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15 Latest Gold Bangles in 10 Grams

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Gold bangles have their own unique place in Indian jewelry. Whether it is an occasion to welcome the newly wedded wife or the baby shower of any to be a mother, gifting gold items have been a good luck for them for a new beginning. Also, the gold bangle designs have brought up some revolutionary changes in its design which make it suitable for parties and regular wear too. The latest trendy design in gold bangles is the 10 gram gold bangle designs. They not only give a delicate appearance with attractive designs but are also light to carry.

Gold bangles have their own unique place in Indian jewellery. Whether it is an occasion to welcome the newly wedded wife or the baby shower of any would-be mother, gifting gold items have been a good luck for them for a new beginning. Also, the gold bangle designs have witnessed some dramatic changes in their design to suit any occasion, from a grand wedding to a trendy cocktail party. 10gm Gold bangles are the latest trend in the gold jewellery segment. They are gaining popularity for their cost-efficient, lightweight and trendy designs.

Different Gold Bangles Designs In 10 Grams:

Let’s check out some designs which must be included in your bangle collection.

1. Bead Design Gold Bangles:

Gold Bangles in 10 Grams

A bead design in the gold bangles in 10 grams has grabbed the hearts of several women. The bangle is studded with several round beads fixed on the bangle. The four bangle set gives a perfect match to traditional sarees mostly for religious functions.

2. Single Diamond Gold Bangle:

Single Diamond Gold Bangle

Looking for a contemporary single bangle design? This gold bangle design in 10 grams studded with diamonds, is perfect for you. The bangle is given a quilt texture with diamond shape design embossed in it. One can even opt for two bangles and wear them as a pair. It is pretty on dresses for ethnic functions.

3. Designer Gold Bangle:

Designer Gold Bangle

This gold bangle is a statement piece that comes usually as a single bangle. It has delicate floral carvings to make it look aesthetic and heavy at the same time. It is an ideal pick for Indian wear and even on western outfits for a fusion look. The design is also suitable for parties on long gowns.

4. Kundan Gold Bangle:

Stone Gold Bangle

These gold bangles in 10gm are studded with beautiful kundans and come with a pair of thin gold bangles to make a set. The design is also known as Jadau bangles in some part of India mostly Gujarat.

5. Dual Design Gold Bangle:

Dual Design Gold Bangle

A fancy design in gold bangles of 10 grams is given both simple and net type design. The dual bangle set is made half with a net design which adds to its elegance to wear it over dresses and ethnic wear. They can also be worn on ethnic and fusion wear.

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6. Curvy Gold Bangle:

Curvy Gold Bangle

Looking for something unique to adorn your hands? This magnificent curvy gold bangles with a weight of 10 grams is a great match for dresses, kurti and also western wear. The design comes with floral patterns, studded with beautiful diamonds.

7. Ganga Jamuna Gold Bangle:

Ganga Jamuna Gold Bangle

A new emerging pattern in the gold bangles in 10 gms is the Ganga Jamuna bangle design. The bangle comes in a chain of in golden and silver leaves locked in each other. The design is a perfect match for simple regular outfits, where you can highlight the look with these bangles.

8. Simple Gold Bangle:

Simple Gold Bangle

In a set of two or single, this gold bangle widely used for regular wear and is made in 10 gms of gold. The bangle is given floral design embossed for a lustrous look. The bangle can be worn as a single piece or can be combined with several bangles.

9. Machine Gold Bangle:

Machine Gold Bangle

A new design emerging in the market is the machine designed gold bangles in 10 gms. The bangles come in a set of twelve bangles which can be combined with any bangle set of various colours. The cuts on the bangles give them the shine and brilliance.

10. Plain Gold Bangles:

Plain Gold Bangles

A pleasant design to carry in 10 gms gold bangles is the one which is made with no patterns or designs but is still adorable. The plain bangles can be worn for regular wear accompanied with ethnic or western wear. The bangles can be worn on single hand as well.

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11. Peacock Designed Gold Bangle:

Peacock Designed Gold Bangle

Peacock designs have been a royal design to carry for any occasion. The plain gold bangle is given a bracelet look, with a peacock design studded with precious stones in it. This is a perfect pick for evening parties and can also wear everyday.

12. Patla Gold Bangle Design:

Patla Gold Bangle Design

A gold bangle design in a single with 10 grams of gold getting via these days is the Patla design. The gold bangle is given floral and other mehendi design embossed on it with the use of a machine. The bangle can be carried for a contrast look on dresses and sarees occasionally.

13. Delicate Gold Bangle:

Delicate Gold Bangle

This delicate floral inspired gold bangles come in 10gms as a bracelet model. The ends of the bracelet are given a dual leaf pattern which is connected with a circular diamond. The pattern makes it suitable for all type of outfits and also as a lovely gift to your lady love.

14. Leaf Designed Gold Bangle:

Leaf Designed Gold Bangle

Looking for a different bangle design with zigzag edges on it? Here is a wonderful leafy bangle design made from 10 grams of gold. The bangle is made with several small leaves and is adorned with white stones. This design is versatile and can match almost any Indian outfit.

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15. Pearl Gold Bangle:

Pearl Gold Bangle

This dual pattern gold bangle comes in 10gms, where some portion of the bangle is made with pearl while the other half comes in a delicately carved design in gold. The pearls can be replaced with stones or diamonds of your choice.

In the era where people wish to wear something unique for every occasion, 10gm gold bangles are the perfect option for them. Not only are they light-weight, but they also come in numerous designs to suit any outfit. These gold bangles can be bought guilt-free as they are light on the pocket, compared to the traditional gold bangles that usually come in 40 to 50gms. They are also perfect for teens and young girls, who wish to wear gold, yet look chic and stylish.