New Year holds a special place in our hearts. The end of a beautiful year and the beginning of a new year that holds the possibility of so many opportunities and happy moments make the eve of New Year a lot more special than any other day of the year. It is also that time when people are at home, spending time with their loved ones. So, to make your time spent with your loved ones more interesting and memorable, here are 15 New year crafts ideas that will give you special memories and crafts to hold on to,

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15 Best Easy To Make New Year Crafts Ideas for Children:

1. Party Poppers:

Party Poppers instantly add that missing glitz, glam and shimmer missing in any party, so how can you even think of missing out on party poppers for a new year party? Especially when it’s so easy to make, and the fun that comes along is just out of the world.

Speciality:  This new year crafts idea Adds instant glam to a party.

Material: Confetti, balloons, sparkles and an old box of Pringles or a similar container

How to Make: All you need to do is

2. Cake Popsicles:

Cakes can never go out of fashion, but we can surely up the fashion game and create something very creative out of this favourite dessert. Cake popsicles have become a common sighting at parties.

Speciality: Easy to handle, no chances of getting your hands dirty.

Material: Cake mix and decorative eatables such as sprinkles, chocolate sauce, etc.

How to Make: Cut your regular chocolate base in the shape of your choice, then place it on a stick and decorate it with your favourite kind of toppings.

3. Artsy Glasses:

We all need something to sip on at a party but gone are those days when we used the simple glasses commonly found in every convenience store. Up to your party game by creating some artsy and cool looking glasses.

Speciality: This new year, crafts. Make your normal glasses look different and unique.

Material: This can be done with paper cups as well as with proper champagne or wine glasses. You need craft paper, scissors, glue, sketch pens and ribbons.

How to Make: Think of anything that goes along with your party themes, such as the colour combination or the decoration, then pick a paper of similar colour and then.

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4. Glitter Noisemaker Bottles:

Noisemaker bottles do the task of creating a very pleasant sound that brings you into a completely festive mood. These are also a way of bringing in the new year with lots of energy.

Speciality: Excites all age groups

Material: Glitter, Glass bottles and charms

How to Make: Use a funnel (I just rolled up a piece of paper) to put the glitter inside the bottle.

  • plastic disposable water bottle
  • silver glitter
  • black, white, and clear beads
  • gold ribbon
  • scissors
  • white paper or cardstock for the printer
  • tape
  1. Take a dry used water bottle, remove the label and with the help of a plastic funnel or just rolled paper, pour the dry glitter into the bottle.
  2. Now carefully add the beads also into the bottle. You can take around 10-20, depending on the size.
  3. It can add an easy to stick wallpaper sticker around the bottle. You can print out whichever ones you like or just grab a sheet from any stationery. Using tape, gently wrap the printout sheet and secure it. Or, if it is a sticky sheet, just remove the upper layer and stick it.
  4. Take a paper ribbon and place it at the neck of the bottle, turn it around and, using scissors curl it.

5. Party Hats:

It can be adorned by anyone and everyone. You don’t have to be too old or too young to get into the party spirit. Don a party hat, and you are ready.

Speciality: Can be reused and recycled

Material: Elastic bands, a scale, colourful paper, glitter and markers, scissors

How to Make: Take your favourite paper and fold it into the shape of a cone. Now once you are sure of the size of the cone, cut any extra parts and glue it in place. Make holes on the two sides and put an elastic in by tying it with the holes. Your hat is ready!

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6. New Year Paper Plate Mask Crafts:

If you are planning to keep a mask theme this year that’s original and fun rather than store bought expensive masks, then paper plate mask crafts are the best way to save some money.

Speciality: Easy and quick to make

Material: Paper plates, paint, craft materials

How to Make: Paint your paper plate in the colour of the animal, bird or flower you are trying to make, place it on your face and after gauging the placement of your eyes, make almond shaped holds. Similarly, with the nostril and lips, cut holes. Now using the paint, make whiskers or ears to your mask and tie it with an elastic band.

7. Candy Stick House:

A great way to see all the ice cream you have eaten throughout the year or get some candy sticks from the store and make a miniature house of your own.

Speciality: Equally interesting for kids and adults

Material: Candy sticks, Glue, cutter, paint and craft supplies.

How to Make: Start placing sticks to make a roof, walls, door and windows. Place them all securely using glue and cut in shapes if needed. Once dried, paint it in the colour of your choice. You can also add in small twigs to make a garden.

8. Funny Hand Gloves/Hand Glove Puppets:

Use all your old clothes and socks to make hand puppets and put up a show for the younger kids or vice versa. Use them to warm up your feet or save any secret stash for later.

Speciality: These puppets can be used and reused as well as used as Christmas decorations.

Material: Old socks or any other clothes, sewing kit/super glue, toy eyes and mouth.

How to Make: Add hair with the help of wool and eyes and nose to your old socks to make a hand puppet. For other clothes, cut them in the shape of a sock and then stick with glue and use the same process.

9. Angel/Demon Hairbands:

These hairbands can be worn for any birthday party or occasion. Pick your side and wear the hairband that defines you better, so will it be Angel or Demon?

Speciality: Can be worn by old, young men and women.

Material: Hairband, craft materials, cloth and strings.

How to Make: Use the wire strings to curve them in the shape of wings or horns. Now place and secure these on the hair bands. Cover these with cloth cutouts in similar shapes red for the devil and white for an angel.

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10. Cupcakes With Messages:

Fortune cookies are well known, but how about surprising all your guests with fortune cupcakes. It will not only make them happy but also be a unique twist to the party, and your cupcakes will be the talk of the town.

Speciality: Will be loved by all, and no chance of leftovers.

Material: Markers, chits, cupcakes

How to Make: In your ready-made cupcakes, make a hole in the bottom. Now roll up the chits with a message and shove them in there a few minutes before you start serving. No one would know the trick, and your heartfelt message will reach everyone.

11. A New Year Bash Ball:

Your house party may have everything, right from great food, to exciting games and awesome people, but to add that bit of extra glam to your party with a bash ball.

Speciality: Makes your party spirit complete

Material: Lots of old newspaper, a big bowl, glue and water mixture, glitter

How to Make: Make a layer of paper glue and water by placing it in the bowl. Keep repeating the process until the bowl starts forming. Make a similar paper bowl of the same size. Let this dry overnight. Paint this with acrylic paint and put together the two ends to make a ball. Spray with glitter spray or paint it, and your bash ball is ready.

12. Wishing Tree:

Try the fortune cookie trick but with a wishing trick. Sounds interesting? Well, it is interesting because you get to pick your own wish in here and that too sitting right at home.

Speciality: A unique way of gathering everyone’s interest and attention.

Material: Twigs big enough to replicate a small tree, a phone to find good fortune messages and paper with craft materials.

How to Make: Place the twigs together to make a tree. Now on each branch, tie a message written on a paper but make sure the message is covered with another piece of paper. Before the clock strikes 12, let everyone find their fortune.

13. Countdown Clock:

Why visit the big bang when you can have your own countdown clock at home. Also, it’s a lot more interesting than you think because it involves food, yes, food!

Speciality: Can be customised depending on the time zone as well as the choice of food

Material: Candy sticks, cardboard, paint, paper, chocolates/dessert of your choice and craft supplies.

How to Make: Make a clock out of cardboard and paint it. Instead of all the hours, only add minutes or a few hours. Now put a sticker on every number, the number with the name of chocolate or food written on it. When the clock strikes that time, let everyone guess the food, those who get it right get to binge. Others wait! Repeat until it’s New Year’s Eve.

14. A New Year Banner:

What’s a new Year bash without counting down the arrival of the much-awaited new year. Create your own 2022 banner with ease and simple tricks and tips.

Speciality: Can be made and reused by simply changing the last digit/digits

Material: Long thread, paper, scissors, glue

How to Make: Cut the paper in the shape of numbers of the year and place them on the thread, glue them, and that’s it. Your banner is done! You can make a banner that says ‘New Year’ too.

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15. Glitter Firework:

If you have been busy all this while and didn’t get a chance to decorate your house for the new year, then we have the simplest and easiest trick for you, and all you need is glitter.

Speciality: Very quick and easy to create, no hustle

Material: Colorful, sticky glitter

How to Make: Pick your window panes or wall and start roughly sketching the shape of a firework. Make as many as you like. Once satisfies, use the glitter and outline in the colour of your choice. Your wall/window art with non-polluting fireworks is ready!

Store brought is easy and quick work, but taking an extra step and creating something of your own for New Year is extremely fun. New Year crafts for kids will keep them involved, or you could rely on new year’s crafts for adults and create something on your own. It’s that time of the year when families unite, and what better way than actually sitting together and creating something.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. Where can I find craft supplies?

Ans: Craft supplies can be mostly found in any art and craft store. You can also find craft supplies online or at stationery shops.

2. Are there any new year craft ideas for kids?

Ans: There are several new year craft ideas for kids that will keep them involved and also keep their interest peaked. Many such ideas can be easily found on the internet.

3. Can I use these craftworks to decorate my house?

Ans: Anything that you create on your own becomes a unique artefact. Similarly, any craftwork that you make is special; thus, it can be used to decorate any corner of your house as a showpiece.


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