Bangles have been used as an ornament for the hands since time immemorial. Bangles come in various patterns, designs, shapes and sizes. One can mix, match and experiment with bangles. Bangles have recently become a fashion statement and it is becoming very popular. People are fast catching up on the latest trends and designs in bangles. They look elegant on their hands and are easy to carry off with different outfits. It can be of gold, silver, copper, brass, glass, plastics and can be of many designs.

Beautiful Bangles for Baby Girl in Different Types with Images:

Bangles are a thing as a fashion trend for everyone especially cute little ones are also fast catching up with the trend. We will have a look at the various baby bangle designs.

1. Gold Bangles for Baby Girl:

The best way to adorn the little wrists of babies is with beautiful golden bangles. These look pretty on the flawless and soft skin of babies. Gold being an auspicious metal, newborn babies are generally put golden bangles, bracelets, anklets, chains etc. a few days after their birth. These gold bangles can be for both boys as well as girls. It is also one of the most appropriate gifting options too.

2. Baby Bracelets With Name:

The most expressive way to announce the baby’s name can also be by way of adorning the baby with the personalised name bangle. One of the unique ways to be etched in child’s life forever can be the named bangle. It will always be special. The named baby bangles can be for both baby boys as well as girls.

3. Indian Baby Bangles With Black Beads:

These unique gold bangles have black beads in between. These Indian style bangles are always worn in pairs. Made in sets of two and these are put on both the hands of the babies. The black beads are for safeguarding against anything bad to the babies and to protect them. One can find these cute looking bangles on every hand of the newborn in India.

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4. Beaded Baby Bangles:

The most elegant bangles for a baby girl are beaded ones with pink or white pearls. They look beautiful in the cute, little hands of the baby girls. The beads can be strung in silver or gold according to one’s choice for the baby. They can also be made with different colours and choice of beads for the baby.

5. Silver Baby Bangles:

The next in line to be popular after the gold bangles are the silver bangles for babies. Some use gold bangles for babies only on occasions while silver ones can be adorned on a baby’s wrist on a daily basis. Silver element is also very auspicious and they can also be a gift for the babies. Silver bangles look lovely on both baby boys as well as baby girls.

6. Charm Bangles:

A charm bangle looks more like a bracelet and is one of the fastest catching jewellery trends in today’s time. It can be one of the fashion and style statements for babies also. These bangles can have stars, cars, moon, circles, and teddy bears etc. as the trinkets hanging from them. They look beautiful on babies’ hands and they will enjoy wearing these too.

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7. Bracelet Bangles for Baby:

Baby bangle bracelets can also be for both boys as well as girls. They are also very much Indian in style and are put in a baby’s wrist for close to two years or so. Bangle bracelets can be made in gold or silver. They just look like a bangle on the cute wrist and can always be worn on baby’s wrist.

8. Flowered Baby Bangles:

These are the cutest bangles for a baby girl with flowers adorning her wrist with the charm. They look very much living with the flowers and can be made in any metal like gold, silver, platinum or can be made of beads. These can be a sure shot style statement for all the cute girls as toddlers itself. The flowers can be little, many, embossed or embedded as per requirement.

9. Chain Bangles For Babies:

Chain bangles can be for both boys as well as girls. The bangles are made into a chain form for easy wear and for a nice fall in the wrist. The babies can wear these on a daily basis. The chain bangle looks more like a bracelet and is not very heavy also.

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10. Plastic Bangles:

When it comes to fancy things, bangles steal the show with various colours and different materials used to make the bangles. One can have bangles of each colour and dress. Plastic bangles have huge varieties and baby girls can be bedecked with each one every day. They are not at all on the expensive side but look just fabulous on kids.

11. Cuff Bangles For Babies:

Cuff bangles are easier to put on babies, as they can be adjusted and are open from the ends. They can be of metals, gold or silver as required. They can be worn on a daily basis for little ones. In India, they are also known as “Kada” bangles.

12. Hand Bangles With Finger Ring:

Hand bangles are an instant hit with women and teenagers. So why leave behind toddlers? They can also flaunt the hand bangle with a cute finger-ring. This can be a unique gift for the little one’s birthday. One can also personalise the hand bangle with the babies name on it.

13. Metal Colourful Bangles:

Colourful bangles in metals can also be an instant look changer for any dress on the babies. Cute girls with pretty frocks can wear matching coloured metal bangles with them. They can be worn in two sets of 6 or 8 in both the hands.

14. Diamond Baby Bangles:

Can diamonds be left behind when we think of bangles? A bit on the expensive end, diamond bangles are not just for women; it can be the best gifting option for little girls. They can be used on various traditional functions for babies or festivals, occasions etc.

15. Diamonds in Sterling Silver Bangles:

Diamonds look stunning in sterling silver too. The brilliance and shine of diamonds can be enhanced when placed in sterling silver. The bangle looks beautiful while worn on baby’s wrist. The bangle can also have things like a quote or a rhyme written on them.

The most important thing that can adorn a cute baby can be a charming and lovely looking bangle on its wrist. They are a way of making a fashion statement for young ones. They are now so very in these days and along with youngsters, elders, even toddlers can wear it with style and grace. The different designs, patterns and sizes of the cute little bangles can have a wide platter of options open for kids styling.


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