8 Best Eggless Carrot Cake Recipes

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One of the best ever tasted cakes come from soft smooth sweet carrots, the cake we name carrot cake. Now carrot cake is not only a healthy option to opt for but contains one of the best tastes in the cake industry. Not only does it have the benefits of an organic carrot, but at the same time it has all the luscious fun that you hope to enjoy in a cake. However, carrot cakes come in a lot many variations and the best part is, now you don’t have to run to the story every time you crave a carrot cake. Just breeze through these recipes and create one of your own.

1. Eggless Chocolate Carrot Cake:

eggless carrot cake recipe1

start with mixing in a pan some orange zest, grounded walnuts, grated carrots, grounded sugar, butter, dates, gems if desired, chocolate cubes or pieces, walnuts and chocolate essence.  In another pan add extra flour, water, butter, baking powder and soda with cocoa and then mix them all in to get the chocolate carrot cake.

2. Eggless Carrot Cake Herb Muffins:

eggless carrot cake recipe2

Once again in a pan mix flour, unsalted butter, baking powder and egg replacement mixture if handy. Now in a separate pan, mix in the carrot gratings along with cheese and herbs, and some handy spices. Prior to this make a yoghurt vinegar mix. This will be included along with some grated tofu. Mix them all in and bake muffins.

3. Eggless Almond Carrot Cake:

eggless carrot cake recipe3

While you roast some almond, in a pan mix in flour, butter, egg replacement powder, carrot shavings and grounded walnuts. You can even add some soft almond pieces here along with baking powder. Mix in the roasted almonds on the top and bake it.

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4. Eggless Carrot Strawberry Cake:

eggless carrot cake recipe4

To start off make a blend of strawberries and raspberries to get a thick jam like consistency. Prior to this you can boil the berries with gelatin to get the effect. Now make the usual cake mix with flour, butter and baking powder and add carrot to it. Mix the strawberries and go on.

5. Berry-Liscious Eggless Carrot Cake:

eggless carrot cake recipe5

Now start by caramelizing the berries in sugar and add toffee to the mix to get the sticky consistency. In a separate pan mix in well sifted flour with butter, baking powder and baking soda, carrot gratings and then separate the berries and blend them. You would need raspberry, strawberry, cranberries and blueberries to be exact. Add a little black current too. Now bake your cake and layer it and then use the jam within the layers. Use the caramel on the top along with some berries for show.

6. Fruit and Nut Carrot Cake:

eggless carrot cake recipe6

In a pan prepare the cake mix. This is made of flour, butter, vegetable oil one teaspoon worth, baking powder and soda and the grated carrots. In a separate pan roast some walnuts, cashews, peanuts and almonds and in a separate pan cut up some cranberries, dry raisins, dates and raspberries. Now mix them all in and bake your nut and fruit carrot cake.

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7. Carrot Cheese Cake:


Start with soft flour, vegetable oil, sour cream, carrot gratings, baking soda and powder with cheese cubes instead of butter. Mix them well to form the cake mix. Use a lot of cheese in this mixture and in a separate pan melt cheese for the topping. Add an essence to the melted cheese.

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8. Carrot Lemon Cake:

eggless carrot cake recipe8

Once again start with the cake mixture and use sour cream and lemon or lime zest to the topping. During the cake mixing process add some sour cream and some lemon drops along with grounded sugar and then make the topping separately.

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