15 Latest Diamond Bangles Designs

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A diamond has turned out to be an everlasting emblem of love and traditional beauty with its eternal glitter and power as it symbolizes an extraordinary piece of jewellery in everyone’s wardrobe collection. On your beautiful wrist, nothing can be more deserving than the diamond bangle models. Considering how gold and diamond bangles became the high end jewellery in terms of pricing, the essential need to wear bangles and its entry into the fashion world have ever only increased its value.


The elegance and style of a diamond bangle would simply enhance the entire beauty and charm of your personality with a glitter! It is said that diamonds are forever or diamonds are a girl’s best and lovable friend! Sleek and stylish diamond jewellery like diamond bangles will make the great accessory for all occasions and goes well with all kinds of outfits.

Designs of Diamond Bangles:

Bangles uniquely define the heritage and culture of India and these are rather traditional jewelry and preferred to be worn in pairs. These diamond Indian designs are widely worn by woman around the several times to signify matrimony or simply to flaunt an ethnic look. Get the adorable and top 15 latest models of Diamond bangles here.

1. Uncut Diamond Bangles With Ruby Stones:


The way in which a diamond is cut describes its worth and noticeably affects its loveliness, scintillation and clarity. This is why a diamond’s cut immensely has an effect on the way the diamond reasons to be lighted to dance. By the way, choosing the above designs of diamond bangles with uncut and ruby stones will be worth both for is work an elegant looking.

2. Diamond Cubic Zirconia Design Bangles:


If you are going for a traditional look and pairing up jewelry especially the diamond bangles with Indian attire, going for the cubic Zirconia designs of bangles could definitely be a good and wise choice. These bangles are versatile holding a precious place in the hearts of women especially of the Indian descent.

3. Floral American Diamond Bangles:


Floral Design Diamond bangles with American diamonds will like to spice up the look with semi traditional attire that blends well into the modern look to show off both the sides to your playful self. Going with this bangle will be an easy choice as this looks pretty.

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4. Galaxy Broad Diamond Ruby Bangles:


Galaxy broad diamond bangles with ruby and Emerald stones will definitely be easy choice of fashion as they are having the complimented colors that are pretty well and remains to be subtle accessory when worn with fusion ensembles.

5. Broad Diamond Chic Bangles:


Chic bangles are the highly searched models by women of all ages while they preferred for the light weighted jewellery in the most novel designs. But, be sure to refer the size that fits you as this will be the most important things amongst all.

6. Exotic Collection Of Diamond Bangles:


A woman dressed up with this exotic collection of diamond bangles could feel elegant as these bangles with emerald studded diamonds would exponentially enhance the beauty of the entire attire that she is wearing.

7. Designer Diamond Bangles:


Designer diamond bangles will look extraordinarily beautiful and accentuates the beauty of your delicate wrist and this is just can’t be substituted well one amongst others as it sparkles and glorifies the beauty of a woman.

8. Single Line Diamond Bangles:


Single lined diamond bangles are the most adorable designs where most of the women do search for this simple, yet elegant design having a constant design with a single line diamond stones crafted in a floral pattern.

9. Solitaire Cut Diamond Bangles:


Solitaire Cut diamond bangles made from the combination of diamond and ruby stones will result in two tone and three tone shades with the diamond and rubies studded on it. The stones have been neatly arranged with a pearl design on both the ends.

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10. Traditional Diamond Bangles:


Traditional diamond bangles with two lines of diamond stones are the perfect choice for the women’s attire. No beauty of any sorts of other designs can substitute this timeless elegance allured by the traditional diamond bangles as these have been used invariably since the ages.

11. American Styled Diamond Bangles:


American styled diamond bangles studded with diamond stones are superbly designed and attractive when worn and this has made loads of women gush with pride. This will be the perfect collection for weddings and any kind of parties as this suits all kind of outfits.

12. Stunning Traditional Ruby Emerald Designer Bangles:


Wearing these Stunning traditional Ruby Emerald Designer diamond bangles will be overlooked attracting larger number of audience as this is a kind of solitaire design that suits all outfits of all occasions.

13. Studded Stones Diamond Bangles:


This bangle was made with diamond and gold in which zerkon stones are setted very beautifully in a floral design and this bangle set contains 4 pieces of diamond bangles with various sizes like 2.4, 2.6, 2.8 and coated with silver golden and silver rhodium plating called as ganga yamuna plating. These diamond bangles are of good quality and this is one of the latest designs from pity diamond jewels.

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14. Surat Diamonds Traditional Two Tone Indian Style Designer Bangles:


Surat Diamonds traditional two tone Indian style designer bangles are the best compliment or any outfit making the perfect accessory. Wearing these diamond bangles designs will make your look skillful and handsome either with traditional or the trendy outfits.

15. Collaborative Kada Diamond Bangle:


Collaborative kada diamond bangles are the latest diamond bangles designs and the most the popular style of diamond bangles as this is wider and broader in design with two rows of diamond on the outside and studded ruby stones in floral pattern on inside thus making the perfect color combinations giving the grand and elegant look.

Beauty to the side, buying diamond bangles can be an intimidating undertaking if you are not sure that you will be familiar with what you are purchasing as it worth or not. In general, when people think of diamond jewellery, they immediately associate it with the fanciest of pieces that are suitable only for few occasions. But, in reality women who love diamond will know that there are tons of designs in diamond bangles available that are more understated and are perfect for casual every day wear.

When you are buying an expensive thing, you need to be really concerned about the quality factor. Today, most of the companies were having their own customized collections of fashion jewellery sets. Having said that all the rage to purchase jewellery has shifted to the digital space in the past years and rightly so as you can get millions and trillions of designs to choose from while shopping for bangles online. The internet is now becoming popular area to do your shopping and of course, buying through internet will be prompt and trouble free especially with the diamond bangles.

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