St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. He is also regarded as the patron saint of Nigeria. He spent most of his life establishing schools, colleges and even monasteries across the country of Ireland. March 17th is celebrated as St Patrick’s Day all over the world to commemorate all the wonderful things he had done. There are many ways to celebrate the holiday, and one of the most popular is to make crafts! Here are some fun ideas for St Patrick’s Day crafts that everyone can enjoy!

Best St Patrick’s Day Crafts And DIY Ideas For Kids and Adults:

Let us see a few St Patrick’s Day crafts for adults and kits that are used to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day,

1. Palm Print Rainbow:

These are the lovely St Patrick’s Day crafts for Preschoolers. You just need paint of all the colors of the rainbow and a card sheet as per the size you require. Paint the palms of your child with paint – begin with red, start printing the same on the card sheet and shape it in the form of an arch. Repeat with all the colors and really colorful art that shall bring a colorful smile to your child’s face.

2. Foot Print Shamrock:

These are the amusing activity and enjoyable St Patrick’s Day crafts for toddlers. Just keep the following stuff ready – green paint and chart paper. Paint the sole of the feet of your kiddo – leaving the toes – with green paint and print it on the card sheet. This will make the stem of the shamrock. For the leaves, paint the sole along with the toes and print two feet together thrice, as shown in the picture. Voila, your footprint shamrock is ready.

3. Rainbow Shamrock:

What You Need – Chart paper of rainbow colors, a pair of Scissors, any colored Ribbon, Tape or Glue, and a Pencil. Take an A4-sized sheet and trace out the template of the Shamrock. Place the template on all the colored chart paper and cut them out. Stick them side by side on the ribbon with the help of glue or sticky tape. Just make sure you stick them in the order of the rainbow colors. Now all you have to do is hang it up.

4. Rainbow Chain with a Pot of Gold:

These are the very easy St Patrick’s Day crafts for kids. Cut strips of the colored Chart paper – rainbow colors. Roll them into circles and you can either staple them or glue them together. Cut out a pot from black chart paper and also a strip for the handle. Cut out many circles out of a yellow card sheet or even from a golden sheet which can be easily available in a gift store. Stick the gold / yellow circles together and paste them on top of the pot. And your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is ready.

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5. Paper Cup Leprechaun:

These are the adorable St Patrick’s Day Craft ideas for young kids. All you need is a small plastic ball, a Paper cup, Pink and Green paint, and Wiggle eyes, or you can also use buttons, Green, black, yellow, orange, red and pink craft foam, a Black marker or sketch pen and Glue. Paint the plastic ball pink and the cup green. After it dries, stick the ball to the bottom of the cup. Cut out shapes of the hand, beard, belt, hat etc., from the foams as shown in the figure and glue them together. You can stick wiggly eyes, or you can even use black buttons for eyes.

6. Paper plate Shamrock:

These are the very easy St Patrick’s crafts which involve a little bit of cutting, plenty of painting and then finally sticking. You just need 3 small paper plates, Green paint, Green glitter glue, Sticky tape and a Green card. Paint the front part of the paper plates with green color and leave them to dry. Cut out ‘a” V ”’ shape from the edge of each paper plate. With the green glitter glue, draw a central vein. The paper plates dry completely, then arrange them into a shamrock shape and stick them together using glue or tape. Stick a green card rectangle as a stem.

7. Collage Rainbow:

These are the very neat st patrick’s craft ideas idea to keep your little one busy. Just give him sheets of all the rainbow colors one by one as he tears them into small pieces. Draw the outline of a rainbow on a white sheet and just ask your child to stick the pieces on them as per the rainbow colors. He will love to tear and stick.

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8. Easy Shamrock Hat:

This Shamrock hat is very easy to make and looks adorable on children. Let’s cut a band of a green sheet – big enough to circle the head of the child and staple them together. Cut two pieces of green pipe cleaners and staple them or tape them to the side of the hat in such a way that they come above the ears. Cut two shamrock shapes out of green paper and stick them to the other end of the pipe cleaner. Hey Presto!!! Your child’s hat is ready.

9. Toilet Roll Leprechaun:

To prepare these st patrick crafts, just take the tube of the toilet roll and paint it green – leaving a little space for the face. Stick black buttons or wiggly eyes and draw the mouth with a red sketch pen. Cover the upper end of the tube with a green hat and paint the orange beard with a sketch pen.

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with colorful crafts that can be easily made at home with your family. Children love to stutter around with the Shamrock hats and rainbow garlands, proudly showing off their creations.

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