9 Long and Short Indian Skirts Designs for Women

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India is a diversified country where different types of clothes are worn in various pattern and designs. Among it Indian skirts are the most common and preferred ones in the woman folk. As it is very easy to wear and looks very stylish on girls and women’s both. The skirts can be worn as formal and even as a party wear making you look cool and simple also.


Indian Short and Long Skirts Designs:

Generally Indian skirts are loose fittings and hangs around the waist thus giving an elegant look. Let’s have a look on top 9 designs of Indian Skirts.

1. Bandhani Style Indian Skirts:


Bandhaini or Bandhej is a type of tie and die process through which skirts are decorated in any form you desire like in dots, flower or any shape can be made on the skirt. These types of skirts look very cool on girls and give you an ethnic look. It’s available in different pattern and colours and you can pick the skirt according to the occasion and flaunt the party.

2. Traditional Silk Long Skirts Indian Style:


Silk is the cloth which makes the wearer look very traditional and stylish also. It never goes out of fashion or gets outdated and can be worn anytime, anywhere without any hesitation. It gives you a classy look and as the silk cloth has a stiff look it makes a woman look trim and beautiful.

3. Gold Sequence Indian Long Skirts:


The skirt is tailored beautifully, on which remarkable embroidery has been engraved with golden threads, thus giving it a stylish and fabulous look. This pretty pink shaded skirt has a fabulous sequence work in between the embroidery thus giving it a heavenly look. The wearer of the skirt would be loaded with compliments and look exclusive in the crowd.

4. Beautiful Handcrafted Grey and White Indian Skirts:


The most loved and appreciated colour is the combination of grey and white skirt. It’s all time favourite of every woman as it’s perfect for lunches, parties and hangouts also. The skirt is made from the handmade cloth and the pattern of the skirt make you stand out and gives you a true minimalistic look.

5. Lace Work Short Indian Skirts for Girls:


Short skirts as the name suggest are short, generally shorter than knee length. Some short skirts are even called miniskirts and they are usually worn as casual wears. Short skirts are found in various pattern like some are printed or on them lace or frills are attached etc. These types of skirts can be dressed with cool t-shirts and are perfect as evening wears.

6. Cotton Block Print Short Skirts India:


Short cotton skirts are preferred than any other materials as it perfect for every type of climate and looks elegant also. The printed cotton Indian skirts are perfect is perfect for a formal work setting as well it a classy evening wear. The golden lace attached at the bottom of the skirts gives a classical appearance.

7. Embroidered Flower Pattern Indian Skirts:


The beautiful floral grey coloured long skirts are very much in fashion and demand. The flowers and the leaves embroidered at the bottom of skirts gives the wearer very trendy and fashionable appearance. These types of skirts can be teamed up with high necks tops thus making you look classy and pretty.

8. Long Printed Indian Skirts for Occassion:


The printed skirts are awesome to look. The skirts can be printed in many forms like in dots pattern, graphic style and also in muted or bright shades. These types of skirts look you a retro and modern look without any effort involved. These types of skirts can be worn as casual wear and also could be a smart office wear.

9. Stylish Colourful Indian Skirts for Women:


This type of skirts looks very fashionable and trendy of girls. These types of long skirts can be a good collage wear and a great choice for evening also. The skirts is divided into various parts and each one has different colours making it look bright and colourful.

Indian skirts are very much in fashion and in trend as it easy to wear and even it can be handled easily. The skirts give a comfort feeling to the wearer and look elegant. Now a day’s skirts are available in different pattern and design and you can grab a one according to your choice.

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