As much as we all dream of having long waves and tresses of hair, managing it can be quite challenging. These daily hairstyles for long hair are a saviour. Whether you are running for busy for hectic work schedules or having to go to casual outings, these hairstyles and hairdos are all elegant, dazzling, and beautiful.

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9 Simple Everyday Hairdos for Long Hair Women:

Check this list out, and you will love them as much as we do!

1.Braids With Bandanna:

This is a fun and fuss free hairstyle with a vintage touch to it. Just take a colourful and bright bandanna and tie it like a hairband. Take the remaining ends of the bandanna and work it into your braid. This will not only keep your hair in place, but it will also add some volume to your braid.

2. Pretzel Bun:

Also known as the infinity bun, this is a classy look that can be pulled off daily. It starts off with making a mid high ponytail and twisting it all the way down. Now create the infinity loops by securing the twisted hair into the desired shape and securing with bobby pins. Finally, tidy up the lumps and bumps to looking prim and proper with least efforts.

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3. Headband Braid:

This is making waves on the runway and on the red carpet galas. It is very simply a French braid that runs down the frame of the head giving the appearance of a headband. You can keep it simple or you can tease the crown for a little more texture and framing around your face.

4. Messy Side Ponytail:

Messy side ponytails are the best messy hairstyles that really need little or no time at all. You can simply gather your hair into a ponytail on one side. If you want to add volume to the ponytail just add some curls to the length or back brush the length to a fluffier look. Add a little poof if you have time.

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5. Braided Bun:

If you’re an out and out braid lover then this trend is definitely for your hair. Just make a braid and gather it around into a bun. This style can have unlimited variations. The most stylish variant is the upside down braided bun. Just start braiding from above the nape of your neck all the way to the crown and the remaining hair can be rolled up to form a top knot or a sock bun, depending on your mood and time in hand.

6. Inside Out Pony:

This is the best way to add style on the move. Just make a loose ponytail and invert the length through the middle of the base of the ponytail. It creates a nice curly pattern at the back. This look can be refreshed and redone a lot of times during the day to keep it looking fresh.

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7. Covered Pony:

Another effortless style that looks very chic. Just tie a ponytail and keep a few strands to cover up the elastic with. You can also cover it up with a braid for a sturdier grip and secure it with a bobby pin. To add more oomph, use a flat iron with medium heat and lots of hair serum to get a glossier ponytail straight out of the fashion mags.

8. Big Double Ponytail:

This adds volume to limp fine hair and gives it an added length. The top high pony is a frothier version of the lover pony. The fluffiness covers up the lower ponytail to give it more body and length. It is a retro Bardot inspired look.

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9. Messy Beehive:

Beehive is all about the back brushing and the extra volume. Just back brush the crown and pile it up. Cover it with the long grown out bangs and secure with pins at the back of your head.

Whether you have it straight or wavy, keeping it gorgeous is all it takes to make heads turn in your direction.


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