A bride’s trousseau has to have jewellery which contains bangles, earrings, rings, etc. Bridal attire is complete only with lots of colourful gold and diamond bangles. Bangle sets can include multiple bangles or bangles along with bracelets, bangles along with watches, etc. Bridal bangle sets can be seen in most parts of India. Each state of India will have some uniqueness in their bridal collection, and each of these only adds splendour to the bride-to-be.

Beautiful and New Collection of Bangles Set for Bridal:

Check out these top 9 bridal bangle sets to see which one will adorn a beautiful bride.

1. Bengali Tradition Bridal Bangles Set:

A Bengali bride from India wears this beautiful set on her wedding day. The colours white and red are symbolic of Bengali’s. The red bangles are made from red corals, and the white bangles are made from conch shells.

2. Gujarati and Rajasthani Bridal Bangle Sets:

Gujarati and Rajasthani Brides look exquisite in their bridal attire, and it is complete only by the addition of these beautiful bangles that are worn over hands filled with ‘mehendi’. They are called ‘chuda’ and are made from ivory. They are white and red and decorated with stones. They are usually in multiples of four as that is auspicious.

3. Punjabi Bridal Bangle Sets:

The brides from this region also wear elegant and timeless pieces of jewellery. Their bangle set includes a pair of ivory bangles. These bangles are also attached to something important called ‘kalire’, streamers with silver and gold bells.

4. Full Hand Bridal Bangle Sets in Gold:

Many brides complete their ensemble wearing gold jewellery, and a bangle set is one of the main components. These can be multiple bangles in thin sizes, or they can be of different sizes and patterns. Gold is considered very auspicious, so many families buy these bangle sets for weddings.

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5. Platinum Bangle Sets for Bridal:

In recent times, brides are more adventurous and love something more unique. Platinum bangles as an option appeal to many Indian brides as it is sophisticated. Many different patterns are available, along with the complete necklace and earrings.

6. Bridal Bangle Sets in Crystals:

Apart from traditional attire, brides today like some oomph in their attire. These majestic crystal bangles bring brightness and add many colours to make their wedding day special.

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7. Bridal Polki Kada Sets:

These are very traditional bridal bangle sets that Indian brides wear. Though heavy, they lend a very elegant look to the bride. Some brides prefer to wear just one of these kadas as the weight is more.

8. Marathi Culture Bridal Bangle Sets:

Wedding bangles set cannot be complete without the mention of the ‘Patlya’ and ‘Tode’ from Maharashtra. These are made of pure gold, and the brides wear these along with green bangles to complete their wedding attire.

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9. Kundan and Meena Bridal Bangle Sets:

These are the most traditional and colourful Indian wedding bangles set. They are very intricate and look most beautiful. The brides can wear these even after the wedding day. This has several patterns, but the peacock design is the most widely used.

Indian bridal bangles set are the most important part of any bride. They complete her look for the most beautiful day of her life. Each of these sets makes a bride beautiful, elegant and graceful. There are so many types of bangle sets that it will take a bride and her family lots of time and patience to choose from the wide array.


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