50 Latest And Modern Bridal Hairstyles With Images

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A very normal wedding day scenario plans out with all the cliches, people running about, organizing, planning and executing, flowers and garlands being tied to the posts, hustling waiters are finishing up with the last touches while the wedding party is still in their green room striving to get that perfect wings to their liner. Now, amongst the busy bees in the makeup room, a slight tension that was building since morning has now finally taken a full form. Amidst the bustle, one of the rampant questions that kept occurring and reoccurring surrounded around what hairstyle to opt for. The bride to be has been going over it for quite some time now and yet at the end of the day, much like most of us girls, hairstyles, the perfect ones to fit the occasions have still been nothing but a question mark.


Be it a prom night or just a picnic date, as a girl a huge part of our dress up is ruled by hairstyles, mainly picking the right one for the right occasion and a wedding is the perfect time to explore the varieties. Then again, no wedding is ever the same much like the brides to be. An Indian wedding would go for something more extravagant while a non-Indian wedding would prefer a much low key simple hairdo with maybe an extravagant flowing gown. To sum it up in a nutshell, every wedding takes on a different challenge and here we have some of the best ones mentioned.

Wedding is your day and you must make sure you look the best among all. Hairstyle plays the most amazing role in enhancing your look on that wedding day. So get the best bridal hairstyles you can.

Best Bridal Hairstyles With Pictures:

Following are the finest bridal hairstyles along with its pictures for you which are perfectly suitable for any type of dresses.

1. The Twist:

bridal hairstyles1

Keeping it simple is as easy as it gets. A small twist and tuck is just what you need to keep the look going. This hairstyle is especially for the brides who would rather choose simplicity over extravagance. Over the heavily ornamented draping, flaunt a flawless head of hair with the front two locks tied and knotted in a twist pinned down with bobby pins.

2. The Under Band:

bridal hairstyles2

It’s always preferable if you can just add a little embellishment to your everyday look. The hairstyle starts with a loose front lock curled and styled while the rest of the hair is tied into a pony at the back. Now section out the pony into three four parts and tie it into a bun with the band placed underneath to add to the zeal of the look. This is one of the most popular bridal hairstyles which is very fine with lose curly band.

3. The Outer Band:

bridal hairstyles3

Much like the lower band here is yet another band embellishment bridal hairstyle, this time on the outer side of the bun. However, this bun is quite different than just a regular bun. To start off the hair from the crown is sectioned out and puffed up eventually being pinned by the band. Now section out the hair into different assortments, rolling them and tucking them underneath the band thereby making a bun in the process.

4. The Side Band:

bridal hairstyles4

This is yet another variation to the band buns where the same look is now being transferred to the side of the bun. Twisting the hair into different layers, once again try it into a bun and then attach the side band. This bridal hair style is very simple to that particular wedding day also.

5. The Side Roll:

bridal hairstyles5

A classic Indian bridal hairstyle would mean some rolls and tucks here and there and the back of the look depends entirely on what the bride’s preference is but for the front, section out equal chunks of the front lock and start twisting them backwards until you reach the middle before pinning them both to the back look.

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6. The Side Braid:

bridal hairstyles6

Braids form one of the classic Indian hairstyles in the look book and here we have a classic mix up of the both a bun and a braid into one hairdo. Starting off with this look, section out the front lock and tie a French braid with it until you reach the end where the rest of the hair can be bundled into a bun.

7. The Underneath Braid:

bridal hairstyles7

Once again we start with another bout of braids and buns, this time the braid being in a much unusual place. A side braid is indeed a common scenario and thus here is a little modification to the age old hairstyle where the braid starts from the underneath and eventually forms a side bun. This one occupies best place in the braid.

8. The Top Pin Up:

bridal hairstyles8

A high knot is the best especially for the summer weddings when hair and makeup can be a real high maintenance ordeal. Hence, the best way to deal with this would be a summer knot on the top ornamented by flowers and bands. You can start the look with a simple pony and then curl it individually into a high bun.

9. The Longer The Better Braid:

bridal hairstyles9

A stout south Indian wedding would always start with a big long braid and here is a classic example of how well a braid would go with the wedding attire. Usually these long braids can be lengthened by using extensions and the final touches are always inclusive of the heavy ornaments that form a basic requirement for these bridal hairstyles.

10. The Rose Bun:

bridal hairstyles10

A rose bun is basically prepared by coiling a braid into a bun that would resemble a rose and at the same time create a astounding hairdo for your special day. Start by gathering the front locks into one side and start French braiding it all the way across to the other side in a zig-zag manner eventually falling into the same side where it all started. Once we cross the nape start rolling the hair into a rose bun and then pin it together.

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11. The Braid Band:

bridal hairstyles11

To start this bridal hairstyle look, section the hair into three horizontal layers, the front one being the locks, the crown with the puff in the middle and then the end of the hair which ends in a pinned up bun. Start by pinning the hair to both sides and with the crown style one part into a tough braid while the other is made into a puff. Once your done with the braid simply attach the crown to the other side of the head.

12. The Triple Braid Bun:

bridal hairstyles12

For all those who considers three a lucky number, here is a classic look that you can feast your eyes on. This look comprises of three separate braids all converging at one point into one, usually ending in a soft little bun. To start off braid the front locks into a backward French braid and do the same with the sides until all meets in the middle to form a bun.

13. The Donut Bun:

bridal hairstyles13

Donut buns are simply a variation of the normal bun and can be extensively used for a classic wedding look. Make sure you have an embellished ornament to accentuate the look while you’re at it. Use the sock to tie a pony. Once done imitate the shape of the sock tie to get this bun. Place the ornament right in the middle dent and be done with the look. This type of bridal hair styles are very easy to follow give great look on you.

14. The Braid Wrap:

bridal hairstyles14

Start by getting the hair together into a low hanging bun, preferably a messy or lose one to add volume and character to the look. Now with the longer layers create a twist knot right above the bun and then pin in the smaller front locks to the sides.

15. The Just Puff:

bridal hairstyles15

Sometimes, extravagance is a bit too heavy for a bride to be and often at these days, a simple bump, a graceful one, at the top of the head would suffice for the lack of an extravagant hairdo. During the weddings and occasions, a simple embellishment can be used on this simple bridal hairstyle to achieve the desired hairstyle.

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16. The Roll In Bun:

bridal hairstyles16

Even though it might pass on for an easy ordeal, the most of this hairdo has been taking up the entire evening for the bride. This is indeed a very time consuming hairstyle where perfection is always needed to a cent percent. Basically, individual strands of hair is rolled and pinned to the back of the head eventually giving shape to a high fanned out bun.

17. The Half Up Half Down:

bridal hairstyles17

Segregating the hair into two parts, prop up the hair on the above layers with a simple clip and such while the rest of the hair is kept free and flowing. To start with this hairstyle, roll up the hair into a messy clip on. Prior to this bridal hairstyle you may opt for extensive hair curling preferably by a heater of sort so that easing into the hairstyle seems much easy.

18. Just An Embellishment:

bridal hairstyles18

Often an Indian wedding hairdo simply relies on the heavy based ornaments and embellishments to create an outstanding look. You may keep the hair free and open but never forget to add an embellishment to this look just to spice things up. Here we have the three layered head gear. However, you may use something more intricate and heavy.

19. The Front Bump:

bridal hairstyles19

Here is a perfect way to tackle the stubborn front locks simply by opting for this wedding hairstyle. You can either use bump-its or simply hand tease it manually. Unlike the others, this look right of the bat starts with the bump and might end in a soft back bun.

20. The Horned Look:

bridal hairstyles20

Much like a horn on both sides of the head, here is a classic look for the front locks where the strands on the front is tied into a twisted braid that goes all the way to the back. Once there, converge the both into one while fanning out both the sides to attain volume and style.

21. Elegance Personified:

bridal hairstyles21

Elegance is a prime character in an Indian wedding where grace eludes from the whole being of the bride to be and much like her poise and beauty, her hairdo matches up to her with something gorgeous like this one right here. A tamed yet mind blowing look on your special day.

22. The Fishtail Pony:

bridal hairstyles22

Fishtail braid was a style from the western end but now you can fuse the two to get just the perfect look that you always wanted to achieve. To get this look start by sectioning the hair into two strands and tie a mean braid with it. Go half way through the look and once you reach the nape simply tie it into a pony. This is one of the perfect wedding hairstyles with pony tail and braids that makes your look more fabulous.

23. The Eight Strand Braid:

bridal hairstyles23

Once again we incorporate braids into the everyday look where we use the front locks as a diversion by fanning them out and keeping them in place using some hairspray. To get to the end of this look start by tying the rest of the look into a heavy eight strand braid. You may even use embellishments to accentuate the look.

24. The Simple Swirl:

bridal hairstyles24

Sometimes all it takes is a simple swirl at the side of your head to get things sorted your way. If extravagance is not your cup of tea, start by sectioning the hair, preferably from one side to a slight swirl which can be done manually or through a roller and then pinning it to place complete the look.

25. Why Not Messy?

bridal hairstyles25

If messy bun has been your go to look all these years, why not enclose yourself in the comfort of a known hairstyle? A messy bun might just be your savior for the day when no other hairstyle was fitting your suit well. Try by getting your hair into a loose bun and then prick out the smaller layers from the sides. Most of the middle Asia women follow this type of hairstyles for wedding.

26. The Simpleton:

bridal hairstyles26

Much like the duchess, you can too opt for a simple braided snake bun where the hair from the middle is sectioned out to form braids while the rest is incorporated into the bun to form a single hairdo. A slight makeup with maybe an extensive embellished earring set would just do the trick for us.

27. The French Roll:

bridal hairstyles27

Here is something that we have picked up from the French, a classic hair roll which is not only graceful but also one of a kind. However, some modification and addition has been done to this look and here we have a perfect French roll with the hair ending in beautiful bumped bun. This is another different bridal hairstyle that looks great with stones and accessories.

28. The Diagonal Braid:

bridal hairstyles28

Start the braid from one side and go all the way across to the other, French braiding the hair all this time until you reach the end where you can finally complete the look. Diagonal braid is one of the most famous wedding hairstyles which is very attractive.

29. South Indian Braids:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 29

Braids are being used from traditional days and till now people are using it with different looks. This looks lovely on any bride and over the years many modifications has been done to this style. Waterfall braids are the most common ones which people team up with other styles. Braids look elegant and are best suited for medium and long hair. The south indian braid is one of the well known hair styles for weddings.

30. The Aryan Up Do:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 30

This simple up do is very common and looks very traditional. It is basically a fancy bun up do with beautiful curls in form of petals and framed with elegant braids. You can team it up with tiny crystals with looks amazing with this hairstyle. This bridal hair style looks best with sarees.

31. Romantic Curls:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 31

In this wedding hairstyle just simply make the curls fall or hang gracefully in style. You can add length to this style by addition of clip ons. Begin with parting your hair from the middle and then curling both sides of your hair with about 450 degrees using a curling machine. Then finish it with a nice hair spray. This is recommended for oval, long, diamond, round and heart shaped faces. You can even add fresh flowers to it to give it an elegant look.

32. Smooth Crossed Over Look:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 32

The crossed over look gives a soft, delicate look. This look is easy to achieve. Begin with blow drying your hair. Create volume at the top section of your hair. It is a beautiful half up crescent up do covering different segments of the hair giving a layered look. It gives a sophisticated yet contemporary look. Adorn the this bridal bun with hair accessories or flowers.

33. Open Waves:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 33

Even open curls and waves give an elegant look if done properly. Open hairstyles will always be in trend as there are tons of ways in which one can get the hair style for wedding. Go for waves or complicated curls or simple rollers. You can choose according to your preference and mood. Don’t be afraid to experiment before your wedding day because you never know which hairstyle will suit you the most.  Add glittering hair accessories to complete the bridal look.

34. The Statement Bouffant:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 34

Opt for chic low bun and add a little more fun to the crown area by getting a bouffant done. Add a little more texture to the front hair to create a bouffant with a swooped side bang. This looks like an intricate work. Style up with some fashionable hair accessories if required.

35. Curls With Fringes:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 35

Curls around the fringe look amazing. Add color to your hair to make it look different. Part your hair from one side and then use hair iron to bend the ends of the fringe upwards. Curl the surrounding of the fringe and complete the look with a hair spray. This type of bridal hair styles compliments almost all types of faces.

36. A Vintage Beehive Style:


Beehive is the word that is looking attractive in this case. This wedding hairstyle looks different and one must know how to carry it properly. Form curls and then break them with your fingers. Then softly back comb the curls to give a soft airy feel. Then gather all the curls towards the top and secure with an elastic band. Practice this look few times before the big day so that you are comfortable on your wedding day.

37. Spectacular Up do:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 37

Spectacular up do is also one way you can look attractive. This looks beautiful if full of volume and can intricate tucking and pinning by creating a heavily styled chignon. This seems like a head gear over the top and requires a lot of effort to carry. You can add hair accessories like a crown to give a sparkling touch. This is one of the best bridal hairstyles for long faces with long hair.

38. Romantic Half Up Style:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 38

Half up and half down hairstyle for wedding is amazing and will surely add glamour to your look on your wedding day. This look will keep things romantic and chic style. Accompany the look with flowing waves and a bouffant like a crown. Pin up the sides to give a clean look.

39. Smooth Curls On The Sides:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 39

This is one of the glamorous hairstyle for wedding one can get. Form smooth texture of curls to get an attractive look. Leave the curls loose flowing on the face and on the sides of your face. This looks very romantic and classy. It gives the perfect smart look to the bride on her wedding day.

40. Vintage Up do:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 40

Finger waves look graceful and would be a perfect look for any bride. You can even elongate by adding up graceful curls to your hair. Curl you hair with medium sized perm rods and then remove the rods and separate the curls. Apply wrapping foam in the front part of your hair to set the same. Accessorize with pearls in the front portion where wrapping foam has been applied. Then use hair spray to complete the look.

41. Curly Up Do With Large Flowers:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 41

Flowers on the wedding day always looks beautiful on the bride. Form graceful curls and then make a nice clean bun which looks like a flower bud. Team up the sides of the bun with beautiful large flowers to complete the look. The bouffant it the most important part of this look.

42. Simple Bridal Hairstyle:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 42

You can even go for a simple and sweet look wedding hairstyle. Easy going styles works best for bob cut brides. It looks fabulous without much stuffiness. Simply add little volume to your hair and pin back your hair in a simple manner. Give them a slight twist by accessorizing them with glittery head bands.

43. Curls On Top:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 43

Curls on the top also look amazing. This should be done with proper precision. This curled up style is great with a no fuss look. You can easily showcase your jewellery and face in this bridal hairstyle. Form three sections and curl the middle lengths and ends of hair using a curling iron. Gather all hair at the center top of head and form a top bun. Finish with hair sprays.

44. The French Twist Hairstyle for Brides:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 44

As the name suggest it is a different hairstyle one can get. Look glamorous on your wedding day by wearing this twisted hair style with beautiful adornments. This wedding hairstyle looks best on oval faces and with hair having a natural texture.

45. Curly Down Do Hairstyle For Brides:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 45

Curls appear easy to achieve and looks beautiful always. In this up do form curls in the lower part of your hair. Go for central parting and team it up with bridal jewelleries to give a beautified look. This is very simple bridal hairstyle for long hair that makes your look more alluring.

46. Classic Up Do For Short Hair:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 46

This up do looks the best on short hair. Get your hair curled and twisted as much as you can and then just leave it the way it is. Complete the look with side partying and applying setting spray. This looks amazing on people with oval, long, hear shaped or round face. Add fresh flowers if required.

47. The Lustrous Low Bun:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 47

This is a soft, romantic and understated wedding hairstyle one can get. It is a simple yet beautiful low bun adding glamour to your special day. This look goes well with dresses and can flatter many because of its simplicity and ease. This type of wedding hairstyles with medium length hair gives a clean look one can see the face of the bride clearly because all your hair is tied up into a bun.

48. Bridal Hairstyle With A Crochet Braids:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 48

The twisted hairstyle will give a different look to the bride. Crochet hairstyle is a good option for bridal hairstyle and will help you stand out on your special day. Apply a setting spray to complete the look if required. Backless wedding dresses looks best with these hairstyles.

49. Messy Look Teamed With Curls:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 49

The blend of curls and waves looks gorgeous on any girl. In this hairstyle just part your hair on the sides and then start creating curls. Repeat it for number of times and then style your hair using your hands. Curls must look voluminous and bulky and should give a natural look. End it with hair setting spray.

50. Classic All Down V-Cut Braids:

Latest and Modern Bridal Hairstyles 50

This up do will give a graceful look to the bride on her wedding day. Simply get soft curls done. Then tie the curls in such a way that it gives a v-look from the back. There are many ways to wear curls but this one is the most charming one out of all. You can complete your look with some harmonious accessories.

The above all the bridal hairstyles are very beautiful you can select any one from the list for your wedding day to grab the attention.

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