Top 14 Latest Indian Hairstyles 2015

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Globalization has made way to fusion and fusion in turn has bestowed us an opportunity to practice every culture in your own style where the integrity of your culture is intact and however still mixing with different values, forming a rather brand new outlook. It all started with gowns and curls coming from the western side while here long tresses silky and flowing paired with a sari was the common norm. Even now, as we embrace the new culture, our old friends still believe in preserving it in its pure form.

However, with culture and lifestyle, the world has undergone a series of changes, preferably the noticeable one being the outlook. With changing clothes and style, hairstyles that were once distinguished by cultures were made into one. India supporting a rich cultural diversity never really had a problem in embracing all its sisters thereby the latest range of Indian hairstyles being a mould of something old, something new and something borrowed.

1. The Top Pin Up:

Latest Indian hairstyles  1

The front bump is a classic Indian look that has been formulated over the years. The only difference of this with the westerners is the size and puffiness of the bump which is considerably bigger and healthier over here. The front bump then gives way to a large number of other hairstyles, maybe the bun or the ponytail or simply just free flowing hair.

2. The Ponytail Variation:

Latest Indian hairstyles  2

Peaking into the look book of Kim K, this hairstyle is inspired by one of her ponytails where once again the leading hairdo is the front bump which can be achieved by teasing or using a bump-it underneath. Once secure, hair from the side is pinned to place and draped over the back pony which takes up the rest of the hair.

3. The Messy Bun:

Latest Indian hairstyles  3

Messy buns are simply a ritualistic look that every busy woman has once or twice in their life embraced. The best way to a messy bun is to simply not care about the lonely locks or the stubborn layers of your hair. The tip is to keep the entire bun loose so that the locks and the layers can add up to its volume and personality.

4. The Rolled Updo:

Latest Indian hairstyles  4

For this hair, section out the hair into three parts, the upper one individually coiled and pinned to place shaping them like roses. For the other part simply twist the hair from the underneath and tie it to place just above the loose last layer. This hairstyle can be a hit on any of the wedding nights, be it yours or your relatives. A subtle pin or a fancy band can help accentuate the look.

5. The Ponytail Tuck In:

Latest Indian hairstyles  5

This is another variation to the ponytail where the hair is tucked and pinned along with the normal ponytail and a simple embezzled band is used as an accessory. to get this look start by making a low pony with the underneath layers and then simply draping the other layers on top of it.

6. The Side Braid:

Latest Indian hairstyles  6

The best way to tackle short layers into a braid is to opt for a messy side braid where the layers or the front locks are simply loosened and curled to add weight while the rest of the hair is tightly wound into a braid. Fan out the braid to the maximum to add volume.

7. The Fishtail :

Latest Indian hairstyles  7

Fishtail braids are a compilation, a classic fusion and you can integrate this into your hairstyle by taking a cue from this look. With this hairstyle, you can freely flaunt your open hair and sport a trendy braid at the same time. To start off, the fishtail braid is infused in French style.

8. The Three Sided Braid:

Latest Indian hairstyles  8

To start off, try this look with three braids, three different ones and then roll them together and pin them to place. The result in the end would be a solid rolled up low bun which you can flaunt using a shiny little pin or band.

9. The Half Up Half Down:

Latest Indian hairstyles  9

Another classic trend is the half up half down look where the hair is sectioned from the middle and the upper half is made into a sweet little bun. The messier the bun, the better it is. The rest of the hair can be left free with soft curls towards the end. One can pin it to place with some bobby pins.

10. The Low Bun:

Latest Indian hairstyles  10

Buns are one of the most common Indian hairstyles there is. In fact, this is the most common Indian look which one can freely see during the busy office mornings or wedding nights. To get this look, start with a small bump on top of the crown and pin it to place. The next move is to roll the hair into a bun, a low one and end the look.

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11. The Pin Up:

Latest Indian hairstyles  11

Here is a good look for a soft bun which might take up some time but at the end it will be a hairstyle worth your time. To start off section out the front lock and then start by sectioning the hair into individual locks pinning them to the crown as you go about. The end result is mesmerizing where you will be left with a soft roll pinned bun.

12. Traditions Intact:

Latest Indian hairstyles  12

This burning fashion has its imprint from the southern side of India where long hairs are predominantly still a necessity, not bound by culture but bound by the very traditions through which we recognize each other. This hairstyle is a classic southern hairdo where a long braid is accentuated by garlands and ornaments all the way to the end.

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13. The Diagonal Braid:

Latest Indian hairstyles  13

This is yet another variation to the normal braid where the braid has started from one side of the head and slowly made into a French styled diagonal braid. Usage of small ornaments within the braid can bring color to the look.

14. The Rose Bun:

Latest Indian hairstyles  14

The rose braid is a power packed mix between the two most favored Indian hairstyles, the braid and the bun. To get this look, start by braiding the hair in a normal fashion and once done roll the braid into a coil like structure so that it resembles a rose and then using bobby pins pin it to place.

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