Water decals are a great accessory to have when you indulge in nail art and this is because of its ability to go well with ladies of all ages. There are a variety of both cute and elegant water decals that can be easily applied at moment’s notice so that you can be ready to join in at any event both formal and informal. Pick from a large variety of water decals to get the ones that will be the best design for you. Every water decal is available at every cosmetic store at very reasonable prices. Nail art has slowly emerged as a very dominating form of accessorising your nails and this art is quite creative. Water decals are an awesome way of fast and creative nail art and is the perfect form of pre made designs. Given below are a few great water decals for your nails-

1. Rainbow Sky Decals:

These bold and glamorous water decals are perfect for people of all ages. All you need is a bowl of water where you dip the decals for a period of 20 seconds. Do not let it hit the bottom as it will be difficult to take out. Place the design on your finger with the picture facing downwards and rub to remove the paper from the plastic and then apply it to your nails.

2. Water Slide Decals:

Water slide decals are yet again a very elegant form of water decals that can be used for all occasions. Longer in structure than a normal water decal try using a tweezers to properly soak and use this type of water decal effectively.

3. Halloween Nail Art Water Decal:

A very trendy way of bringing in Halloween, the Halloween decals are perfect to go trick o treating with as it will add a spooky yet fun aura to your costume. Even for Halloween costume parties this is a great way to accessorise your nails. The decals are ready made and available in many different fun designs for your discretion.

4. Cartoon Decals:

The perfect decals for your little girl the cartoon decals is the perfect way to signify the innocence and beauty of your daughter. It is a perfect children’s decal but it can actually be used as a trendy teenagers decal as well which is perfect for a normal day out with friends as well.

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5. Flowers:

Flower designs have been the mandatory availability for every nail art design and this is the same with water decals as well. The flower decals are perfect for almost every occasion. There are a variety of different colors which make it perfect for people of all ages. Flower designs come in full designs and semi-complete designs as well therefore it makes it easier for you to decide.

6. Crystallised Nude Water Decals:

This nude water decal is perfect for you if you need a stronger colour to work with. Nude colours are devoid of unnecessary exaggerated designs making it a great design to work with when you need a good nail accessory for any formal or informal event.

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7. Moustache Water Decal:

Moustache water decals are a very popular modern day water decal that maintains both the youth of the endeavour and the mass variety of water decals. The moustache water decal is a very small but popular water decal for your every eventful needs.

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8. Cheetah Decals:

The cheetah decal is a great water decal for all kinds of occasions. The cheetah nail art design has been a very popular nail art design for plenty of years now and the cheetah decals have now made it easier to get this design.


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