rice: Sticky Rice is most common in East Asia and Southeast Asia. They are used for Asian cuisine and desserts and is very sticky in nature.

Non-sticky or para-boiled Rice: These are other common ones we often spot and are separate grains that are fluffy and boiled well when cooked.

10 Most Popular Types of Rice Available in India:

India is one of the largest producers and consumers of rice in the world, and as such, there are numerous varieties of rice available in the country. Here are some of the most popular types of rice available in India: Brown Rice, Red Rice, Parboiled Rice, Kolam Rice, Ambemohar Rice, Indrayani Rice, Jeera Samba Rice, Ponni Rice, Matta Rice, Govind Bhog Rice.

Now let’s get ahead and see the different Rice types commonly found and spotted in our dishes on day to day basis.

Here are some of the most common types of rice and their respective regions:

  1. White rice – worldwide
  2. Brown rice – worldwide
  3. Jasmine rice – Thailand
  4. Basmati rice – India and Pakistan
  5. Arborio rice – Italy
  6. Glutinous rice (sticky rice) – East and Southeast Asia
  7. Wild rice – North America
  8. Red rice – Bhutan, India, and Sri Lanka
  9. Black rice – China
  10. Sushi rice – Japan
  11. Forbidden rice (black rice) – China
  12. Parboiled rice – worldwide

Note that some of these rice types are widely grown and consumed across multiple regions, while others are more specific to certain countries or cultures.

1. Basmati Rice:

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How can we skip this most famous and popular type of Rice? It had to be the first on our list. Basmati rice is aromatic long grain rice, most known for Indian and other Central Asian cuisine and dishes. The Rice is native to the Indian subcontinent, and the country produces more than 75 per cent of this Rice from all over the world compared. From biryanis to stews and other aromatic dishes, this is widely used.

2. Brown Rice:

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Brown rice is again one of the most popular ones globally – known to be the healthiest type of Rice of all. Any recipe can be easily made by replacing white Rice with the brown rice variant, and it can be healthy and nutritious. In this type of Rice, the husk’s outer layer is only removed, but the bran layer is omitted. They have a heavy, chewy texture and are filled with vitamins, manganese, iron, and phosphorous.

3. White Rice:

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White Rice is produced in several countries in the world and is the most known variant too. The Rice texture may differ according to the region it is made. Here, the outer layer of husk and bran are both removed. It is most prevalent in countries like India.

4. Red Rice:

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The long-grain red Rice is most common in Thai dishes and is similar to the brown rice variant. There is a nutty, crunchy flavor attached to it, and it is chewy in texture again. Given the harder texture, this Rice is though nutritious takes more time to be cooked.

5. Black Rice:

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If you haven’t heard of black Rice any time, yes, there is this variant too! It is first prevalent given the consumption during Chinese emperors time and later has popularity while being used in other Asian dishes. The black color in Rice is due to the presence of higher anthocyanin. It is not commonly found in other countries except for Asia and central parts.

6. Arborio Rice:

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This is not commonly found Rice and a short-grained denser texture one, found near Italy. It is suitable for slow cooking dishes and has a white dot in the grain center. Given that it is grown in the Arborovalley in Italy, it has got the name. This Rice has very high starch content and hence is creamy and chewy at the same time.

7. Sticky Rice:

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There is particular glutinous Rice, also called sticky Rice, which is primarily grown in Asian countries. The texture is quite sticky and has a chewy, heavy flavor, and is used heavily for desserts and sweet recipes. The most common dishes in this one is rice balls, cakes, rice puddings, and more

8. Jasmine Rice:

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Jasmine rice is famous in parts of Thailand. Known for its exotic and decadent flavor, the Rice is named after the term Jasmine rice. They have a soft texture and moist thin grains, known for traditional Asian continental dishes. They are a long grain in length.

9. Beaten Rice:

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The flat form of beaten Rice is a kind of raw Rice and is usually similar to the paper in dry texture. These are again popular in several parts of India and are known to be lighter food – easily digestible, quickly cooked, or prepared for dishes. They are good at absorbing liquids like water and milk.

10. Wild Rice:

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Wild Rice is grown only limited in the parts of North America and China regions. These Rice are very difficult to produce and harvest and have a very wild-natured tough texture but very heavy in nutrients, proteins, minerals, and amino acids. It is not very commonly found.

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Here are some common translations for the word “rice” in different languages:

  1. Spanish: arroz
  2. French: riz
  3. Italian: riso
  4. German: Reis
  5. Portuguese: arroz
  6. Dutch: rijst
  7. Swedish: ris
  8. Norwegian: ris
  9. Danish: ris
  10. Russian: рис (ris)
  11. Japanese: 米 (kome)
  12. Chinese (Mandarin): 米饭 (mǐ fàn)
  13. Korean: 쌀 (ssal)
  14. Hindi: चावल (chaaval)
  15. Arabic: أرز (arroz)
  16. Hindi: Chawal चावल
  17. Bengali: Bhaat ভাত
  18. Tamil: Arisi அரிசி
  19. Telugu: Biyyam బియ్యం
  20. Kannada: Akki ಅಕ್ಕಿ
  21. Malayalam: Ari അരി
  22. Punjabi: Chawal ਚਾਵਲ
  23. Gujarati: Chokha ચોખા
  24. Marathi: Tandul तांदूळ
  25. Odia: Chaula ଚାଉଳ

It’s important to note that there are many regional languages in India, and each may have their own unique name for rice.

We wonder how many different types of Rice are there, and these top ten and most known ones are already popular in parts of other regions in the world. Which kinds of Rice do you consume the most, and what do you think are the healthiest and tastiest ones? Please share your thoughts with us!


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