Bangles are a major part of each woman in her life. Mythological tales show the importance of bangles. From a common woman to our Goddess, all wore bangles. Bangles are not restricted to married women. Many young girls like to adorn this style. You may wear it with traditional clothes or your kurta or give it an indo-western look. Bangles can be made of metal, gold, silver, glass or wood. The purity of gold and silver may not be the same in types of bangles.

Latest Designs of One Gram Gold Bangles with Images:

Most women wear 1gm gold bangles for daily use as they are light and durable. Plus, it is not very costly to buy. There are many styles in this; here, we share traditional one-gram gold jewellery bangles for women.

1. Handcrafted One-Gram Gold Bangles:

Handicraft item has always been India’s top-selling product. Handcrafted 1-gram gold bangles are made by hand by craftsmen. The detailed work is worth praise. This delicate, detailed work is highly-priced. They can be worn for parties.

2. 1 Gram Rose Gold Bangles:

Rose gold is the new pink gold. This colour is obtained by mixing gold with silver and copper. This amazing colour always stands out. 1gm rose gold bangles are a beautiful choice to wear at work. They are light in weight because of the mixture of metals. You must not put your hands in hot water or wash anything when wearing them.

3. One Gram Gold Bangles in Diamond:

Diamond always looks beautiful on women. When bangles with diamonds are made, they look out of the world. The sparkle around the wrist looks beautiful. 1 gm gold bangles in diamond usually have American diamonds, which are meant to reduce the price.

4. Single One gm Gold Bangle Bracelet:

Many young girls wear just one bangle. This trend of the single bangle is very famous for working women. They have a design in the centre. It could be a diamond or gold design. This can be worn at work with formal wear and even to parties.

5. Bridal Bangles in 1 Gram Gold:

Many brides don’t wear pure gold at weddings. They opt for imitation or 1gm jewellery. It is because there is always a fear of theft. Bridal 1gm gold bangles look the same as 24 kt gold bangles. They are lightweight and don’t be harsh on the skin, like imitation jewellery.

6. 1 gm Gold Big Bangle with Gemstone:

Many of us believe in horoscopes. Each horoscope has gemstones for each star sign. They are meant to bring good luck. You can wear it in a pendant, earrings and bangles. 1gm gold bangles with gemstones look very nice. They go in all outfits and have little weight.

7. Designer 1 gm Gold Bangles in Square:

Normally bangles come circular. But this is not always. 1 gm gold bangles have a square shape. They look very different. This new cool shape goes well with an indo-western look. You may wear it to work.

8. South Indian 1 Gram Gold Bangles:

South India is known for its exquisite designs in gold jewellery. They make big items out of small weights. South Indian 1gm gold bangles are big. They are light and shiny. It is perfect for weddings and occasions.

9. 1 Gram Gold Bangles for Daily Wear:

1gm gold bangles are meant to be used daily. They are smart and shiny. They are not different from regular gold bangles. You can do all your work with them. No need to change when stepping out.

In today’s costly world, buying gold jewellery is no less than a dream. Hence 1 gm gold bangles come in handy. They are durable and good-looking. They can be worn daily. They also come in styles which can wear at parties and weddings.


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