It’s your big day, and you will have perfect mesmerizing décor, exquisite bridal ensembles, and charming romantic moments every minute. But won’t the entire charm go crashing if we don’t incorporate a beautiful hairstyle? That is why we have wedding hairstyles. The wedding hairstyles for women are specially designed to give you a captivating and elegant classic look that lets you stay timeless and provide a gorgeous personalized romantic appearance. Whether you have short hair or long hair, curls or straight texture, we have different wedding hairstyle options to choose from, and you will be impressed. The hairstyles can be in endless ways to match your wedding theme and outfit.

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75 Best Bridal Hairstyles for Black and Blonde Hair:

So, why wait? Let us go ahead and explore the best wedding hairstyles of this season!

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12 Recently Updated Wedding Hairstyles for 2023:

Depending on your outfit, décor and functions, we have charming looks that can impress you. We compile the best styles trending this season, and you can choose the right one for you. Isn’t it exciting? We have them all covered, from simple and easy wedding hairstyles to timeless, classic and vintage options. Let’s check them out!

1. Elegant Floral Wedding Hairstyles for Curly Short Hair:

Most of us are confused often about how to tame and manage curly hair. Especially if it is your big day, and you definitely do not want to show frizzy untamed hair. That’s why we have you covered. This wedding hairstyle for curly hair is a perfect choice to look beautiful, unique, and charming. Adding a floral attachment to the hair gives an elegant and classic appearance without compromising on the innate beauty attached to the curly locks. Try this style if you have short hair length and you are ready to rock your wedding day.

2. Bridal Hairstyle for Short Hair:

This is yet another gorgeous hairstyle option for short hair. Most assume that a very short haircut cannot be styled for a wedding look, but this option proves us away. This lovely hairstyle for short hair is impressive and fabulous and gives a modern, chic and contemporary look. Add a beautiful hair attachment to enhance the style statement and match the wedding gown to give an exquisite chic feel. How do you like it?

3. Bun Hairstyle for Wedding:

We love hair buns, and they are forever timeless and classic options. How about this gorgeous hairdo for a bridal look? This high bun wedding hairstyle with minimal pearl or floral attachments is elegant and classy. It sure stands tall as a wedding hair inspiration and can accentuate your bridal look to a diva feel. Try this out, and this will make you stand out with the entire wedding ensemble. You can try this wedding hair updo hairstyle with medium or long hair length. You can even twist it a bit and make it a messy bun for the wedding style if you wish so.

4. Wedding Hairstyle with Wavy Tresses:

This is among our top favourites and is indeed among the wedding hairstyles of the season. The gorgeous wedding hairdo comes out with beautiful wavy tresses, sleek side braids, and side rolled tie-ups. It is unique, one-of-a-kind and will set you apart with a high-end style statement. Add on gorgeous white floral attachments and pair them with wedding gowns or dresses to look divine. It is perfect for women with mid-length to long length hair and straight or wavy hair texture.

5. Traditional Hindu Bridal Hairstyle:

Talk about wedding hairstyles and forget a traditional hair look. Well, we definitely cannot! The traditional Hindu wedding hairstyle is immensely popular in the southern part of India, and we have this exquisite and charming look. The hairstyle was designed after making a long braid and adding the hair attachments throughout. The makeover is possible with any hair texture and hair length, and that’s the beauty of this look. Isn’t it charming? What do you think?

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6. Half Up Half Down Bridal Hairstyle:

Half-up and half down wedding hairstyles are quite on the rise in the contemporary fashion era, and we cannot miss out on trying them in bridal looks too. We have this half up the messy top knot with a half down look, and it is unique and simply graceful. The style is perfect for any bridal/wedding event and can go well with a myriad of wedding outfits. Adding beautiful curls to the tresses in the hair down can give you a vibrant feel. So, how do you like it? Try this hairstyle if you have long hair length, and you will be impressed. This is also a very popular Christian wedding hairstyle option.

7. Low Bun Hairstyle for Weddings:

Are you looking for a more simple yet classic choice? How about this low wedding hair bun? This hairstyle has been in trend for decades and is still among the top favorites for several new millennial brides. The hairstyle is perfect with wavy tresses, and hair attachments and gives you a sleek feel. Moreover, you can add more hair accessories if you love a good hair décor, making the bun further versatile to fit any wedding occasion.

8. Blonde Bridal Hairdo:

The elegant choice for a wedding hairdo is perfect for women with blonde hair. The hairstyle looks ravishing and plush, giving it a classy feel. The look suits women with straight hair texture, and the wedding hairstyle for women is perfect for Christian marriages. Pair it with a sleek lace long wedding gown and match the hair ornaments with the gown to give it a perfect mesmerizing look.

9. Wedding Hairstyles for Thin Hair:

Managing thin hair for a wedding hairstyle can get challenging. We all love to have that voluminous tresses and hairstyle look, but how to achieve that with thin hair? Here is one idea – the curls or beach waves with hair attachments can give you an excellent fine look. You can try this wedding hairstyle with blonde hair and straight or frizzy hair texture and get an incredible fine look by giving it smooth curls or waves. Making a hairstyle out of curled or wavy hair can reduce the thinning look and give it an exquisite style statement.

10. Braided Wedding Hairstyles:

If you have long, thick hair, braided wedding hairstyles are always a perfect fit. They can give you a voluminous stylish appearance seamlessly. Braided styles are always versatile, and the wedding style out of braids can give you myriad ways of styling by adding a range of hair attachments. We have one such example here. This floral fishtail side braid style is perfect for a timeless and vintage feel.

11. African Wedding Hairstyles:

In the range of bridal hairstyles, afro wedding hairstyles have always stayed at the top of the game, with their intricate makeover looks and unique experimental looks. We love this African American bridal hairstyle look. The style is perfect for women with short wavy hair texture, giving it a simple yet modern appearance. The thick waves give it a fine look and bring out the best. What do you think?

12. Bridal Ponytail Hairstyle:

If you wonder how a ponytail can be a wedding hairstyle for curly hair, let us show you this particular look. Although it comes out of a simple ponytail makeover, the wedding hair looks exquisite with a messy effect inspired by a boho and chic look. However, it is pretty simple to achieve, and the floral attachments with wavy tresses give it a mesmerizing and charming feel. The style is particularly impressive for medium length hair.

Most Popular and Trending Bridal Hairstyles for Women:

Let’s find here a compiled list of the admired and amazing wedding hairstyles for women this season.

13. The Ethnic Look:

Here are one such traditional bridal updo hairstyles for the wedding look we love. It gives an ancient traditional touch to it effortlessly, yet very easy to do and style. Yet it looks amazingly beautiful for all of us, who want to try it out. Here is how to do it.

  • The hair here needs to be braided from the crown area.
  • The hair should be taken from sides symmetrically as the braid goes.
  • Now roll up the braid beneath and pin it well.
  • Add flowers or accessories as you wish, and you are good to go! Easy, quick, and straightforward, isn’t it!

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Preferred Face Shape: A round, heart and oval face shape is good to go.
  • Best Season to Try: Winter and summer season is ideal for this look.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this for girls and women below 25 years of age.
  • Matching Dress: Lehengas, ethnic dresses, and skirts are a good idea.
  • Suitable Hair Texture: Any hair texture can achieve this look effortlessly.

14. Floral Band Hairstyle:

We all dream of looking like a diva, or like a princess. You can make a dream come true through this floral band hairstyle. It is super easy and quick, yet mesmerizing and looks like a dream. This is a fantastic medium-length wedding hairstyle.

  • Brush your hair very well and add on the floral brand from the forehead.
  • Take the hair beneath and tuck it well inside.
  • Do it neatly and slowly, so that all the hair symmetrically goes well inside the band.
  • If required, keep bobby pins to secure the style well. Rest assured, you are good to go!

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Preferred Face Shape: Oval, round and square face shape is ideal here.
  • Best Season to Try: Try this for the summer and spring seasons.
  • Ideal Age Group: This hairstyle is fantastic for girls in their 20s to early 30s age.
  • Matching Dress: Long gown and lehenga can be a good match.
  • Suitable Hair Texture: Try this style for wavy and straight hair texture.

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15. Tucked Hairdo:

Hairdos are one of our absolute and all-time favourites. They are timeless and elegant without any doubt. Here is one such tucked hairdo, which is super lovely. To achieve this look,

  • The hair from the side should be rolled neatly and taken together.
  • Do the same another side too, and pull up the hair from down.
  • Tuck it in a neat fashion towards the upside (not towards down/beneath).
  • Once done, secure it tightly.
  • You are free to go ahead and add floral attachments or accessories of your choice.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Preferred Face Shape: A heart and oval face shape is an apt match here.
  • Best Season to Try: Summers and monsoons season is an excellent time to try this hairdo for the wedding.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this for girls in the late 20s to mid-30s age group.
  • Matching Dress: Gowns and dresses are the best matches for this look.
  • Suitable Hair Texture: Wavy and curly hair textures are perfect here.

16. Curly Hair Wedding Styles:

Well, what do we even say? The hairdos are endless and are always timeless too. As we said, they are graceful and charming, and one cannot get bored of them, ever! This curly hair-textured hairdo looks lovely too.

  • With the hair taken equally from the crown in a similar fashion, curl up the leftover hair on all the sides evenly.
  • Roll them up and pin them.
  • Add on the flower of your choice to elevate the look as you wish!

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Preferred Face Shape: All face shapes can try this easy hairstyle out.
  • Best Season to Try: Wear this during the summer season for the best looks.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their early 30s can try this style.
  • Matching Dress: Wear Indian sarees or dresses in this look.
  • Suitable Hair Texture: Curly hair texture is an apt fit here.

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17. Side Braid Hairstyle:

All the girls look amazing and beautiful with loose hair. As they say, when in wear, leave hair loose. Here is one such lovely loose hair braid look we love. It looks beautiful without a doubt and can instantly provide a radiant look effortlessly. This can also be an amazing choice for Christian wedding hairstyles.

  • The braid should be tied in a messy way on the side as shown in the picture.
  • Add in pins at the end to hold the braid on.
  • Brush hair thoroughly, and curl it a bit as you wish to give an enhanced and elevated style effect.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Preferred Face Shape: Heart, oval and round face shapes can try this look.
  • Best Season to Try: Wear this during monsoons and winter season.
  • Ideal Age Group: This hairstyle is right for girls and women below the mid-20s.
  • Matching Dress: Long gown and frock can be the best match for this beauty.
  • Suitable Hair Texture: Curly or wavy hair texture can suit better. This is also apt to fit wedding hairstyles for thin hair.

18. Reverse Braided Bun:

While we are all aware of the braids, did you ever come across reverse braids? Yes, you heard it right! It surely looks unique and contemporary, but here is how to do this bun hairstyle for wedding.

  • Take the hair evenly all across, and start braiding evenly from the crown.
  • Add on reverse braid from the beneath too.
  • Take all the hair together once done, and make a hair bun out of it.
  • That is it; you are good to go with the bridal bun.
  • Now, giving a pop of colour through accessories or flowers is ultimately your choice!

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Preferred Face Shape: Oval face shape can be the ideal and best match.
  • Best Season to Try: Try this look during summers and monsoon season.
  • Ideal Age Group: Work on this style for women in their early 30s to look youthful.
  • Matching Dress: Wear this with lehengas or gowns to be stylish.
  • Suitable Hair Texture: Wavy or smooth straight hair texture is the best fit.

19. Double Braided Hair Bun:

If you are sucker for a simple and elegant classy style, without much of hype and drama, this may be the best match and apt fit for you. The neatly double braided bun from both sides with a stylish look is our absolute favourite. To replicate this braided bun hairstyle.

  • add on braids from both sides.
  • Make sure you brush the hair thoroughly before you do that so that it comes in a smooth fashion.
  • Once done, take the hair to make a bun.
  • Tuck in the braids inside the bun and hide it well.
  • That is it; you are done! Isn’t it quick and easy?! Try it out as a hairstyle for the wedding party, or receptions, and we bet, the bridegroom won’t take his eyes off it!

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Preferred face shape: This is the right wedding bridal hairstyle for diamond and round and long face.
  • Best Season to Try: Summers and monsoons season is ideal for this look.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this hairstyle for women in their 30s to look youthful.
  • Matching Dress: Long dresses or sarees can be the best match here.
  • Suitable Hair Texture: Wear this for any hair texture, as it can fit in well for anyone.

20. Elegant Chignon Bun:

Have you ever come across Chignon bun or ever heard of it? It is nothing but a neat hair knot in bun fashion, inspired from French looks. This lovely chignon bun hairstyle is super elegant and graceful; it utters the feminine look like a diva effortlessly. To do this,

  • Brush hair thoroughly without any frizz and make a ponytail, after leaving out two sections of hair on both sides.
  • With the help of hair doughnut maker, make a bun of the middle part of the hair (pony).
  • Do not tie the whole bun, but instead leave the tail of the hair behind.
  • Now take the two side sections and roll it around the hair bun.
  • Take the middle part too and roll it up around the bun.
  • Secure well with bobby pins and that is it! It is one of the fantastic wedding reception Dulhan hairstyles look.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Preferred Face Shape: Oval and elongated face shapes are the best bet for this hair bun.
  • Best Season to Try: The summer and spring season is the right time to try this look.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their 30s can look youthful and gorgeous in here.
  • Matching Dress: Long gown or dress can be the best fit in this elegant style.
  • Suitable Hair Texture: Straight and silky hair texture is a perfect fit for this look.

21. Cascade Braid:

If you have short-length to medium-length hair, you can do this unique and lovely cascade hairstyle trend effortlessly. This new fashion hair look is super graceful and feminine and erupts the charm with modern trends.

  • Take the hair from one side first and do a loose braid.
  • Imitate the same on the second side too.
  • While doing this one, make it a point to leave some hair near the forehead.
  • Now intertangle the braids and make it loose fashion, and you are done! This is one of our top favorite Indian wedding hairstyles for short hair.

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Possible Style Ideas:

  • Preferred Face Shape: Round, square and heart face shapes are ideal.
  • Best Season to Try: Try this during winters and autumn seasons to be in good looks.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their late 20s can look graceful and stylish.
  • Matching Dress: This hairstyle is best with lehengas and ethnic wear.
  • Suitable Hair Texture: Wavy hair texture is apt to fit in this look.

22. Waterfall Long Braid:

Lastly, here is one of the most simple and yet unique and charming Indian bridal hairstyles for long hair. The waterfall braid-inspired sleek braid look is here. With straight soft hair, you can achieve this wedding hairstyle quickly and look stylish in the modern new-gen fashion world without a doubt. Isn’t the bridal look unique and beautiful?

  • Brush in the hair very well and start braiding from the left corner.
  • As you go with braiding, take hair from the right side to make it shift in curving fashion.
  • Once you get down, you have to begin taking hair from an upward trend, as shown in the picture. If you do as mentioned, you can see the shape of a waterfall in a braid.

Possible Style Ideas:

  • Preferred Face Shape: All face shapes can look at their best in this style.
  • Best Season to Try: Wear this look during monsoons or autumn season for best style statement.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in 20s are suited to try out this look than others.
  • Matching Dress: Gowns and lehengas are ideal to this look.
  • Suitable Hair Texture: Straight hair texture is the perfect one to try out this look.

23. Fishtail Braid:

This style looks great for any wedding festivities, especially celebrations at the pre-wedding day. here’s how you can achieve this look,

  • Part your hair into two sections.
  • Take the first section as one-third of your hair and leave another backside.
  • Start the fishtail way braid through braiding your hair in the first section.
  • Secure end with elastic.
  • Use generous bobby pins at the end.
  • Mix both hairs and leave by your side.

Additional Tips for This Hairstyle:

  • It is great for any pre-wedding festivities
  • Those with an oval-shaped face or diamond shape face with straight hair looks great.
  • You can be worn in winter’s wedding times.
  • Women below 30 yrs look great with this look.
  • Compliment this bridal hairstyle with a western and modern gown or traditional lehengas as both will look good.

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24. The Triple Braid Bun:

It is among the best-suited wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids on the big day. Let us see how to do the process.

  • Make three separate braids by taking three parts of the hair.
  • Converge all the braids to one point.
  • Make a soft bun at the end.
  • Then make backward French braid from front locks and do all the sides the same thing.
  • Make sure to get them all middle to form a bun.

Additional Tips for This Hairstyle:

  • This style is best suited for any face type for any hair type in wedding functions.
  • This wedding hairstyle is a bridesmaid who can be suited for the wedding day.
  • Women of any age can wear this, preferably below 30 yrs old.
  • It can be best suited for the summer season.
  • This hairstyle is best suited for long wedding gowns only.

25. The Fishtail Pony:

This braid was a style from the western end, but now you can fuse the two to get just the perfect look that you always wanted to achieve. To get this bridal hairstyle, do the following steps:

  • Begin by sectioning the hair into two strands and tying a mean braid with it.
  • Go to the midsection and once you reach the nape simply tie it into a pony.
  • This hairstyle is one of the perfect wedding hairstyles with a ponytail and braids that make your look more fabulous.

Additional Tips for Hairstyle:

  • This wedding hairstyle is best suited for wedding guests at any wedding celebration.
  • Best suited for any face type and straight hair only.
  • It is suitable for women below 32 yrs old.
  • This hairstyle is suited most for monsoons and winters only keeping in mind the comfort level.
  • It goes well paired with wedding dresses and long ethnic gowns.

26. The Buffed Pin-ups:

With a sweetheart neckline and a bunch of white roses in your hand, this is the perfect hairstyle for wedding day. Now let us learn how to do the process.

  • Now begin by sectioning your hair into two parts.
  • The lower section ends up in a low pony.
  • For the upper section, leave equal locks on the front and tease the rest of the hair properly. Now loop it within the pony.
  • The side locks will then be rolled and pinned along with the pony for the look.

Additional Tips for This Hairstyle:

  • It looks great for any wedding festivities even as guests and the bride’s friends.
  • Those with any face type can rock this look with curly hair or wavy hair.
  • Women of any age group can look good here.
  • Compliment this with traditional dresses better.
  • You can try this hairstyle in any season.

27. The Twist:

Keeping it simple is as easy as it gets. A small twist and tuck are just what you need to keep the look going. This hairstyle is especially for the brides who would rather choose simplicity over extravagance. Over the heavily ornamented draping, flaunt a flawless head of hair with the front two locks tied and knotted in a twist pinned down with bobby pins.

  • These simple wedding hairstyles are best suited for long straight and wavy hair best. And further, those with an oval and diamond-shaped face can look at their best.
  • This style is a bridal and wedding reception kind of hairstyle.
  • Those women from age 20-30 can look at their best here.
  • Best season to wear this hairstyle is during winter.
  • Western long gowns and wedding gowns will suit best for this best bridal hairstyle.

28. The Under Band:

It’s always preferable if you can just add a little embellishment to your everyday look. The hairstyle starts with a loose front lock curled and styled while the rest of the hair is tied into a pony at the back. Now section out the pony into three-four parts and tie it into a bun with the band placed underneath to add to the zeal of the look. It’s one of the most popular bridal hairstyles which is very fine with losing the curly band.

  • This is among the best wedding hairstyles which looks great for those with oval-shaped faces and straight hair.
  • It’s best suited for a wedding sangeet night or cocktail party.
  • Women between the age of 20-30 can wear this better.
  • The best season to wear this is any season.
  • This hairstyle looks good for both western gowns or traditional dresses/ethnic wear.

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29. The Outer Band:

Much like the lower band here is yet another band embellishment bridal hairstyle, this time on the outer side of the bun. However, this bun is quite different than just a regular bun. To start the hair from the crown is sectioned out and puffed up eventually being pinned by the band. Now section out the hair into different assortments, rolling them and tucking them underneath the band thereby making a bun in the process.

  • This best wedding hairstyle is best suited for those with diamond or squared face shape with curly hair or wavy hair.
  • This one best suited in any season, especially summers.
  • Women of any age can wear this better.
  • This style is best for a wedding reception or parties.
  • Long gowns or traditional dresses can suit this better.

30. The Embellished Look:

This hairstyle is the best bridal hairstyle for any bride to dream off. This beautiful braid has embellishments that can go well for a gown in wedding ceremonies. You can further decorate it as you please and as per your choice.

  • It goes with a long gown on the wedding day.
  • Women with any hair type can wear this easily with any face type.
  • This hairstyle best for women below 30 yrs can look good here.
  • Make sure to wear with a long gown.
  • All seasons are the best for this hairstyle.

31. The Side Band:

This hairstyle is yet another variation to the band buns where the same look is now being transferred to the side of the bun. Twisting the hair into different layers, once again try it into a bun and then attach the sideband. This side bun hairstyle is very simple to that particular wedding day also.

  • This simple bridal hairstyle looks good with those of any shaped face, especially oval and with straight hair.
  • This style can be best worn for any wedding event.
  • Women of any age can look good here.
  • This hairstyle is the best look suited for summers.
  • You can either choose to wear a wedding gown or long dress with it or even full-sized lehengas.

32. The Side Roll:

A classic Hindu bridal hairstyle would mean some rolls and tucks here and there and the back of the look depends entirely on what the bride’s preference is but for the front, section out equal chunks of the front lock and start twisting them back until you reach the middle before pinning them both to the back look.

  • This traditional bridal hairstyle is suited for those with diamond or oval-shaped faces with any kind of hair.
  • This style is best suited for any season.
  • Can be worn for any wedding events.
  • Best suited for women before the age of 35 yrs.
  • This hairstyle is best for with lehengas or gowns.

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33. The Underneath Braid:

Once again we start with another bout of braids and buns, this time the braid being in a much unusual place. A side braid is indeed a common scenario and thus here is a little modification to the vintage hairstyle where the braid starts from underneath and eventually forms a side bun. This one occupies the best place in the braid.

  • These different bridal hairstyles are best suited for those with any face shape.
  • Straight hair people can prefer this hairstyle more.
  • To try this hairstyle in any wedding event.
  • Women of any age group can prefer this bridal hairstyle.
  • This hairstyle suits traditional long dresses.

34. The Top Pin-up:

A high knot is the best especially for the summer weddings when hair and makeup can be a real high maintenance ordeal. Hence, the best way to deal with this would be a summer knot on the top ornamented by flowers and bands. You can start the look with a simple pony and then curl it individually into a high bun.

  • Best suited hairstyle for those with squared or oval-shaped face with straight hair only.
  • It is best suitable for a Christian ceremony wedding.
  • This hairstyle is best suited for wedding gowns.
  • Women from any age group can wear this well.
  • We know this is a summer hairstyle, so it is best to try it during the summer season.

35. The Longer the Better Braid:

A stout south Indian wedding would always start with a big long braid and here is a classic example of how well a braid would go with the wedding attire. Usually, these long braids can lengthen by using extensions, and the final touches are always inclusive of the heavy ornaments that form a basic requirement for these bridal hairstyles.

  • It is a wedding guest hairstyle for any wedding event or bridesmaid.
  • Best suited for those with oval or square-shaped faces with wavy hair only.
  • This hairstyle is best for women age before 30 years old.
  • Suitable for only winter’s season or monsoons time.
  • This bridal hairstyle can be well worn with any ethnic or western wear or gowns.

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36. The Rose Bun:

A rose bun is basically prepared by coiling a braid into a bun that would resemble a rose and at the same time create an astounding hairdo for your special day. Start by gathering the front locks into one side and start French braiding it across to the other side in a zig-zag manner eventually falling into the same side where it all started. Once we cross the nape, begin rolling the hair into a rose bun and then pin it together.

  • These bridal updo hairstyles are suited best for any face shape with any kind of hair type also.
  • Women before the age of 30 yrs can suit this style better.
  • This hairstyle is suited for wedding guests or brides in any function.
  • To try this hairstyle in summer for comfort.
  • This hairstyle can go better with any wedding long dress.

37. The Braid Band:

To start this bridal hairstyle with lehenga look, section the hair into three horizontal layers, the front one being the locks, the crown with the puff in the middle and then the end of the hair which ends in a pinned-up bun. Start by pinning the hair to both sides and with the crown style one part into a tight braid while the other is make into a puff. Once you are done with the braid simply attach the crown to the other side of the head.

  • This hairstyle is well suited for those with oval-shaped faces with straight hair only.
  • Women can wear this wedding hairstyle on their big day too for the ceremony.
  • This hairstyle can go well with lehengas henceforth.
  • Women before the age of 32 can suit this style better.
  • This hairstyle can be done well and is suitable in any season.

38. The Donut Bun:

Donut buns are simply a variation of the normal bun, and it can use extensively for a classic wedding look. Make sure you have an embellished ornament to accentuate the look while you’re at it. Use the sock to tie a pony. Once done imitate the shape of the sock tie to get this bun. Place the ornament right in the middle dent and be done with the look. This type of bridal hairstyle is very easy to give a great look on you.

  • This bridal hairstyle for round face with any type of hair, particularly wavy hair.
  • Best suited for a mehndi party or wedding gathering.
  • Women of age below 32 yrs can suit this better.
  • This hairstyle is best suited for the summer season.
  • One can do this hairstyle well with lehengas or ethnic wear.

39. The Braid Wrap:

Start by getting the hair together into a low-hanging bun, preferably a messy or lose one to add volume and character to the look. Now with the longer layers create a twist knot right above the bun and then pin in the smaller front locks to the sides.

  • Best-suited wedding hairstyle for oval face shape, and diamond-shaped face with straight and wavy hair only.
  • This style is suited for any wedding functions or cocktail dinner parties and casual gatherings.
  • One can wear this with gowns or long dresses for a special elegant look.
  • Women below the age of 32 can carry this look well.
  • This hairstyle is suitable for any season.

40. The Just Puff:

Sometimes, extravagance is a bit too heavy for a bride to be and often at these days, a simple bump, a graceful one, at the top of the head would suffice for the lack of an extravagant hairdo. During weddings and occasions, a simple embellishment can be used on this simple bridal hairstyle to achieve the desired hairstyle.

  • This wedding guest hairstyle is the best for the bride’s friends and is well suited for the oval or diamond-shaped face with wavy or straight hair only.
  • Only women below 30 yrs old can pull this well.
  • Best suited for winter’s season only.
  • To try this hairstyle is any of wedding festivities well.
  • This hairstyle can suit well for dresses or churidars.

41. The Roll in Bun:

Even though it might pass on for an easy ordeal, most of this hairdo has been taking up the entire evening for the bride. This style is indeed a very time-consuming hairstyle where perfection needs to a cent percent. Basically, individual strands of hair are rolled and pinned to the back of the head eventually giving shape to a high fanned out a bun.

  • These wedding hairstyles for curly hair are best suited for diamond-shaped face women and with wavy hair.
  • Those can wear this hairstyle on their wedding day.
  • One can wear it with wedding lehengas.
  • Women below the age of 35 can look good with this hairstyle.
  • This hairstyle is best suited for all seasons.

42. The Half-up half-down:

Segregating the hair into two parts, prop up the hair on the above layers with a simple clip and such while the rest of the hair is kept free and flowing. To start with this hairstyle, roll up the hair into a messy clip-on. Before this bridal hairstyle, you may opt for extensive hair curling preferably by a heater of the sort so that easing into the hairstyle seems much easy.

  • This bridal hairstyle is best for the oval-shaped and diamond-shaped face with wavy hair.
  • Proper occasion for this hairstyle is sangeet day or reception day.
  • Women below the age of 30 can totally rock this look.
  • This hairstyle is suitable for during winters season.
  • This hairstyle can suit well for long gowns or churidars.

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43. The Horned Look:

Much like a horn on both sides of the head, here is a classic look for the front locks where the strands on the front tie into a twisted braid that goes all the way to the back. Once there, converge the both into one while fanning out both sides to attain volume and style.

  • This style is a wedding day look that can be worn by brides.
  • These Tamil bridal hairstyles are best suited for any hair type and all face types and women on their big day.
  • Best suited for women below 30 years.
  • Summer is the best season to be suitable for this hairstyle.
  • It goes with long gowns and lehengas.

44. The Eight Strand Braid:

Once again we incorporate braids into the everyday look where we use the front locks as a diversion by fanning them out and keeping them in place using some hairspray. To get to the end of this look start by tying the rest of the look into a heavy eight-strand braid. You may even use embellishments to accentuate the look.

  • This hairstyle is suitable for those with oval-shaped faces and straight, wavy hair.
  • It can be worn in any Muslim wedding festivities as it looks very elegant. It also can be worn for sangeet night.
  • Women below the age of 30 yrs can be suited here for the look.
  • Best suited for the winter season.
  • This wedding hairstyle goes with sarees or ethnic wear only.

45. The Simple Swirl:

Sometimes all it takes is a simple swirl at the side of your head to get things sorted your way. If extravagance is not your cup of tea, start by sectioning the hair, preferably from one side to a slight swirl which can be done manually or through a roller and then pinning it to place complete the look.

  • This simple wedding hairstyle is suitable for those with a round-faced shape and wavy hair.
  • Best suited with sarees on wedding festivities.
  • Women below the age of 35 can rock this look totally.
  • This hairstyle is best suited in any season to wear.

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46. Why Not Messy?

If messy bun has been your go-to look all these years, why not enclose yourself in the comfort of a known hairstyle? A messy bun might just be your saviour for the day when no other hairstyle was fitting your suit well. Try by getting your hair into a loose bun and then pick out the smaller layers from the sides. Most middle Asia women follow these types of hairstyles for wedding ceremonies.

  • This wedding hairstyle is best suited for any wedding festivities with any face shape and hair type.
  • Women given any age group can wear this look nicely.
  • Best suited for the summer season.
  • It goes with gowns or dresses (ethnic) for any wedding festivities.

47. The Simpleton:

Much like the Duchess, you can too opt for a simple braided snake bun where the hair from the middle is sectioned out to form braids while the rest is incorporated into the bun to form a single hairdo. A slight makeup with maybe an extensive embellished wedding earring set would just do the trick for us.

  • This style is the best wedding guest hairstyle suited for any face type and wavy or straight hair.
  • The summer season is suitable for this hairstyle.
  • It goes with any long dresses or ethnic dresses.
  • Any age group can wear this comfortably.
  • It can be suited for any wedding festivities.

48. The French Roll:

Here is something that we have picked up from the French, a classic hair roll which is not only graceful but also one of a kind. However, some modifications and addition have been done to this look, and here we have a perfect French roll with the hair ending in a beautiful bumped bun. This style is another different bridal hairstyle that looks great with wedding hair accessories.

  • This latest bridal hairstyle is best suited for the oval-shaped face with straight hair type only.
  • To try this hairstyle in sangeet or reception festivities.
  • Women below the age of 30 can suit this look.
  • It can be worn in the summers season at best.
  • This hairstyle can suit wedding dresses and lehengas the best.

49. The Diagonal Braid:

Start the braid from one side and go all the way across to the other, French braiding the hair all this time until you reach the end where you can finally complete the look. A diagonal braid is one of the most famous wedding hairstyles which is very attractive.

  • This bridesmaid hairstyle can be best suited for any wedding festivities.
  • Best suited for diamond and oval-shaped face with curly hair or wavy hair.
  • Women below 32 yrs can look good with these wedding hairstyles.
  • The best season to try this style is around monsoons and winter season.
  • This hairstyle can be best suited to gowns or ethnic wear.

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50. The Aryan Updo:

This simple updo is very common and looks very traditional. It is basically a fancy bun updo with beautiful curls in the form of petals and framed with elegant braids. You can team it up with tiny crystals with looks amazing with this hairstyle. This wedding hairstyle for the mother of the bride looks best with sarees.

  • It is suitable for the bride’s mothers with any face type and straight hair only.
  • These hairstyles are suitable to henceforth women of any age group.
  • This hairstyle can be worn with sarees at the best look and elegant nature it can deliver to guests.
  • This hairstyle can be suited best for summers.
  • To try this hairstyle at any wedding festivities.

51. Romantic Curls:

In this wedding hairstyle just simply make the curls fall or hang gracefully in style. You can add length to this style by addition of clip ones. Begin with parting your hair from the middle and then curling both sides of your hair with about 450 degrees using a curling machine. Then finish it with a nice hair spray. You can even add fresh flowers to it to give it an elegant look.

  • This casual long hairstyle for curly hair still gives an elegant look and can be worn at any wedding celebration with a diamond or square-shaped face and any hair type.
  • It is best suited in any season and below the age of 32 yrs old only.
  • You can try this hairstyle at any wedding celebration.
  • It goes with any ethnic wear and traditional dresses.

52. Smooth Crossed Over Look:

The crossed overlook gives a soft, delicate look. This look is easy to achieve. Begin with blow-drying your hair. Create volume at the top section of your hair. It is a beautiful half-up crescent up do covering different segments of the hair giving a layered look. It provides a sophisticated yet contemporary look. Adorn this bridal bun hairstyle for saree with hair accessories or flowers.

  • It is suitable for long straight hair only with any face type.
  • This hairstyle to try around any wedding festivities, particularly party gatherings.
  • Women of any age group can suit this look.
  • It goes with long gowns or long dresses.
  • The summer season is the best for this hairstyle.

53. Open Waves:

Even open curls and waves give an elegant look if done properly. Open hairstyles will always be in trend as there are tons of ways in which one can get the hairstyle for the wedding. Go for waves or complicated curls or simple rollers. You can choose according to your preference and mood. Don’t be afraid to experiment before your wedding day because you never know which hairstyle will suit you the most. Add glittering hair accessories to complete the bridal look.

  • This is a casual wedding hairstyle best suited for the oval-shaped and diamond-shaped face with wavy hair.
  • Women of any age group can style this out.
  • It goes with hair accessories and long gowns for an elegant and stylish look.
  • This hairstyle to try even by wedding guests for any festivities, especially party gatherings.
  • non-summer seasons are suitable for this hairstyle.

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54. The Statement Bouffant:

Opt for the chic low bun and add a little more fun to the crown area by getting a bouffant done. Add a little more texture to the front hair to create a bouffant with a swooped bang. This style looks like an intricate work. Style up with some fashionable hair accessories if required.

  • This best bridal hairstyle is suitable for people with a diamond-shaped faces and straight hair.
  • This hairstyle to try in all wedding festivities.
  • Women of age below 35 yrs old can suit this look better.
  • This hairstyle suits all traditional wedding clothes better.
  • This hairstyle suits in summer only.

55. Curls with Fringes:

Curls around the fringe look amazing. Add colour to your hair to make it look different. Part your hair from one side and then use a hair iron to bend the ends of the fringe upwards. Curl the surrounding of the fringe and complete the look with a hair spray. This type of bridal hairstyle complements almost all types of faces.

  • This simple Indian Christian bridal hairstyle is suitable for during the wedding ceremony for the bride or bridesmaid.
  • Those with diamond and oval-shaped faces can rock this style with any hair type, particularly wavy hair.
  • Women below 32 yrs can look good here.
  • It goes with long wedding gowns only.
  • These hairstyles are suitable for all seasons.

56. A Vintage Beehive Style:

Beehive is the word that is looking attractive in this case. This wedding hairstyle looks different, and one must know how to carry it properly. Form curls and then break them with your fingers. Then softly backcomb the curls to give a soft, airy feel. Then gather all the curls towards the top and secure them with an elastic band. Practice this look a few times before the big day so that you are comfortable on your wedding day.

  • This vintage bridal hairstyle looks good on all wedding guests for all festivities and celebrations.
  • Women with any face type can wear this well with straight hair.
  • Those women below 35 yrs can look good here.
  • It can suit all seasons well, especially spring season weddings.
  • These wedding bun hairstyles go well with dresses and long gowns.

57. Spectacular Updo:

A spectacular updo is also one way you can look attractive. This hairstyle looks beautiful if full of volume and can intricate tucking and pinning by creating a heavily styled chignon. It seems like headgear over the top and requires a lot of effort to carry. You can add hair accessories like a crown to give a sparkling touch. This style is one of the best bridal hairstyles for long faces with long hair.

  • These best bridal hairstyles are suitable for all face types and hair types, particularly straight hair.
  • It looks good on women below 40 yrs old.
  • This hairstyle goes with long gowns only.
  • The summer season is best for this hairstyle.
  • Those can wear in any wedding celebrity, particularly at dinner parties.

58. Romantic Half-up Style:

Half up and half down hairstyle for a wedding is amazing and will surely add glamour to your look on your wedding day. This look will keep things romantic and chic style. Accompany the look with flowing waves and a bouffant like a crown. Pinup the sides to give a clean look.

  • Bride’s friends can totally rock this look. Those with a square face can look good here with wavy hair.
  • Women below 30 yrs can suit this look better with long gowns and dresses also.
  • Women can wear this at any wedding celebration.
  • This style is non-summer elegant wedding hairstyles.

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59. Smooth Curls On The Sides:

This hairstyle is one of the glamorous hairstyles for a wedding one can get. Form a smooth texture of curls to get an attractive look. Leave the curls loose flowing on the face and the sides of your face. It looks very romantic and classy. It gives the perfect smart look to the bride on her wedding day.

  • This bridal hairstyle looks great on the bride on the day of the church wedding. Women below 35 yrs can rock this solid look.
  • It looks great on the oval face and curly hair.
  • Those can wear with a long white wedding gown for an elegant look.
  • This style is any season latest bridal hairstyle.

60. Vintage Updo:

Finger waves look graceful and would be a perfect look for any bride. You can even elongate by adding up graceful curls to your hair. Curl your hair with medium-sized perm rods and then remove the rods and separate the curls. Apply wrapping foam in the front part of your hair to set the same. Accessorise with pearls in the front portion where wrapping foam has been applied. Then use hair spray to complete the look.

  • Those with curly hair and diamond-shaped face can rock these wedding festivities look hairstyle totally.
  • Women below 30 yrs can wear this off easily and elegant way.
  • Best suited to any wedding festivities.
  • All seasons are suitable for this hairstyle for all bride and bride friends.
  • This look compliments well with wedding gowns and western dresses.

61. Curly Updo with Large Flowers:

Flowers on the wedding day always looks beautiful on the bride. Form graceful curls and then make a nice clean bun which looks like a flower bud. Team up the sides of the bun with beautiful large flowers to complete the look. The bouffant it the most important part of this look.

  • It is a wedding day hairstyle for brides with curly hair and any face type.
  • Those women below 35 yrs can rock this look.
  • To try this style is wedding lehengas only.
  • These wedding hairstyles are suitable for any season as per the bride’s wish.

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62. Simple Bridal Hairstyle:

You can even go for a simple and sweet look wedding hairstyle. Easy-going styles work best for bob-cut brides. It looks fabulous without much stuffiness. Simply add a little volume to your hair and pin back your hair in a simple manner. Give them a slight twist by accessorizing them with glittery headbands.

  • This simple wedding hairstyle tries by the bride or friends of the bride on any wedding festivities that are going on.
  • Those with a diamond-shaped face can suit this style along with oval-shaped ones with straight hair.
  • Women below 30 yrs old can look good here.
  • It goes with long gowns or simple dresses only.
  • This look looks great on any season.

63. Curls On Top:

Curls on the top also look amazing. And this should do with proper precision. It curled-up style is great with a no-fuss look. You can easily showcase your jewelry and face in this bridal hairstyle. Form three sections and curl the middle lengths and ends of the hair using a curling iron. Gather all hair at the centre top of the head and form a top bun. Finish with hair sprays.

  • These elegant wedding hairstyles suit the bride’s friends best on any wedding festivities, especially the pre-wedding day celebrations.
  • Those with an oval-shaped face with straight hair can rock this look.
  • Women below 35 yrs old can look good.
  • It goes with any wedding dresses, ethnic or modern.
  • Summer season is the best for this hairstyle.

64. The French Twist Hairstyle for Brides:

As the name suggests, it is a different hairstyle one can get. Look glamorous on your wedding day by wearing this twisted hairstyle with beautiful adornments. This wedding hairstyle looks best on oval faces and with hair having a natural texture.

  • This wedding hairstyle looks great on any wedding celebration with an oval-shaped face and straight or wavy hair.
  • Those below 30 yrs can look good here.
  • It goes with modern long dresses or gowns only.
  • The summer season is the best for this wedding bridal hairstyle only suited and crafted for comfort.

65. Curly Down Do Hairstyle for Brides:

Curls appear easy to achieve and look beautiful always. In this updo form curls in the lower part of your hair. Go for central parting and team it up with bridal jewelry to give a beautiful look. It is a very simple bridal hairstyle for long hair, that makes your look more alluring.

  • This style is a perfect hairstyle for cocktail and dinner parties for the bride. It looks great with oval-shaped face and curly hair type.
  • Those below 32 yrs can rock this look.
  • Brides can look dashing with a white dress in this style.
  • This hairstyle is best for the winter season.

66. Classic Updo for Short Hair:

It up does looks the best on short hair. Get your hair curl and twist as much as you can and then just leave it the way it is. Complete the look with side partying and apply the setting spray. This style looks amazing on people with oval, long, heart-shaped or round faces. Add fresh flowers if required.

  • This bridal hairstyle for short hair looks great for oval or round shape faces and curly hair types.
  • It looks great for any wedding festivities.
  • Pair it up with a long dress to create the perfect elegant look.
  • Women below 30 yrs can look good here.
  • All seasons are suitable for this hairstyle.

67. The Lustrous Low Bun:

It’s a soft, romantic and understated wedding hairstyle one can get. It is a simple yet beautiful low bun adding glamour to your special day. This look goes well with dresses and can flatter many because of its simplicity and ease. This type of wedding hairstyle with medium-length hair gives a clean look one can see the face of the bride clearly because all your hair tie up into a bun.

  • This black hairstyle for wedding occasions looks great for women below 30 yrs old with oval-shaped faces and wavy hair.
  • Those attending any wedding festivities can also look good here.
  • Wear modern gowns and long dresses which can go well with the look.
  • This look is great for summers.

68. Bridal Hairstyle with Crochet Braids:

The twisted hairstyle will give a different look to the bride. Crochet hairstyle is a good option for bridal hairstyle and will help you stand out on your special day. Apply a setting spray to complete the look if required. Backless wedding dresses look best with these hairstyles.

  • This braided hairstyle looks great for Christian wedding ceremonies as a bride.
  • Women with an oval or round-shaped face both can look good with any hair type.
  • The advantage is women from any age can wear this look.
  • Wear a long gown to compliment this look.

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69. Messy Look Teamed with Curls:

The blend of curls and waves looks gorgeous on any girl. In this hairstyle just part your hair on the sides and then start creating curls. Repeat it for the number of times and then style your hair using your hands. Curls must look voluminous and bulky and should give a natural look. End it with hair-setting spray.

  • This messy hairstyle looks great for curly hair and diamond-shaped face women.
  • Women below 35 yrs old can look good here with this bridal hairstyle for women.
  • Wear western and modern gowns to compliment this look.
  • You can try this hairstyle in parties or as a wedding gown look.
  • The summer season is the best for this hairstyle.

70. Classic All Down V-Cut Braids:

This up will give a graceful look to the bride on her wedding day. Simply get soft curls done. Then tie the curls in such a way that it gives a v-look from the back. There are many ways to wear curls, but this one is the most charming one out of all. You can complete your look with some harmonious accessories.

  • It looks great for sangeet and Mehendi functions or even for cocktail parties.
  • Women with any hair type and face type can suit this look in long gowns or dresses or modern wear.
  • Any season you can try this hairstyle.
  • Women of any age can wear this look well.

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71. The Veiled Bun:

A bridal look is not complete without the veil they say and just to please your grandma, this time listen to her and go for the veil. The veil adds a touch of personal feeling while the soft low bun hanging behind it adds a touch of flavor to the wedding girl’s already precious look.

  • This bun looks great for wedding ceremonies for the bride.
  • Best for this hairstyle is any face type, and straight hair looks good with this look.
  • Women below 32 yrs old can suit better.
  • Wear this look with long dresses or lehengas for the ceremony.
  • All seasons are suitable for this hairstyle, particularly that of summer.

72. The Vintage Swirls:

It’s a rather new touch to your already satin gown you will be sashaying in. For this, you might need professional help. With the help of a roller or a curler create the vintage swirl on one side clear and prominent. For the other side, create a smaller less distinguished swirl. Now leave the rest into a tie or a bun.

  • These elegant wedding hairstyles look great with diamond or square-shaped faces with curly or wavy hair.
  • Compliment this look with a long dress or long ethnic wear.
  • Women below 30 yrs can look good here.
  • Monsoon season is better for this hairstyle.
  • Attend this simple and easy hairstyle to any wedding festivities.

73. The Side Bun:

The side bun is a classic go-to hairstyle for all the quirky brides out there. Here you have to start by segregating individual locks for the bun. Use a soft front touch to the front locks with a loosened lock pinned properly. Now take the individual locks and roll up them up to form a bun. Use proper pins to avoid mishaps.

  • This look suits best as a bride on a bridal day.
  • It looks great for any face type with straight hair only.
  • Women below 32 yrs can totally look elegant in this style.
  • Compliment it with a white gown for the ceremony.
  • You can wear this look in any season.

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74. The Under Veil:

Now the veil is the family norm, but you want to showcase the beauty of your hairdo. Let’s settle for a mutual decision where the veil and the hairdo both slays. Use a big matted head of bun at your back and then very carefully introduce the veil underneath for better hair.

  • This look is great for the bride for any parties or gatherings at wedding festivities.
  • It looks great for any face type and any hair type.
  • Make sure to wear a long dress to compliment it well.
  • Women below 30 yrs can look good here.
  • You can wear this look in summer for comfort.

75. The High Bun:

These different bridal hairstyles are great for any wedding look, especially for the wedding day ceremony. It is great to do and can easily do through brushing hair well into a high pony. You can roll it up to smooth curls, later on, to tie into a bun.

  • This style is best for any bride on her day.
  • It looks great for a bridal day ceremony and looks great for any face type and hair type.
  • Women below the age of 35 can look great here.
  • You should wear lehengas and choli which can go well.
  • All seasons are the best for this hairstyle.

76. The Chic Bun:

This wedding ponytail hairstyle is elegant and comfortable to do. You can do this hairstyle with self-help or friend’s help and does not need complex procedures. Whatever this hairstyle change your look totally.

  • It looks great with any hair type and face type, preferably square-shaped or round-faced people.
  • This hairstyle is suitable for long dresses or even ethnic wear, whichever is your choice.
  • Women with any age group can wear it well.
  • Summer season is the best for this hairstyle.

77. Keeping it Free:

Now a good set of hair always does not have to be tied up, prim and proper. You can easily use the bump it forms or the teasing for the crown to add volume to your look. Tease only the midsection of your hair and then pin the front locks at the back of the head. Now gather the front section and tie it into a messy bun.

  • It’s a great look for any wedding festivities and parties.
  • This hairstyle goes with an oval-shaped face, and curly or wavy hair looks good here.
  • Women below 30 yrs can look great with a long gown and dresses for parties.
  • All seasons are suitable for this hairstyle.

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Tips for Good Hair on The Wedding Day:

It is not just about having a beautiful wedding hairstyle, you also need to take care of maintaining good hair health to get a flawlessly beautiful look. Here are a few tips for the same.

  1. Focus on your overall hair health from months before your wedding day. If you have time in hand, try to have good vitamins and biotin supplements from a doctor or healthcare professional advice. This can give you a healthy hairstyle look and makeover.
  2. Do not forget to use good sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. Use hair masks every week without fail, from months prior, as it can condition the hair and give it a voluminous frizz-free look.
  3. Get a good haircut a few weeks before the wedding day. It is advised to get three to four weeks prior, as it will have time to settle down, or you can alter it in case you do not like the haircut.
  4. Do not use hair styling tools on wet hair. Instead, use heat protectants at all times.
  5. Choose a good hairstylist and have an experiment before the big day to determine if the hairstyle will suit your wedding outfit.
  6. Make sure to use professional help when required in order not to damage hair.
  7. Make sure to use both organic and sulphate-free shampoo and the same company conditioner for better hair.
  8. Do not blow-dry much especially totally wet hair.
  9. Try and untangle hair slowly.
  10. Do hair spa organic one once in a while for better texture.
  11. Use anti-heat oils and serums to protect your hair with high heat.
  12. When you remove the hairstyle, do it slowly with patience and do not pull out pins in haste.

So, how do you like these beautiful and lovely wedding hairstyles for women? Did you enjoy exploring them? We love how they can add a good oomph factor to your entire appearance and set you apart with a chic style statement. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts!

Q1. How Long Can These Hairstyles Stay Well During Wedding Festivities?

Ans: It all depends on you. In condition you want to stay longer in the wedding hairstyles, then protect it well and secure good with pins and bands. Further, use hair spray which can let hair stay at a place for longer.

Q2. Can I Use Hairstyling Daily Continuously for a Week During Wedding Celebrations?

Ans: Yes given that you protect hair properly with spa and natural massages and masks. You should consult professionally on how to protect hair while styling every day. Do good organic spa before wedding festivities begin and in between if possible.

Q3. Do high buns in a Tight way Damaged Hair?

Ans: Depends on how you bun it. You can secure well with bobby pins, and you can use it only during festivities and remove it once done immediately. This way you can avoid certain damage due to tight hair.

Q4. What Precautions to take During the Wedding day to make Hair Stay Overnight?

Ans: Yes, you can keep it overnight at the place given you use good hair spray and setting spray. It can make the hair stay in place well enough without moving much. Further elastics should use generously to set hair in place

Q5. Will these Hairstyles Look Good with Colored Hair?

Ans: It depends on the color of the hair. In case it is golden or reddish/brownish then you look great. Again also hairstyle also it depends, but mostly the red or brown colors look great.


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