Saree is considered the oldest and unstitched garment used for over millennia. As time passes, it has become more and more sensuous and glamorous with different prints, artistic weaves, gold or silver embellishments, and much more. However, prior to designer sarees, the sarees were merely a simple piece of cloth wrapped around the body by women. The Kanchipuram Sarees introduced the changes when years back, using the saree border for giving the saree a new and rich look. In the initial phase, small border sarees were created that gave the sari a golden or silver border. But today, there are tremendous designs to make you go crazy while selecting one single saree for yourself.

Importance of Border Sarees:

No matter whatever material the saree is made up of, a simple sari with a border is surely important for Indian women on every wedding occasion, festivals, or ethnic look. Be it the expensive ones with simple saree border designs or the heavy ones with the latest sari border; the sarees have always brought out the grace and beauty of the women, especially the married women when they carry them on special occasions for a proper traditional look.

Features of Border Sarees:

The border saree collection comes with a number of features that makes it special for any time wear. Some of the features are:

  • The sari border design comes with both a simple and heavy look for every occasion.
  • You can look for heavy border work sari for weddings too.
  • They come in various materials like cotton, silk, art silk, chiffon, georgette, etc.
  • The latest border saree designs come with decorations that include stones, pearls, diamonds, etc.
  • So, these are some basic features that make the saree appealing.

Which Body Shape Does The Border Saree Suit?

Have you ever had a glance at the border sari images? What is the size of the women wearing it? Slim, bulky, medium or heavyweight? Yes, no matter whatever shape you are having, the border sarees are sure to suit you. To be precise, the silk and chiffon sari border designs pattern would be suitable for women with a heavy or bulky look as it would provide them with a slim appearance with the thin fabric that would stick to the skin.

Beautiful and Trending Border Sarees with Images:

Thinking to have a stylish saree design? Try out these saree border designs.

1. Georgette Sarees with Border:

Are you looking for a festive look this year? Why not try the best georgette sarees with a border in green? Designed in green, this saree gives a perfect festive look, especially for married women. Made from georgette material, this sari is given a border with embroidery along with a small lace border to end up the corners of the saree. The saree is given floral embroidery with a mirror work combination blouse for a heavy look.

  • Design: Green Colour Sari with Embroidered and Lace Border
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Occasions to Wear: Marriages, Religious Events

2. Plain Sari with Golden Border:

Want to look simple yet astonishing with a bright saree? The plain saree with a golden border is all you need to have. The plain sari in this design is given a golden border with different thickness. Made from cotton silk material, plain sarees with border are given a half-line of zari in gold that makes a thick border. The saree is also given a matching blouse with a similar golden border on sleeves.

  • Design: Blue Plain Sari with Golen Zari Border
  • Fabric: Coton Silk
  • Occasions to Wear: Festive Wear, Wedding Wear

3. Pure Chiffon Saree with Zari Border:

This saree is light in weight and easy to wrap. These are the features that these plain chiffon sarees with border come with. The saree has been the favourite of the saree lover who is looking for easy to wear fabrics. This plain pure chiffon saree with a zari border is given a patlipalav design with a plain saree and block printed pallu. For increasing the beauty of the saree, a zari border with medium thickness is added to the saree giving it a rich look.

  • Design: Pink Block Printed Saree with Zari Border
  • Fabric: Chiffon
  • Occasion to Wear: Party Wear

4. Temple Border Sari:

Looking for something unique to dress up for the evening party? What about the temple border sarees? The saris come up with a combination of different colours and designs that give you perfect party wear. This kind of temple border silk saris is made with a combination of cotton and silk material. They are given colours like black, cream, and brown, where the borders are given temple designs in the pallu and the front folds.

  • Design: Black Beige Printed Saree with Temple Border
  • Fabric: Cotton Silk
  • Occasion to Wear: Party Wear

5. Heavy Border Saree:

Want to give a flawless bridal look for your wedding ceremonies? Why not look with a heavy border saree? With beautiful shades and heavy work in the saree border, they give a rich look to the wearer. This is among the plain sarees with a border that is given a heavy look through embroidery in golden thread. The broad border adds to the affluence of the saree. Again, the saree is also given a golden blouse with similar work.

  • Design: Pink and Gold Heavy Work Saree with Resham Work Border
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Occasion to Wear: Weddings, Parties or Religious Festivals

6. Small Border Sarees:

Love wearing a plain georgette saree with a border? Why not add some twist in the design with shaded colours to give it a demanding look! Such sarees are quite a in demand these days. The saree is given a dual border look. Made with shaded georgette fabric, this golden border saree is given a knitted border with golden thread. With floral designs, the saree is bringing its original beauty. The contrast blouse in georgette gives a perfect look.

  • Design: Green plain Saree with Embroidered Saree
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Occasions to Wear: Small Occasions and Pre-Wedding Events

7. Floral Saree Border Designs:

Attracted towards floral sari border designs? This season, decorate yourself with a colour combined floral border saree for a different look and pattern. This kind of floral saree border designs is decorated with cut out floral borders. Made out of a combination of net and lycra fabrics, this saree is given a net pallu, while the saree is made with lycra material. To add to the floral border, the sharee is also given dotted golden embroidery.

  • Design: Pink and Beige Half and Half Saree with Floral Motif Border
  • Fabric: Net and Lycra
  • Occasions to Wear: Weddings and Evening Parties

8. Mirror Border Saree:

Want to go with something traditional yet with a modern touch? Have you ever tried a mirror border sari? The saree is given a mirror lace border that adds to the decoration of the saree. With a contrast blouse, it is sure to give you a designer look. This plain saree with a heavy border is designed out of georgette fabric, given fine opulent red colour for a capturing look. The saree and blouse are given Banglori, and embroidery work for a customized touch.

  • Design: Red Plain Saree with Mirror Work Border
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Occasions to Wear: Parties, Weddings

9. Pearl Border Saree:

Definitely, nothing can make a designer saree more adorable than the tiny pearls. Yes, a pearl border saree with different colour shades and border designs are ruling the designer sarees’ world for every kind of occasion. This silk saree lace border design is given a curvy border with pearls studded on it. With pure silk material, the saree and the blouse are also given pearl embroidery with resham embroidery.

  • Design: Plain Pink Saree with Pearl Work Border
  • Fabric: Art Silk
  • Occasions to Wear: Parties, and Weddings

10. Kutch Work Saree Borders:

Kutch work is popular for the elegant designs related to the tribal culture it comes with. The kutch work sari borders are much popular for the finishing touch they come with. With different bright colours and black combination, they are sure to capture your eyes. These plain cotton sarees with a border in Kutch work is given a colour combination of yellow, black and red colours. The colourful threads, ethnic designs, etc., give a classy touch with golden threaded pallu.

  • Design: Yellow and Black Plain Cotton Sarees with Kutch Work Border
  • Fabric: Satin
  • Occasions to Wear: Pre-Wedding Occasions, Festivals

11. Saree Border Designs for Embroidery:

Have you ever tried going with a contemporary saree design where traditional is combined with chic designs? The saree border designs for embroidery add a designing touch to the simple sarees. This kind of plain saris with border is given embroidery designs and cutwork, floral patterns, stone, and pearl decorations that give a contrast look. Light in weight, this single-colour saree is given silver borders that add to the decency of the saree.

  • Design: Pink Embroidered Saree with Cutwork and Floral Border
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Occasions to Wear: Weddings, Parties, and Festivals

12. White with Red Border Saree:

Red and white is a combination that has always added some extra elegance to the plane border saree. When the saree is given a golden designer border, it surely carries the saree to the next level. This white with red border saree is given a net fabric with embroidery work in red floral border and golden curvy border designs. Again, the velvet blouse with golden borders added to this design gives a blissful look to the wearer.

  • Design: White Floral Lace Saree with Red Border
  • Fabric: Lace
  • Occasions to Wear: Weddings and Parties

13. Orange saree with Blue Border:

Orange and blue are quite a trend these days. Whether it is a simple design or designer wear, the orange sari with a blue border has always added some decorum to the wearer’s personality. This golden border saree in orange and blue is given a patchwork design on the saree’s borders and centre section. The orange saree is given a blue pallu designed with golden thread work embroidery on net and georgette fabric with designs inspired by flora.

  • Design: Orange and Blue Saree with Golden Patch Work Border
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Occasions to Wear: Festivals, Reception, and Weddings

14. Satin Border Sarees:

Satin border sarees have given the regular wear a new and designer touch. Made from different colour, such sarees come with utmost thinness for giving you a skinny slim look. This sari with border is made out of satin material and printed designs on it. The saree is given a satin border which is also given a printed ending on the inner side. With a similar satin border blouse, the saree looks more poised.

  • Design: Multicolour Saree with Satin Printed Border
  • Fabric: Satin
  • Occasions to Wear: Dialy Wear and Occasional Wear

15. Plain Cotton Sarees with Border:

Black, golden, and handwoven, is something coming to your mind? The Mangalagiri saree is what we are talking about. It comes in plain sarees with a zari border that gives a transparent yet elementary look to the wearer. This plain black sari with a golden border is made with handwork out of cotton material. Inspired by temple work design, this saree is given a golden border with zigzag patterns in red along with elementary horizontal lines in golden.

  • Design: Black Plain Saree with Zari Border
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Occasions To Wear: Festivals, Corporate Events, Weddings

Which Blouse is Suitable for Border Sarees?

Be it plain chiffon saree with golden border or printed border saree in any material, you can carry out any blouse over it. For chiffon saree with a zari border, similar bordered blouses are quite popular. Similarly, for the plan border saree, a simple blouse is also advisable. Again, for designer sarees, designer blouses, thread work blouses, etc. There are available with different neck designs. The routine sarees with borders are given simple blouses, with sleeves in a similar border for a contrast appearance.

How to Style Border Sarees?

  • Be it plain chiffon saris with a zari border or merely thin border sarees, they can be carried out in different styles depending on the occasion you are about the enjoy.
  • Wrap the border saree in styles like the athpourey style, nivi drape, mekhela chador drape, nauvari saree style, seedha pallu style, Bengali style, or any other traditional style; it is sure to suit. Depending on the border thickness, material and the style of the pallu, the saree is styled for a stylish look.

In the initial stage when the border sarees were introduced, the silk border saree was considered to be worn for a rich and ravishing look. However, with the changes in the creation of the saree, the material used, border designs, etc., you can select the best from the border sari collection suitable for the occasion you are about to attend as your colour and design taste. The borders have always given a traditional, modernized as well as ethnic look to the sarees. So, to add something chic to your collection, try the latest border sari designs for an astonishing look.

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