Crafts that include using hands are messy but fun. These crafts require you to dip your hands in paint and then stamp it on paper. You can then use that to create different images and sceneries. These types of crafts make fun, and from young to old, peoples also enjoy this hand print crafts making. We design our creativity in our own way, and we like to express it on paper too.

Best Handprint Crafts And Design Ideas For Kids And Fathers:

Here is a few selected top 9 handprint craft ideas and collections for kids and adult.

1. Birds on a Tree:

This lovely kid’s painting idea is a hand print craft that can be easily accomplished. The birds are made by painting your hands and then putting them on paper. The branches of the tree can then be colored and decorated as well. This one will be good looks on your bedroom wall, and kids can gift this painting to their friends or their parents too.

2. Hungry Caterpillar:

Here is a lovely caterpillar, all done with hand prints. The handprint crafts for toddlers is impressive as they get to make several hand prints on paper. Color the eyes and the feet with little dots or fingerprints. It takes a little time, but this one will always be a good choice in a different way.

3. Stunning Peacock:

Make a stunning peacock with a blue handprint. This kids’ handprint craft is easy to be done. All you need to do is decorate the fingers with strokes for the feathers. The peacock looks brilliant with all the beautiful colors of purple, blue and green. The kid’s hands are soft, so this one picture gives outstanding look while making peacock as a hand print craft.

4. Family Tree Card:

You can make a nice family tree poster with the hand prints of your family members. The tree is painted with branches extending outward. Each member places his inked hand on one of the branches. This hand print craft idea is also great as a gift. Kids can gift this to their parents on their wedding anniversary, and handmade crafts are a beautiful choice always as a gift.

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5. Bouquet of Flowers:

Have kids make this bouquet of flowers card as handprint father’s day crafts. The bouquet is made by hand prints of the kids in various colors. You can then color a bow at the bottom of the page to make it look like a bouquet.

6. Keepsake Butterfly:

This stunning keepsake butterfly is a perfect gift idea. The baby handprint crafts are very popular with adults, and this makes a nice card too. You can frame this lovely picture and give it as a present to parents or grandparents.

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7. Hand Print Flamingo:

You can make all kinds of animals with hand prints. These flamingos are nice child handprint crafts that you can try. The designs can include any birds, and you can paint the background using brushes as well.

8. Hand Print Tree:

This gorgeous Christmas tree is made with green paint hand prints. A little yellow star is painted on the top of the tree too. It can be Christmas handprint crafts as well and given as gifts.

9. Elephant Hand Print:

Help kids make these handprint crafts for dad by painting white hand prints of the kid and the father. The father’s and kid’s handprint crafts are then turned into elephants. This makes a nice father’s day card too.

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Hand print crafts are perfect gifting options, and they show the creative side of kids. The Halloween handprint crafts can be very impressive, too, with monsters and ghosts.

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