People often confuse craft with only paperwork, but craft actually means anything that is handmade. Ramadan is the holy month of Muslim culture. During this month, people fast, and they follow the religious culture with a lot more important than the usual one. During this month, people decorate their homes and keep them neat and clean.

Best Ramadan Crafts For Kids and Preschoolers:

There are many craft ideas which people can follow. Among them, some top 9 Ramadan crafts for kids are,

1. Prayer Beads Craft:

The best Ramadan craft activities are the prayer beads. These are small beads on which people pray through counting. You can just collect small beads and sew them through a thick thread and make beautiful bead craft out of it, better known as “tasbi” in Urdu.

2. Ramadan Calendar:

Well, there is a timing for a fast, that is, when to eat and when not, there is a particular time when you can’t eat after that, and when you have to break the fast, for this you can make a Ramadan calendar, these are the good Ramadan crafts for preschoolers as they are also given school activities.

3. Ramadan Candle Craft:

In the holy month of Ramadan, one keeps his house clean and well-scented. Well, here is one good Ramadan lantern craft. You can take your regular glass jars’ and stick them to the moon and star or the shape of the mosque with glitter or even light color paper. You can also make a paper lantern out of it.

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4. Ramadan Bookmark:

In the month of Ramadan, every individual tries to complete the holy Quran. Every day people complete some potion, so you will need a bookmark to remember where you last read, one good Ramadan craft for kids is the bookmark. Kids can make a small bookmark out of paper with a ribbon attached to it.

5. Ramadan Cake:

As said earlier, the craft is not just about paper but food also. People can make the Ramadan cake on the very first day of Ramadan to wish others well. This is good Ramadan craft activity as you can beautifully write Ramadan Mubarak on the cake with some more decorations.

6. Ramadan Date Pops:

As soon as a person breaks his fast, he first needs to break it with a date, so this Ramadan, art and craft activities are a very good idea. Instead of a normal date, you can make a dated pop with something more attached to it, like, chocolate or even cake.

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7. Ramadan Paper Matt:

Okay, you can help your little one to make a paper mat. What you just have to do is take a thick paper sheet and write some good Ramadan quotes on like, like, bismillah and anything else you feel. These are good Ramadan crafts for toddlers where the paper plate can be placed in front of their seats In the dining.

8. Ramadan Rug:

The best Ramadan art and craft idea is the rug. When a person performs his prayer, you just have to take the cloth piece and make a prayer rug out of it. You can sew something on it, like the shape of a mosque.

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9. Ramadan Box:

One good Ramadan arts and crafts ideas are the Ramadan box. Every person does some charity in the month of Ramadan, so you can make a paper box just by folding the sides, sticking them all together, and then day by day, add some coins and give charity altogether.

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So, there are a lot of Ramadan craft ideas which you apply in your life to make crafts out of it. There are food items, which are the most popular things in Ramadan, new food items are available in Ramadan, some are mentioned above rest are sweets and samosa and drinks, and a lot more things.


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