What is Ice Cream?

To begin with the introduction of ice cream, it is the very first name that comes to mind, when we talk about something sweet. Ice cream is a creamy delight that is made with the perfect mixture of milk, cream, sugar, and other flavoring ingredients. This softly frozen delight has been people’s favorite for many years now. It is not only popular amongst the kids but the different kinds of ice cream are also popular amongst all age groups of users.

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History and Significance of Ice Cream:

The ice cream was first eaten as raw ice with honey, rose water, or fruit juices. It was later with the use of different techniques that ice cream got its present form along with varying ice cream flavors. Ice cream came in India in the 16th century, whereas, one of the popular varieties of ice cream, called Kulfi, was invented in India using the traditional and natural flavours. There are now some of the best ice cream flavours to choose from.

Different Types of Ice Creams in India:

Presently, there are different types of ice cream that one can taste. These different varieties of ice cream can be further categorized into different kinds. Talking about ice cream, there are a number of recipes, shapes, and ice cream cones available. Let us now have a look at the different ice cream varieties depending upon the varying mentioned categories.

1. Type of Ice Cream By Recipe:

You can try a number of recipes when it comes to ice creams. No matter if you have any problems or issues with any of the used ingredients in ice cream; you can certainly get an alternative to that by modifying the recipe. The following are the best ice creams type by the recipe:

a) Hard Ice Creams:

This is the traditional type of ice cream which is made using milk, sweeteners, cream, eggs, sugar, and stabilizers. These ice creams are found in shops, cafes and ice cream parlors in different ice cream flavors list. These are the regular ice creams that you eat without any special procedure or ingredient added for safety reasons. If you don’t have any problems with either your digestion or eating habits, you can simply eat these ice creams without worrying about anything else.

b) French Ice Creams:

If you are thinking that French ice cream would only be popular in France, then the popularity of these ice creams in the entire world would certainly surprise you. These ice creams are made using a custard base along with milk, cream, egg yolks, etc. These ice creams are also popularly known as custard ice creams.

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c) Light Ice Creams:

These are just like the regular easy ice creams with only one minute difference. The milk that is used for preparing these ice creams contains 25% less fat. As a result, the outcome is light ice cream. The people who like to maintain their body can grab a bite of these ice creams. These light ice creams are easy and convenient to digest for consumers of all age groups.

d) Organic Ice Creams:

This type of ice cream contains the ice cream names that are made using only natural and organic ingredients. These ice creams are generally considered as good ice cream as they have no side effects on the body.

e) No Sugar Ice Creams:

As the name indicates, these ice creams are made by either using artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes. Some of the latest ice creams are being made using this recipe so as to help people taste the flavors of ice cream along with taking care of their daily diet. These ice creams can also be termed as sugar-free ice creams.

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f) Soft Ice Creams:

These soft ice creams are prepared at higher temperatures than regular ice creams. The production process conducted at a higher temperature helps the ice cream mixtures to be soft, smooth and creamy for the maximum amount of time.

These ice creams are generally softer than the regular ice creams and are preferred by senior citizens who may have problems in digesting and eating the normal hard ice creams.

g) Lactose-Free Ice Creams:

Lactose is a kind of sugar that is generally found in milk and most dairy products. There are many people who have lactose intolerance, which means that they have a problem with digesting lactose. To be specific, lactose intolerance does not mean that you are allergic to milk or dairy products, but it simply means that you will feel bad after consuming any of the dairy items.

Thus, for such people, ice creams that are lactose-free are the best choice. This helps people to enjoy these amazing ice cream desserts without feeling bad or different.

h) Gluten-Free Ice Creams:

Gluten-free ice creams are for people who have celiac disease or people suffering from gluten sensitivity. Celiac diseases are hard to inspect and thus special care should be taken for these people. For people having such problems, it is important to always choose gluten-free ice creams so as to not face any problems while enjoying this dessert.

2. Type of Ice Cream By Shapes:

Now to begin with the list of ice cream according to the different shapes, you can find several options in this category as well. There is a good number of options that can be tried as according to the different moods and needs of the consumers. Here are the different types of ice cream as per the shape:

a) Ice Cream Cones:

The first and the most famous ice cream shape are the ice cream cones. Cones were invented in the year 1904 and till now they are ruling the hearts of the consumers. In simple words, the ice cream cones are edible hollow cones in which ice cream is poured and then is served. With a number of modifications being tried, these ice cream cones are also available in different flavours, which simply add to the taste of this amazing dessert.

b) Ice Cream Sticks:

This is another famous type of ice cream shape. If you are not in the mood to try the ice cream cones, you must definitely try the ice cream bar. These are the type of ice creams that are frozen with a wooden stick projecting out from the bodies. These stick ice creams are quite popular throughout the world. You can simply grab an ice cream stick and can taste it while being good to go. The only problem with these ice cream sticks is that it gets a little messy when the ice cream begins to melt.

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c) Ice Cream Cakes:

This is the third type of ice cream categorized by its shape. These are the frozen cakes that are made to deliver full ice cream to the consumers. Different flavours of ice creams are given the shape of cakes which results in making the ice creams easy and convenient to eat.

d) Ice Cream Buckets:

If you are one of those who love eating ice cream, then the ice cream buckets would make the best option for you. The ice cream is directly poured into plastic containers or buckets. The buckets can range from size to size, being available in the small size along with the large family size.

This ice cream shape is generally preferred for parties or events or when you have your whole gang waiting for the ice cream.

e) Ice Cream Floats:

Floats are generally the tastiest combination of liquid along with ice cream floating on the top. This type is very famous with the name of liquid dessert which makes the use of carbonated bubbles to deliver the amazing texture and taste to the consumers. It is generally one or two scoops of ice creams floating on top of a glass containing liquid.

The liquid inside the glass is generally a fizzy liquid that helps in forming carbonated bubbles and thus in the floating of the ice cream. The most favourite combination in floats is that of coke and ice cream in varying flavours.

f) Ice Cream Sundae:

This is the most popular and famous ice cream dessert available. It is the combination of ice cream along with different toppings and syrups that enhances the taste of this amazing dessert. In general, the ice cream sundae is made by adding some scoops of ice cream in a tall glass. Later the different flavour of ingredients, toppings, and syrups are added on the ice cream scoops. The entire combination results in the outcome that has the potential to make every heart tempt for it.

You can try with experimenting with different flavors of syrups, ingredients, ice creams and toppings to get a new sundae every time.

3. Types of Ice Cream Cones:

If you think that you can only get varying flavours in ice creams, then you must also check out these different options in the types of ice cream cones. The different flavours of ice creams, when combined with these crispy, crunchy delights, can surely enhance the overall taste. Here are the different types of ice cream cones that you can try:

a) Cake Cones:

These cones are also known as wafer cones and are extremely light, subtly and flaky. Make sure that your cake cone isn’t too bland as it may overshadow the flavour of ice cream. These cones are perfect for kids and can vary in different sizes. These cones are a just perfect combination of sweetness and crispy and as a result, enhances the taste of the ice cream. These cones are made using a mix (just like a cake mix), flour, sugar, and sweeteners. As these cones are made using cake or pastry batter, these make the best option for being used with ice creams.

b) Pretzel Cones:

These cones are an alternative to sweet ice cream cones. These are salted yet a crunchy option for an ice cream flavour and thus give a sweet and salted combination to the consumers. They add a different twist to the traditional flavors of ice creams and thus are surprisingly accepted by most of consumers. These cones make the perfect companion for soft ice creams as well as for homemade ice creams.

These cones are made using wheat flour, a pinch of salt along with an adequate quantity of sugar. They can also be used for handmade ice creams which have rich textures. The different varieties of pretzel cones make it easy for the users to choose their desired size as according to their mood and need.

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c) Sugar Cones:

These cones are classic and the traditional ice cream cones that we all love to accompany with our ice cream flavors. These cones make the perfect substitute of the cake cones without compromising with the taste and flavor of ice cream. The cones are prepared using the procedure but the process is completed by adding brown sugar, which yields the needed sweetness to the cones.

These cones are also high on strength and thickness due to the right blend mixture of flour and fiber. Further, the conical shape of the cones prevents any breakage while eating the ice cream.

d) Waffle Cones:

For enhancing the flavor and taste of the sweet ice cream, there can be no better companion than the waffle cones. These cones are the latest addition with the ice creams that is loved by all. Within no time, these waffle cones have become the favorite of all the ice cream lovers. Not only these cones enhance the taste of ice cream but these also add charm to the appearance of the ice creams.

These cones deliver the crunchy and sweet flavor and thus get along with any of the milk ice creams. Some people prefer adding brown sugar to these waffle cones to enhance its taste. The use of fiber while making these cones make sure that there occur minimal breakage as the consumers enjoy their flavors.

All these cones are available in different varying sizes and thus satisfy each and every consumer with their varying needs and requirements. With a good number of options available in the market, you will never face any issue when choosing your favorite ice cream cone in the desired amount and quantity. You will certainly fall in love with each and every variety of cones available in the market as each one of them gives a different flavor to the original flavor of the ice cream.

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10 Best Flavors in Ice Cream:

There are countless numbers of ice cream flavors. Considering the popularity of the ice creams amongst the people, the makers are constantly coming up with new flavors. Along with the traditional vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, mango ice cream, etc. there are now many different flavors available.

The top 10 flavors of ice cream are as follow:

  • Raspberry Ice Cream.
  • Coffee Ice Cream.
  • Caramel Ice Cream.
  • Sea Salt Ice Cream.
  • Bubble Gum Ice Cream.
  • Cookies and Cream.
  • Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Chip.
  • Strawberry Ice Cream.
  • Lemon Sorbet Ice Cream.
  • Peppermint Ice Cream.

Kulfi Ice Creams are also a good option in ice cream flavors which is made using all the Indian ingredients.

Health Benefits of Ice Cream:

Would you believe if we say that eating ice creams is beneficial? As a surprise, eating ice creams can bring in a number of benefits. Yes, you heard it right. Ice creams have many health benefits. Some of them are as follow:

  • Source of Vitamins: Ice creams are a great source of Vitamins that are essential for our body. Ice creams are a rich source of Vitamins A, B, B12, C, D, E and K. It also prevents blood clotting.
  • Reduced cancer risk: Not many people are aware of the fact that ice cream reduces the risk of cancer. The presence of an adequate amount of calcium in ice cream helps in reducing the cancer-causing cells.
  • Rich in energy: Ice cream releases the required amount of energy in the body using the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins present in them.
  • Reduces stress: Ice cream can stimulate the hormone of happiness in the body called ‘thrombotonin.’ The release of more of happy hormones reduces the amount of stress in the body.

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Irrespective of the age, we all love eating ice cream for years now. Along with delivering the tastiest experience, the ice creams are also beneficial for health. Thus, now, you can quit thinking before grabbing your favorite flavor of ice cream. Do let us know which ice cream flavor is your favorite and how you like to accompany it with? Comment below your love for ice creams. We would love to hear you out.

Now ditch just looking at the ice cream pictures and get yourself a tasty ice cream treat. In the end, let us conclude with the famous saying, I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!


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