There are no women who do not dream of owning their gold! Just like diamonds, gold and girls are best friends too. Gone are the days gold was a luxury commodity; we now see several young to older women wanting and inspired to have the latest trends and designs of ornaments with themselves. If you search for good gold bangles in similar lines, here we are to help you out! These 10 gm gold bangles design ideas are trending in the market – they are dreamy, glitzy, and look very elegant. Let’s get started and find out the most sought 10-gram gold bangles ideas popular right across the globe!

Gold bangles have their unique place in Indian jewellery. Whether it is an occasion to welcome the newly wedded wife or the baby shower of any to be a mother, gifting gold items have been good luck for them for a new beginning. Also, the gold bangle designs have brought up some revolutionary changes in its design, making it suitable for parties and regular wear. The latest trendy design in gold bangles is the 10-gram gold bangle design. They not only give a delicate appearance with attractive designs but are also light to carry.

Different and Trendy Gold Bangles Designs In 10 Grams:

Let’s check out some designs which must include in your bangle collection.

1. Darvin Gold Bangles:


We quite love this first display of 10-gram gold bangles images. These 22 kt gold bangles are quite glitzy and glam. Most modern and contemporary women love to trend new designs and different trends across, and the day’s plain old bangles are preferred or loved are gone. Today, given the several new models trending in the market, women prefer intricate and elegant bracelets, and here is one such favourite and lovely example before us.

  • Design: Yellow Gold Bangle with Carved Design in Between
  • Metal: Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Festive Seasons and Gatherings
  • Style Tip: Wear these bangles with half sarees or sarees to give an elegant yet trendy look.

2. Tweed Bangle:


These formal tweed bangles by Melorra are unique and fancy in their manner. If you do not fancy too heavy or bold style statements yet prefer mild, classy and elegant style, what best than going for such ones? This BIS Hallmarked gold bangle steals our hearts with simplicity and contemporary looks.

  • Design: Tweed Design in Front with Ordinary Bangle
  • Metal: 18 K Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Parties and High-End Fashion Events.
  • Style Tip: Modern dresses and gowns can be the best fit in this kind of design

3. Floral Gold Bangle Set:


Specific tastes and preferences might prefer traditional and classic looking bangle designs. Yet, we want them embodied with modern looks and stylish designs. What best than this bangle idea in this case? These plain bangles with petal looks by Malabar Gold are 22 kt gold flat design, trending for their unique style. However, as per one’s preference, it is also possible to order the same gold bangles designs in 10 grams of 24k gold.

  • Design: Plain Petal Design Gold Bangle (making them form flower design as a pair)
  • Metal: 22 kt Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Weddings and Festivals
  • Style Tip: Traditional outfits such as sarees can be useful to go.

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4. Curvy Bangle with Stones:


This all-new design bangle from Joy Alukkas is the new love for several modern women. We all love to have a contemporary look in our ornaments, and what best than this? It has stones built with the bangle and gives immense stye and fashion statement instantly when worn. It is simple yet elegant and edgy.

  • Design: Curvy Design Bangle with Stones
  • Metal: 22 kt Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Style Tip: Wear with modern and edgy dresses to fit in well.

5. Gold and Diamond Bangle:


While diamonds are known to be a girl’s best friend, what best can it be when both gold and diamond crystals are mixed? The result is no less than stunning and fabulous beauty! Here is one such design for you! The sleek gold bangle comes with diamond stone studded around near the tip. This gold bangles design below 10 grams is a one bangle Kada design best for all modern style needs.

  • Design: Plain Sleek Bangle with Diamonds
  • Metal: 18 kt Gold
  • Occasion: High Edgy Parties and Gatherings
  • Style Tip: Wear these with a sleek half-length dress to slay the day.

6. Fancy Gold Bangle Set with Stones:


If you are a sucker for fancy gold bangles and do not prefer plain gold ones, this style can be best. They look stylish and edgy, with a classy vibe around them, yet making them look unique and different in their way. They are the best fit for women in higher age groups to look youthful with enhanced style statements.

  • Design: Sharp and Edgy Gold Bangles with Stone Designs
  • Metal: Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Fancy Weddings
  • Style Tip: Semi-traditional dresses and outfits can be the best choice for this look.

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7. Curved Thick Gold Bangle:


The curvy gold bangles are taking trend all over these days. We all want a unique design with us often, and this edgy style is quite popular. It looks elegant and vintage, making it catch with distinct beauty and fashion for whoever throws a gaze at them.

  • Design: Plain Curvy Gold Bangle with Intricate Cuts and Sparkles
  • Metal: 22 kt Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Simple Festive Parties
  • Style Tip: Traditional dress and churidars can be useful for them.

8. Radha Gold Bangle:


The all glitzy and glammy gold bangle from BlueStone is here. These are already known conventional gold bangles around, with added glammed up look. These gold bangles designed in 10 grams 22k have sparkles, making them appear enhanced in their appearance. They are best for women who love elegance and a classic vibe around.

  • Design: Intricate Cross Carved Gold Bangle
  • Metal: 22 kt Gold
  • Occasion: Festive Occasions
  • Style Tip: Simple ethnic outfit can go well with this design.

9. Goldstone Kada:


This white and gold Kada bangle is unique, and we cannot quite keep calm! It has a traditional look, with an open-close mechanism embodied in the bracelet bangle. This is best for women who prefer the edgier look yet want a bit of ethnic and conventional love blended into the bangle design.

  • Design: Gold Bangle with Diamond Shape Cut Stones
  • Metal: Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Style Tip: This bangle chudi is best for long ethnic wear gowns.

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10. Criss Cross Gold Bangle:


The intricate criss-cross design and elegance within the bangle make us drool around the contemporary vibes. It has a classic vintage and royal touch, with a graceful style statement and edgy looks. This beautiful piece of jewellery is for all those fine women who have an eye for contemporary and modern style statements.

  • Design: Criss-Cross Intricate Bangle Design
  • Metal: Yellow Gold 18 kt
  • Occasion: Parties and Social Gatherings
  • Style Tip: This can be best when styled with western party wear dresses.

In an era where people wish to wear something unique for every occasion, 10gm gold bangles are the perfect option. They are lightweight, but they also come in numerous designs to suit any outfit. These gold bangles can be bought guilt-free as they are light on the pocket, compared to the traditional gold bangles that usually come in 40 to 50gms. They are also perfect for teens and young girls, who wish to wear gold, yet look chic and stylish.


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